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Software License Management

With companies depending on software programs for everything from basic daily operations to complex business modeling, software license management is more important than ever. Without a license management program, you might unintentionally run afoul of software licensing compliance requirements and be hit with civil or even criminal penalties.

Network Performance Monitoring Software

As your network goes, so goes your business. It's important to use the right network performance monitoring software to make sure you don't have problems later that could result in loss of time and money.

Making the Most of Remote Access Software

Remote access server software comes in handy for many issues. Some companies use it as a way to access important files when employees are out of the office or on the road.

Network Backup and Recovery Software Basics

According to computer industry statistics, the majority of companies that have suffered data loss estimate that it has cost them from $50,000 up to more than $1 million while their systems are down due to data loss. Since that much of a revenue loss can greatly affect your business, learning how to protect your data is essential to the success and efficiency of your business.

Making the Most of Software License Management

Implementing a software license management system is a great way to manage product licenses, but making the most of software license management systems could help you increase revenue and build a better rapport with customers. A basic software license management system allows you to enforce, monitor and maintain software licenses.

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Network Backup and Recovery Software Education and Training

When you are looking to find out more about specific aspects of network administration including network recovery software and network backup solutions, you have a whole lot of options, and many of them are available over the web. Online pages reach out to offer readers all kinds of education on the necessity, methodology and skills training for network backup and recovery software.

Network Performance Monitoring Software Education and Training

Your manager mentioned you need to have network performance monitoring software education and training. You agree.

Software License Management Key Terms

Software license management is an important task for any organization. Non-compliance with software vendors' licensing requirements can mean hefty fines and even criminal penalties.

Remote Access Software Key Terms

Remote access software allows a person to work on or control computers via an Internet connection. This software makes the technology department of any business much more efficient.

Network Performance Monitoring Software Key Terms

Network performance monitoring software allows you to monitor and control certain aspects of a computer network. This software provides protection for the network against Internet hazards and lets you view the network's transfer rates.

Network Backup and Recovery Software Key Terms

These days, so much business goes on over the web and on computers that most businesses just can't afford to have their computer systems go down. You might hear someone say occasionally, "our computers are down," but there is the assumption that they will soon come back up and business will resume pretty much as usual.

Server Software, Windows Home Server -

Products 1 - 20 of 24 ... Server Software from Microsoft, HP, Lenovo at We offer the best prices, fast shipping and top-rated customer service.

Remote Desktop Manager

Remote Desktop Manager is a product used to manage any your remote connections and virtual machines.
Remote Desktop Reviews:

Compare remote desktop access services and read reviews. Detailed reviews of the best remote desktop access services.
Server Monitoring Software by SolarWinds

SolarWinds server monitoring software monitors server hardware faults and operating systems across platforms – Windows, UNIX, Linux, and more
The Mendix App Platform

The Mendix App Platform enables companies to build, integrate and deploy web and mobile applications faster and with better results.

Server Software

Buying server hardware -- the racks or blades and power supply and cooling systems that go along with them -- is a big step toward taking control of your company's information flow. But what really makes a server tick is the software inside.

Like an operating system in an ordinary desktop computer, server software give your servers a purpose and means to do their jobs. Unlike operating system software, server software often has just one, specific job to do: dish up Web site pages, handle faxes or e-mail, allow the interchange of corporate files, manage customer data and so on.

Practically speaking, you'll need a dedicated server for each, and server software to match. Covered in this guide:

1. Understanding the different purposes of server software
2. Selecting email server software and fax server software
3. Web server software choices
4. File transfer protocol server software

A server and server software for every purpose

Once upon a time, server software was relatively simple stuff. Now, though, most complex business processes require a server, and the right server software, for each. Accounting, customer relationship management, e-mail, Web sites, e-commerce -- nearly any business task could be done with its own variety of server software.
server software  vendors.

For email, server software choices are many

Email server software has been a principal focus of server software developers for many years, so the choices here are broader and cheaper, in general. Similarly, you can configure server software to deal with faxes, known as fax server software.
email server software can be found at

File transfer protocol, or FTP server software gives you security

We all love e-mail, but there is pretty much nothing secure about it. If you need to regularly send confidential data, contracts, customer information or other sensitive documents, FTP server software is the solution
FTP server software is at

For e-commerce, you'll need Web server software

Many small businesses are moving their Web sites to managed hosting in order to avoid running their own server software for Web site needs. Your traffic, though, may be high enough or important enough to your model to justify the expense.
  • The war of late has been between "open source" server software and its primary competitor, Microsoft Windows. Open source is often cheaper, but could take more resources to manage. Price both carefully over several years, or bring in consulting help before making a big commitment.
  • Similarly, there has been a lot of pressure on email systems. Generally, unless you need for regulatory reasons to recall every single email in your system, managed email -- which means the server software is offsite -- can be a blessing. Shop carefully.
  • Not sure what's the right fit? Mix and match. Since most server software requires its own software to run correctly, you could easily buy server software for accounting but outsource your e-mail or Web site to a managed hosting provider.

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