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Protect Yourself with Noncompete Agreements

Company secrets and valuable business knowledge can be protected by noncompete agreements between employers and their employees. These contracts or clauses are legal agreements that dictate what company information can and can't be used by current or former employees.

Finding Industry Events and Conferences

There's a tendency among busy professionals and other types of small business owners to keep the head down and nose to the grindstone. But you shouldn't allow the daily grind to keep you from attending or participating in industry events and conferences.

Operating a Successful Family Business

No doubt about it, running a business with a spouse, parents, siblings, children or other family members presents unique challenges over and above the usual problems a small business faces. That's why only one in three family businesses survives to the next generation.

Financing for Growth or Expansion

It's a story as old as the hills. After circling a giant customer for years hoping to snap off a piece of the big time, suddenly you've got the contract.

Small Business Innovation Research Program (SBIR)

While a great idea may be the kernel you need to start a small business, without the proper research and development, you're unlikely to get too far too fast. There is, however, government funding available that can help ease the burden: the Small Business Innovation Research Program.

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Expanding through Acquisition

The usual roadblock for any successful small business is scale: How do I grow once the model is working?Of course, some small businesses scale naturally through franchising or by adding sales territories. But many simply reach a natural ceiling.

Management of a Small Business

Time management. Change management.

Whos Who in Business

For anyone hoping to build their business or develop a network of business contacts, identifying fellow key decision makers is vital. While watching the newspaper's business section, attending networking events or even just calling the company can tell you the who's who of business, there's an easier and quicker way-- through the use of online directories.

California Business for Sale

California businesses for sale offer several advantages over starting a new business. When you buy a California business it will already have a client base, an established name and a source of revenue.

Business Financial Planning

Business financial planning is an essential element of a business plan. A well organized financial plan attracts potential business investors and gives your company economic focus.

Alabama Business for Sale

Buying an Alabama business for sale can represent a great opportunity for investment. Buying an established business usually is much safer financially and more profitable than starting a new business because an existing business already has an established customer base, source of revenue and business operations.

Merger and Acquisition Announcements

One way to track aggregate changes in your industry is through merger and acquisition announcements. M&A announcements inform of market shifts, changes in stock values and accretion or dilutions of certain economic sectors.

Transcription Software

Transcription software varies widely depending on what services your firm offers as well as what specific needs best suits your company. Your computer operating system comes into play, as either you will need software that works with your present system, or you will have to upgrade the entire system to fit the software. Make sure that the software is network-ready for multiple sharing over departments and branches.

Many software systems will contain information that you do not need so do not pay for options that do not work for you. Select a software system that will grow with your institution. Alternatively, upgrading your present software with new functions may be the best option if you have a system that is already working for you. Look for these features when choosing voice transcription software:

1. Buy a transcription program that works with your equipment.

2. Use your current legal transcription software with a new twist.

3. Find help with transcribe software through customer service support.

Find medical transcription software providers with programs you can use

Software programs come in all shapes and sizes and there is a price tag that goes with that. Check the features of the software you are considering and purchase what your institution needs.

Choose online transcription software that integrates with the system already in place

If your present software is working for you, consider upgrading it to add a few features that you need instead of replacing the entire system. There may be a small charge to upgrade but this would be minimal compared to replacing the entire system. Find out if the new necessary features are available with your present software. Alternatively, choose a software program that adds these features but integrates with the program in place.

Choose digital transcription software that has live customer support

The best software in the world is no good to you if you cannot reach someone to answer questions when that need arises. Software has an online guide but sometimes that is not enough when you run into a difficulty. Choose software systems with live customer support features to get the most out of program.
  • Purchase transcriptionist software from trusted sources. Even though an unknown vendor may sell the software for less, the software may be flawed or worse yet it could contain a virus.

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