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Trucking Software Applications and Uses

The trucking industry is a thriving business made up of several specific objectives and tasks. Trucking businesses can benefit from trucking accounting software and other forms of trucking software to help keep these objectives in order.

Trucking Software Education and Training

From trucking accounting software to management software, those in the trucking industry need to keep tabs on their money and modes of transportation. Finding those pieces of software can be simple enough, but those in the industry need to stay current with any changes to the software, which is bound to happen due to advances in computers and technology.

Trucking Software

Trucking companies need to make use of trucking software programs to effectively run their businesses. Whether you need trucking accounting software or simply a way to keep track of your fleet of trucks, trucking company software providers are there to help.

Trucking Software | Prophesy | Trucking Dispatch Software

Trucking Software. More Carriers, Truck Brokers And Private Fleets Use Prophesy Trucking Dispatch Software Solutions Than Any Other Brand.


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Trucking Software - 2014's Best Truck Dispatch & Routing Systems

Customer reviews of the best trucking software systems. Find the right truck dispatch and routing solution for your organization. Free demos and price quotes!

Truckers Helper - Trucking Software for Owner Operatores and Fleets

Truckers Helper business software for Trucking Professionals. Drivers, Owner Operators and Fleets - accounting, Invoicing,IFTA, Dispatch, Loads, Payroll, and  ...

Prophesy OnDemand - Powerful Software for Small Trucking ...

May 10, 2011 ... Get more info at Make running your small trucking or brokerage operation easy! Prophesy now offers an affordable ...

Truck Dispatch Software | McLeod Software

We have a comprehensive transportation management system for trucking dispatch operations. If you are truckload or LTL or truckload we have a solution.

Trucking Software, Dispatch Software, And Brokerage Software

Dr Dispatch Trucking Software, Dispatch Software, Transportation Software and Brokerage Software for Truckers, Brokers, Shippers, and 3PL.

Trucking Software | Logistics Software | Drivers Log book | Per Diem ...

Trucking Software, Logistics Software, Drivers Log book, Truck Driver Software, Trucking Accounting, Equipment Maintenance and More.

Axon - Trucking Software

Trucking Software from Axon is an enterprise dispatch and accounting program, a powerful one entry management system for trucking companies of any size.

Trucking Software Key Terms

Knowing trucking software key terms gives you insight to use programs to their best advantage. Understanding these terms also helps you manipulate data and achieve results that benefit your company. Trucking software addresses different areas and needs from tracking shipments to monitoring payments. When you know trucking software key terms, you can look for software that specifically addresses your areas of interest. If you plan to hire a programmer for unique programming specifications, understanding the key terms helps you communicate the areas you wish to target for record keeping.

Bill of lading

This is the term for any paperwork that a shipper gives to a driver detailing information about a product such as what it is, where the product came from and the product's destination. It also offers information on the trucking company, or carrier, to indicate how much the product weighs, and it contains an authorization signature for freight movement.

Fleet tracking

Fleet tracking, also called truck tracking, is a team-up of software and hardware using technology installed on vehicles to pinpoint location within a distance of a few meters. The systems generally incorporate alerts and reports for unusual activity.


Software programs monitor each dispatch, which means it tracks each transportation of a product towards a designated end destination.

Accounts receivable

The term accounts receivable, also known in trucking software as A/R, refers to records of money owed to a company for products or services rendered.

Accounts payable

Trucking software also keeps track of accounts payable, also known as A/P. This refers to debts for purchases or services in an open account.


One critical component of trucking software is its ability to track routing, which is a specific path from starting point to a destination.