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Making the Most of Business Ideas

Good business ideas abound and now that you have thought about a few, find out how to make the most of your idea and get started in your new business. Whether you want to start an Internet business, work-from-home business, franchise, open a shop or anything else, there are real steps you must take to get you from the business "idea" to the actual open business.

Business Ideas Basics

Good business ideas start inside somebody's head. You have to think of the idea first, develop the idea and finally arrive at a concrete plan to start a business.

Low-Cost Businesses You Can Start

If you dream of being an entrepreneur, but lack the big startup bucks required by some new ventures, don't fret. With a little time and not a lot of money, you can still make your business dream a reality.

Business Ideas to Help Start a Small Business |

Check out these home based, internet based, retail, and low cost business ideas for startup entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Business Idea Center |

Find hundreds of full or part time business ideas that you can start today. View our complete list of business ideas from

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Business idea - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A business idea is a concept which can be used for commercial purposes. It typically centers on a commodity or service that can be sold for money, according to ...

Business Idea Key Terms

At some point in their lives, many Americans have a good business idea. The way that public structures are set up tends to facilitate new small businesses, but for those who want to take the plunge, there are many challenges to successfully getting that business up and running. New business people face a learning curve concerning what's needed to start up a legitimate business and what it takes to run one. New entrepreneurs can read up on basic terms that are useful for getting great business ideas made into concrete realities.

Market (and marketing) research

Market research and marketing research often get confused. Market research is the basic study of how a business idea will "do" in a current market. This is crucial for business ideas and startups in any field.

Niche market

A niche market is a little space in a market that is not currently filled to capacity. Many smart business ideas trade on getting into one of these spaces and providing something that will "fill the niche."
Texas A&M. Or use SCORE's "60 Second Guide to Creating a Market Niche" to get started in finding that niche for your business startup.

Home-based business

A home-based business is any business that is conducted from the home of the founder, co-founder or entrepreneur. A home-based business can apply to many industries from data entry to specialty chocolate production. Read up on home-based business ideas at


A would-be business owner can often take advantage of a "business idea in a box" in the form of a franchise. A franchise allows an investor to buy the rights to using an already established business name for creating an independent shop. Detailed legal agreements rule franchise relationships.

Business plan

The business plan is the cornerstone of a well-thought-out business idea. The business plan includes much of the original business idea's brainstorming, and is also a master plan for setting up a business.
U.S. Small Business Administration.

Fictitious name

For many new business people, the idea of a fictitious name is a tough one to understand. A fictitious name is a name for a business that needs to be registered as an identity for that business.