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Directory of license management software providers. Browse vendors of software license tracking services for a software license management system that suits your business needs.

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Software License Management

With companies depending on software programs for everything from basic daily operations to complex business modeling, software license management is more important than ever. Without a license management program, you might unintentionally run afoul of software licensing compliance requirements and be hit with civil or even criminal penalties.

Making the Most of Software License Management

Implementing a software license management system is a great way to manage product licenses, but making the most of software license management systems could help you increase revenue and build a better rapport with customers. A basic software license management system allows you to enforce, monitor and maintain software licenses.

Software License Management Key Terms

Software license management is an important task for any organization. Non-compliance with software vendors' licensing requirements can mean hefty fines and even criminal penalties.

License manager - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A software license manager is a software management tool used by Independent software vendors or by end-user organizations to control where and how ...

Software License Management Software | Flexera Software

Effective software license management best practices enable you to adapt quickly to market needs, ensure entitlement compliance, and maximize revenues.

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Best practices for software license management - TechRepublic

Nov 4, 2012 ... Software license management is the process that ensures that the legal agreements that come with procured software licenses are adhered to.

Top License Management Software | 2014 Reviews of the Best ...

Find and compare License Management software. Free, interactive directory to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors.

Snow License Manager | Snow Software

Snow License Manager is the world's leading SAM solution. Over 9 million licenses sold to organizations across public and private sectors. Enquire today.

Software License Management, License Tracking, Licensing ...

Software license management from ManageEngine AssetExplorer to perform software license tracking and to maintain software licensing compliance.

Software License Management Software - Express Metrix

Manage software licenses, ensure license compliance, and prepare for software audits with Express Software Manager. Use it FREE for 30 days.

Software License Management, Software Asset Management - Belarc

Software License Management (SLM) used to be about avoiding audits and penalties for being under licensed. But today, many organizations are over licensed ...


The modern Software License Management solution

Software License Management Basics

Learning the software license management basics can help you reduce the total cost of technology ownership. Software license management is defined as a system used to enable the enforcement, tracking and specification of software licenses.

Employing a software license management system provides software publishers with the necessary tools to protect their companies from hacking and tampering. In addition, using a software license management tool can also help you keep track of which customers have licensed what software and how they’re using their applications. Consider the following tips to help you learn software license management basics.

1. Evaluate your need for software license tracking services.

2. Research the types of software license management models.

3. Assess the features offered by license management software.

Determine why you may need a software license management system

License management tools help generate revenue through renewals and new entitlements. A software license includes the rights, restrictions and permissions imposed by the manufacturer of the software product. In addition to protecting the technology owner's intellectual property rights, software license management systems are also useful in helping owners set price and packaging needs in accordance with the market.

Review different types of software license management systems

Floating and node-locked are two common types of software license management systems. In a node-locking software license management system, application access is restricted to a certain number of hosts. For example, a node-locked license may support two simultaneous users accessing one application. In contrast, the floating license model provides a restricted number of licenses that can be used on any combination of hosts. Having a software license manager is a great way to track and maintain software usage restrictions and permissions.

Read about the functionality of software license management systems

A well-designed license software management system is one that allows your software license manager to maintain and regularly update license information. License management software offers a range of basic features designed to help software publishers prevent errors often caused by manual software license management systems. These features include helping you set pricing options and maintain key contract details, such as order history, product usage and contract expirations.
  • When choosing a software license management system, it's important that you ensure the software has the capability to automate all of your manual licensing processes, which should include customer, product, contract and order management.

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