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Providers of sales tracking and reporting solutions, including sales tracking software, sales reporting software, and sales analysis tools. Research vendors offering a sales tracking system or sales reporting systems for business use.

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Tools for Sales Tracking and Reporting

Sales tracking tools serve some very useful purposes. For one, a sales tracking system can help sales professionals keep up with all of their clients by maintaining good follow up, which can lead to referrals which leads to more sales.

Pricing and Costs of Sales Tracking and Reporting

Sales tracking tools have become a necessity for most businesses wishing to remain competitive within their industry. A sales tracking system that accurately forecasts sales is worth the investment, as accurate forecasts of sales have a huge impact on your business' bottom line.

Sales Tracking and Reporting Key Terms

Keeping track of your sales and customer information is an important opportunity to expand your business. Putting together great sales tracking and reporting information is an important part of any sales design.

Simple Sales Tracking | Easy, Web Based Hosted CRM Software ...

Web Based/Hosted software for the tracking, analysis and forecasting of individual and team sales collaboratively. Built with simplicity at its core, focus is kept on ...

Free Sales Opportunity Tracking Software - Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM's sales opportunity tracking software provides you an exclusive interface to store and manage sales opportunities and pipeline. Free for 3 users.

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Email Integration -

With sales tracking software as a service from, you can monitor new leads as they arrive and quickly distribute them across sales and marketing.

Google Apps Marketplace - Base CRM and Sales Tracking

Base is an online contact management and sales tracking software. Through our easy to use interfaces, we make tracking your sales process simple so you can ...

Sales Tracking - Pipedrive

Sales Tracking. There are many good reasons to be serious about sales tracking. You'll have a better overview of your sales activities and about the perceived ...

Sales Tracking | Base CRM

Base CRM - Gain full visibility into your sales opportunities and sales pipeline with powerful, easy to use sales tracking software. Free 14-day trial.

Sales Management Software | Base CRM

From managing your sales pipeline and processes to tracking every opportunity in real-time and on any device, Base is guaranteed to help you and your team ...

Stride CRM | Sales Tracking Software and Simple CRM

StrideApp Customizable Sales CRM for. Easy Management and Faster Deal- Closing. Simple to Use, Full Functionality, Always Free. No More Buggy CRM ...

PipelineDeals | Sales CRM | Customer Relationship Management ...

CRM sales tool for lead management, deal tracking, contact management and reporting.

Sales Tracking and Reporting

Sales tracking and reporting does more than just let you analyze your past sales efforts. With sales and customer tracking tools, you can strengthen customer relationships, improve responses to customer queries and build loyalty — and that usually adds up to increased sales.

Sales tracking software and systems help you manage and analyze sales data to spot trends that can lead to better results. Plus, sales tracking systems automate many tasks for salespeople, giving them more time to concentrate on selling rather than shuffling paperwork.

Sales tracking strategies and tools include:
  1. Sales tracking software for sales force automation.
  2. Sales and customer tracking tools that improve lead generation.
  3. Sales tracking and reporting systems that let you analyze customer characteristics and buying habits.
  4. Turning to consultants to set up sales tracking and reporting systems.

Find sales tracking software to increase efficiencies and reduce costs

Generally referred to as customer relationship management (CRM) software or sales force automation (SFA) tools, sales tracking software helps businesses collect and analyze valuable data, such as customer contacts and purchase history, maintain profiles of customer preferences, improve communication channels, and identify new sales opportunities.

Consider cutting edge industry standards for enterprise level sales tracking systems

Industry-standard features for sales tracking and reporting systems at the enterprise level include a contact manager to track leads; a database of information regarding different vertical industries, competitors and products; forecasting modules; localization support for international customers; and support for mobile devices.

Locate essential sales tracking and reporting features for small business

At a minimum, the most basic sales tracking and reporting systems should have a contact database for lead generation, the ability to manage a group of related contacts at one customer, reporting and analytic capabilities and a report writer for standardized reports.
CRM software listings at

Web-based sales and customer tracking tools offer a cost efficient alternative

Following the trend of many other applications, sales and customer tracking tools are increasingly being offered as software as a service or on-demand web applications. This means that you can access them through a web browser, making them more affordable, easier to implement and simpler to maintain.

Augment sales tracking and reporting systems with consulting services

Consultants can help you find and implement the best sales tracking systems for your business.

Sales tracking and reporting for call centers and phone sales

Sales tracking systems for inside sales teams and call centers include built-in automatic dialer, call recording, lead tracking and more.
  • Automating sales tracking and reporting is only the first step; implement sound strategies for analyzing the data and acting on it accordingly.
  • Don't let leads pile up in your inbox. Allow plenty of sales tracking time to move through an entire batch of leads without interruption.
  • Choose sales tracking software vendors that provide either web-based or in-house training.

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