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Providers of business plans and business plan software. Research vendors offering sample business plans and sample business proposals. Identify a supplier of business plan templates offering small business plan examples.

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Creating a Great Business Plan

A business plan is like a road map that shows where your business is going and how it's going to get there. This detailed look at where your business is heading can do much more for your business than simply provide you with a route to follow.

Business Plan Software

Formulating a business plan from scratch can seem overwhelming, but the task is now much easier thanks to a variety of software applications. Before you choose a business-plan software consider several key questions: What are the compatibility requirements? Will it run on your current PC or do you need to upgrade? Does it require a separate application like Microsoft Word or Excel? Will it let you convert your plan to common formats, such as those used by Microsoft's Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Adobe's Acrobat, or HTML? How much does it cost? Are there add-on tools or templates specific to your business interests? Are they free or do they cost more? Is the application easy to use or hard to learn? Can you integrate your existing financial data? For instance, from QuickBooks? Does the solution provider offer technical support? .

Working with Business Plan Consultants

Professional business plan consultants can help you navigate the evolving business landscape so that you can maximize your efforts. Business plan consultants can serve as third-party sounding boards when you want to incorporate new plans.

Making the Most of Business Plan Consultants

Business plan consultants can bring a variety of skill sets to your company, from helping you set up your office to procuring the right software to run it, setting up a marketing plan and hiring staff. A business plan preparation service can help you to bring in a broader scope of available technology that you may have overlooked.

Pricing and Costs of Business Plans

Your business development plan budget team is ready to put a sample business proposal together, but they need help. They may not be the experts, and they know there is software, templates and professionals that can help get it done better and faster.

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Using Business Plan Software

It's time to create a plan for your business, and you need business plan writer software to create that plan. However, it's more complicated than simply going to the store to look at all the business plan software applications on the market.

Business Plans News and Trends

Professional business plans are often some of the first things new small business owners consider. You need to know the direction you are going, where to focus, who your customers are or will be.

Break-even Analysis Key Terms

A break-even analysis helps business owners calculate the amount of product they must sell at a given price in order to break even, or cover all their costs. Having a break-even analysis performed, or performing it yourself, can also help you find better price points for various production costs.

Business Plan Consultants Key Terms

A business plan is the first step in getting the financial backing to start a business. The business plan should be well researched and presented to potential investors in a clear, concise manner.

Business Plan Software Key Terms

Writing a business plan doesn't have to be an overwhelming task. Finding a good business plan software can mean the difference between weeks of sifting through information and days of easily constructing a solid informational piece.

Financial Modeling Education and Training

Financial modeling can be useful in valuing a business, estimating cost of capital, analyzing financial markets, and working with interest rate models, just to name a few. Whatever your need for financial modeling, it's imperative to receive the proper financial training and education to get the models correct.

Business Name Meanings Key Terms

To those who ask "what's in a name?" a small business or midsize business owner might respond: quite a lot. Many businesses are always looking for effective naming that identifies the business correctly, promotes associations with a product or service and catches the public eye, reaching out to the business target audience.

Professional Business Plan Writer

Professional business plan writers create your plan for you in as little as 5 days.
OGScapital - Business plan writers

High profile business plan writers will help to create the cutomized business plan for fundraising or moving the business to the next level.
Business Plan Writers

We write your custom business plan, perform financial projections and market research. Business plan writers and consultants.
Careers Plus Resumes, Inc. - Business Plans

We provide business plan writing services, the CareersPlus Plan™, for the purpose of raising capital investments for entrepreneurs.

Business Guide to Business Plans: From Executive Summary to Strategy and Implementation

Business plans allow you to set goals, identify company problems, distribute resources, identify threats to your business, determine your strengths, and identify the weaknesses of your company. This document serves as a planning tool for business executives and helps investors determine where to spend their money. A business plan contains the following sections: executive summary, industry profile, market analysis, competitive analysis, marketing plan, management plan, operating plan, and financial plan. The plan concludes with exhibits and appendices such as surveys, marketing studies, sketches, or photographs of your products, contracts, and legal agreements. Business plan writing services develop complete business plans to help you formalize your business goals, monitor business performance, attract investors, and identify opportunities for expansion.




Although you know your business inside and out, you may not have the financial or managerial knowledge needed to develop comprehensive business plans. These plans contain financial statements and cash flow projections, so accuracy and completeness are important. Hiring a qualified business plan writer eliminates the need to spend time and effort learning how to write a business plan from scratch. Business plan writers also have editing and polishing skills, helping you get the most professional business plan possible.


Business Planning

Analyzing trends in your business helps you identify critical errors and plan for the future. Without business plans, business owners would have a difficult time collecting the data needed to create comprehensive business reviews. The business plan contains all of this data in one place, making it possible to assess your business and adjust your goals at any time.


Professional Input

Business plan writers have experience managing businesses and analyzing business trends, giving them insight into the state of your business. The U.S. Department of Commerce estimates that more than 20 percent of new business ventures fail within two years, making the professional input of a business plan writer very valuable.


Time Savings

If you choose to write your own business plan, you will have to take time away from running your business or use your personal time to complete the plan. Those who write business plans for a living take this task off your to-do list, allowing you to focus on managing your business.



As a business owner, you may have difficulty taking an objective approach to assessing your business. Someone who writes business plans for a living will not have any personal attachment to your business, allowing the writer to stay neutral and write the best plan possible.




Shopping for business plan writing services leaves business owners vulnerable to scams. Some writers offer business plans at a very low cost, attracting clients who need to conserve money. These low-priced writers often have little business experience, leading to inaccurate business plans that have no value.


Hiring Difficulties

If you decide to hire someone to write business plans for your company, you need to take the time to interview several candidates. You should never hire a business plan writer without seeing work samples and receiving several quotes. Although these steps protect you, they are also time-consuming. You may find that the person you hire is not a good fit, creating the need to assess additional candidates and make a second hiring decision.


Work Differences

Business plans follow a very specific format, but the content in each section varies greatly based on your industry, the products and services you offer, the size of your business, and the number of competitors you face in the marketplace. You may encounter some differences of opinion when working with a professional business plan writer. Most of these differences can be resolved professionally, but lasting issues may make it necessary to adjust your expectations or replace the business plan writer.



The average cost of a business plan is $4,100 according to a survey conducted by Writer’s Digest Books and published in the 2011 version of Writer’s Market. The same survey indicates that a business plan may cost as much as $15,000. The benefits of a well-written business plan outweigh the initial costs, however. Your business plan acts as a tool for attracting investors to your company, allowing you to raise funds for capital improvements and business expansion. The University of Michigan estimates that average business start-up costs exceed $25,000. Hiring a professional business plan writer for a few thousand dollars is well worth the opportunity to attract $25,000 or more in investment capital.


Having a business plan is essential for business growth and success. Business plans outline your goals, analyze your competitors, identify your strengths and weaknesses, and help you identify ideas for business expansion, new products, and enhanced services. When shopping for a business plan writing service, avoid hiring the first writer you meet. Ask several writers for samples, references, and price quotes to avoid hiring a sub-par writer or paying too much for your business plan. Consider updating your plan when you need financing or new competitors emerge in your market, as business plans should change regularly to match changing business needs.

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