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Low-Cost Training for Employees

Training can seem like a luxury when you are trying to keep your business running, but employees who are learning and growing tend to stay with a job longer and help your bottom line with their enhanced skills. Training does not have to be expensive and with webinars, podcasts and DVDs, can often be done at an employee’s own pace.

Training Software to Trim Employee Training Costs and Ease Turnover

Turnover, it seems, is a serious problem and an expensive one, according to Willis Mushrush, Business and Industry Specialist for the University of Missouri. "Turnover costs for many organizations are very high and can significantly affect the financial performance of an organization," said Mushrush.

Staff Training and Development Industry Overview

Today most company leaders realize that staff training and development is critical to business success. Two motives drive staff training: potential for improved profits and avoidance of litigation.

Making the Most of Employee Training Materials

If you want to begin making the most of employee training materials, you need to start thinking beyond the typical training held in a classroom that consists solely of instructional manuals for employees and dull presentations. Your employees should be captivated by the training so they reap the largest benefit from it, which in turn will keep your employees in the know and help them do their job quicker, safer and more efficient.

Pricing and Costs for Employee Training Materials

In any company, regardless of it's size, there is employee training and development to be done within a set budget. To do this, you need to keep up with the pricing and costs of employee training materials.

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Employee Training Materials Key Terms

Employee training materials are essential in providing proper training of basic and advanced skills in the workplace. All businesses use training materials, but some are required to meet safety regulations.

Best Training Software | 2014 Reviews of the Best Systems - Capterra

Find and compare Training software. Free, interactive directory to quickly narrow your choices and contact multiple vendors.

Mindflash: Online Training Software | Create, Share & Track Online ...

Provides a hosted online learning solution for training professionals, enabling them to convert existing training materials into online courses.

DigitalChalk | Online Training Software

Learn about the DigitalChalk LMS: the robust, flexible online training software with a top-notch support team that puts YOU in control of your training.

9 Ways to Build Your Next Online Software Training - Articulate

Feb 25, 2014 ... Most online software training is a series of simple screencast videos. In that case, here are a few examples to inspire ideas for your next training ...

ProProfs Online Training Software: Create Online Course & Training

Create a course or training online for free with the best training software for work, school or educational course. Share online.

Go College: Search & Planning Information

Guide to getting into college, paying for college, and succeeding in college.

computer software training

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When buying computers wholesale, consider the following:

1. Buying computers wholesale at bulk lot auctions.
2. Sourcing wholesale computers from local vendors.
3. Buying wholesale laptop computers.
4. Warranties and service plans for wholesale computers.

Buy wholesale computers at bulk lot auctions

If you're buying wholesale computers in bulk and want the best price, online auctions are the way to go. These liquidators source commercial surplus inventory and government surplus assets, selling bulk lots by the truckload, pallet or small package. Wholesale computers range in condition from new in the original packaging to customer returns and used and refurbished machines.

Check with discounters for wholesale computers

If auctions aren't your thing, computer discounters abound offering wholesale used computers, wholesale laptop computers and refurbished wholesale desktop computers.
used and refurbished computers, check

Wholesale computer warranties and returns

While you can expect far fewer guarantees and warranties when buying computers wholesale, do expect the seller to stand behind its computers, especially if the computer is refurbished. Don't settle for less than a 48-hour money-back policy and a 30-day warranty on wholesale used and refurbished computers. Bulk wholesalers, however, often have an "as is" policy, in which case, buyer beware.
  • Place e-mail alerts on several wholesale computer auction sites to receive immediate notification of new lots.
  • Know your exact technology requirements before participating in a wholesale computer auction.
  • Get preauthorized, if necessary, before bidding on wholesale computer auction sites.
  • To minimize shipping costs, begin your search for wholesale computers with local computer wholesalers.

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