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Virtual TimeClock Overview | 3 Employee Time Clock Software ...

Introduction to our 3 Virtual TimeClock programs: Basic, Pro, & Network editions. Easy-to-use employee time and attendance software systems for Mac and PCs.

Best Time Clock Software | 2015 Reviews of the Most Popular Systems

When I Work Time Clock is a time clock app that can be easily accessed online via desktop, iPad and Android devices. The employee timeclock software caters ...

Time and Attendance - Employee Time Clock - Software, Biometric ...

Easy Clocking is a leading edge manufacturer of the most advanced fingerprint, RFID, and biometric based employee time clocks, & time and attendance ...

Punch Clock Software - Employee time clock, attendance, gross pay ...

Save time and trouble with our time clock software used to track and report employee time, attendance and gross pay by department, job, project, accounting  ...

Web-based employee time clock software | Online biometric time ...

Employee time clock software for employers looking for a web-based time clock software solution with online time clock and biometric time clock integration.

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Employee Time Clock Software | Time Clock Software - Replicon

Replicon offers easy to use online time clock software, a revolutionary multi-touch employee time clock software with powerful TimeAttend software. It's a totally ...

TimeClick Timeclock Software: Employee Time Tracking Made Easy

See why TimeClick was ranked the #1 software by Top Ten Reviews. ... More than just professional time clock software, TimeClick gives you complete control.

Time Card Software Review 2015 | Best Time Clock Software ...

Mar 24, 2014 ... Looking for the best time card software? We have easy-to-read, expert unbiased reviews and feature comparisons of the best and cheapest ...

CKZ Time Clock - Employee Time Clock Software

We offer both desktop and online time clock software, designed for business owners, bookkeepers, and payroll professionals. Employees clock in and out ...

TimeClock Plus Official Site - Employee Time and Attendance ...

No matter what your business needs, TimeClock Plus offers a simple yet comprehensive time clock software package to address them. More Information ...

Time Clock MTS | Great Employee Timecard Software

Time Clock MTS is timecard monitoring software for one or more Windows computers, this easy-to-use software is available with a free 30 day trial.

Timeclock Software - Employee Timeclock Software Free

Timeclock software is a free solution for employees to use as a timeclock. Timeclock software will streamline your payroll tracking. Free and Open Source ...

Guide to Time Clock Software

Both companies and businesses need time clock software in order to manage their employees’ work hours. One of the main functions of time clock software is to track the work hours and project involvements of employees. However, time clock software has evolved to include features expanding beyond the simple function of time tracking. Time clock software today includes additional functions such as integrated payroll, accounting and billing systems, mobile applications and web connectivity. Before making a decision, companies should research the varieties of time clock software and understand which closely matches their demands.

Benefits of Time Clock Software

Many companies today are relying on time clock software to manage their employees’ time. One of the major benefits of time clock software is that it can accurately keep track of hours, eliminating the chances of human error. This automated, accurate system allows for precise calculations in times of payroll and billing deadlines. Attendance monitoring also allows managers to measure productivity, and determine whether employees are utilized to their full capacity.

Another benefit of time clock software is that it allows for project management; managers can assign tasks to employees and set deadlines. However, if a task is taking too long, then time clock software is able to take note, enabling managers to adjust to future tasks.  By determining which employees are experiencing difficulties or if tasks are quickly completed, project managers can access and understand how to better deal with future projects.

Tips for Choosing Time Clock Software

Time clock software are available on different platforms, with free, subscription-based or full cost options. Purchasers should consider requirements such as features and multi-user support, as this will have an effect on the price of the overall product. Before making a purchase, users can first see if developers of specific time clock software offer a free version. Through use of the trail version, customers can decide whether the time clock software is suited to their needs.

Time clock software comes in many varieties, features many functions and can integrate different systems. However, companies should decide which type of time clock software can best match their needs. Larger companies may require software with multiple integrated platforms, and numerous features beyond the time tracking.  Purchasers should carefully weigh the options available, as the wrong one will result in lost time, revenue, and efficiency.

Does the company have the infrastructure in place to support time clock software? Some software only requires computers with minimal hard drive requirements in order to run. However, more sophisticated time clock software may require separate equipment such as time clock workstations or devices. Other time clock software may even entail a centralized system, which would increase the costs generated from purchasing a time clock system.

Multi-User Support:
Companies should consider the number of employees that a time clock software would need to support. Larger companies with hundreds of employees would require a system with the infrastructure to support multiple users. On the other hand, smaller businesses forgoing complicated systems may prefer standalone time clock software, with the simple time tracking capabilities. In addition, time clock software can create systems that are scalable, and can support multiple users. However, if your company possesses few employees, it may consider purchasing relatively simple time clock software, as opposed to complex versions.

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