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Jobvite: Recruiting Software - Applicant Tracking

Jobvite is the leading social recruiting and applicant tracking system for companies with the highest expectations in recruiting software.

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The Jobvite recruiting software platform provides the most complete, advanced technologies to manage the entire range of talent acquisition - from sourcing to ... Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking System

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Recruiter Software | Bullhorn

For the past decade, Bullhorn has been the recruiting software of choice for top recruiters and staffing professionals looking for an edge over the competition.

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Recruiting Software Comparison | Bullhorn

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Recruitment Software - Zoho

Zoho Recruit is an easy to use Online Recruitment Software, that helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments track their job openings, resumes, ...

Online Recruiting Software - Zoho

Zoho Recruit is a full-fledged online Recruiting Software and Applicant Tracking System which caters to Recruiting Firms, Staffing Agencies, Corporate HR and ...

iCIMS: Applicant Tracking System & ATS HR Recruiting Software

iCIMS is the leading provider of ATS applicant tracking systems and HR recruiting software. Request a free demo today and recruit top talent in your industry.

Mercury xRM Recruitment Software

Cloud-based recruitment software built on Microsoft Dynamics CRM. Streamlines workflow through the full recruitment lifecycle.
StaffingSoft - Recruiting Software

An enterprise-wide applicant tracking system, StaffingSoft offers a full suite of tools that effectively integrates and streamlines talent recruiting,
SilkRoad Recruitment Software

Attract, screen, track and hire the best talent with SilkRoad OpenHire Recruitment Software––a simple, secure and affordable recruitment solution.

Recruiting Software

Recruitment software can be a valuable tool for businesses. Such software can help to lower business costs, save time, and increase a company’s productivity. Due to the electronic nature of recruitment software, it can be accessed remotely, which greatly increases flexibility. Streamlining your company’s hiring process does come at a cost, however. The initial setup costs for recruitment software can be prohibitive for smaller businesses. The software is also seen as being impersonal, since the primary selection process is done automatically. Nevertheless, recruitment software can be an intelligent choice for many businesses looking for ways to make their hiring process more efficient.


With the advances in computer-based information processing and the benefits offered through it, any serious business should consider investing in recruiting software.


This is a broad topic, as recruitment software can help your business lower costs in numerous ways. While the software itself does cost money, the cost is generally low, and installation is short and sweet. The less time spent on unnecessary, tedious tasks like sorting through a pile of resumes and making phone calls for hours, the more efficient your operations will become, allowing you to maximize your business’ potential and stop wasting money.


Perhaps the primary reason why so many businesses utilize the services of recruitment software is the amount of time it frees up. Recruitment software minimizes the time that management must spend going through resumes. This is a substantial benefit. This means that you can spend less time evaluating new candidates and more time overseeing the various vital operations of your company. This is especially important if you are currently low on employees. Recruitment software eliminates the need for mail outs and data entry as well. According to numerous sources, including, recruitment software can cut recruitment time by as much as 35 to 40 percent.

Efficiency and Productivity

The software will sort through all of your applicants. It gives each the same consideration through an identical selection. There is no need to worry about favoritism or bias, just a program searching for the best possible candidate to fill your company’s needs. Unqualified candidates are immediately rejected, and then the program begins to consider each other applicant. The software provides a complete personalized report of the candidates that it determines to be best suited to your business’ needs. This allows you to familiarize yourself with their skills and work history without having to sort through piles of paperwork or spend hours reading over resumes.

Remote Access

Recruitment software is accessible via the Internet. This means that instead of lugging around a huge pile of paper resumes, you can very easily access the program’s suggestions from anywhere with the Internet. As a result you are no longer confined to your office desk when looking for a new hire. Simply go home, eat dinner, and hop online and view any suggestions that the software has made.


The software is guaranteed to be secure, so you do not have to worry about unwanted leaks of personal information, which is much more possible with traditional resumes. Recruitment software is self-sufficient and receives updates through Internet access. The software also maintains up-to-date records of employees after they have been hired. This ensures that you will know exactly what skills you need to look for in the event of another opening.


Recruitment software can help you to streamline the hiring process at your company. However, as wonderful as this software may seem, there are still some negative points you must consider before you purchase the software.


Initial Investment

Recruitment software can turn into an expensive purchase. This is especially if you need a product that has a lot of extra features, such as calendars, mobile apps, background checks, reference checks, or text alerts. For smaller companies or start-ups with very little operating capital, this expense may be too great.


Time to Set Up

Despite the ease of use once you get things set up, you still have to take the time to get the software set up. This time investment may not be that great if you have only a few qualifications for a few positions in your company. If you have very detailed criteria for the positions in your company, and if you have numerous positions in your company, the set up time for the software will likely be great.



Since most of the application and screening process is done online when you use recruitment software, there isn’t a lot personal contact with the applicants. This can make your company seem very impersonal, which may be a turn-off to some very qualified applicants. To combat this, you can always state that you welcome applicants to mail in resumes or stop by your office to meet you and hand over a resume.


Difficult to Screen

For some human resource managers and others who do hiring for companies, an initial screening on applicants is done when the applicant turns in a resume or application. With recruitment software, this isn’t possible since you can’t see the applicant. Recruitment software also makes it very difficult to discern whether an applicant possesses the people skills or teamwork skills your company needs. If you opt to use recruitment software, be sure to schedule a personal interview to determine if an applicant fits in with your company.




When you buy recruitment software you can simply pay for the right to use it and this initial cost is for a single user or computer. This can be around $500 to $1,500, and doesn't include a start-up fee for customer support, bug fixes, and updates, which can be as high as $2,500. Many companies offer bulk rates when you pay for the software's use over multiple systems and the prices tend to scale favorably with higher numbers of users.



Instead of simply buying a license you can buy the software completely. The prices can range from $15,000 to $35,000, but it means there are no monthly fees and you don't have to pay multiple times for each user.



Recruitment software can be an expensive investment. Depending on the size and needs of your company, the cost of implementing such software may be prohibitive. Smaller companies with minimum personnel turnover may find the software to be unnecessary. Companies that do make the investment will be able to enjoy a more streamlined, efficient, and flexible hiring system. The increased productivity that the recruitment software provides will make the initial costs worthwhile over time. Using such software as a fundamental part of the hiring process will free company resources, which can be put to better use elsewhere. Given the benefits recruitment software provides, every company should at least consider if such a purchase would be a good investment.


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