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Franchise business opportunities for sale. Franchise for sale in the UK. Business opportunity to be your own boss! Search over 236 franchise opportunities for ...

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Franchising Opportunities - Franchises for Sale - Franchise Directory - Franchise Advice - South Africa.

A Guide to Franchises for Sale

Investing in a franchise can be a lucrative business decision, one that has the potential to alter your life and your finances profoundly.  With the myriad of opportunities available, though, it can be difficult to know where to start.  Let’s investigate what kinds of franchises you should consider, and why it would be in your best interest to start this kind of business.


Franchises afford you the support of a large network of demonstrably competent professionals, who have succeeded in providing a product people want.  It provides a great deal of stability and assurance to know that you’re putting your money into something that has showed results in the past and can be expected to do so again.

As an investor – of your time and money – it’s also nice to know that you can plan according to a business model that is a known quantity.  Franchises can break down exactly how much you’ll be spending and how much you can expect to get back over how much time.  That’s the kind of definitiveness you simply can’t get from starting a business without a recognizable brand.

Going in, you can have a good idea of what your customer base will be like, and you can expect a volume based on the popularity of the organization at large – not necessarily your own location.  You’ll be tapping into their vast advertising network and the correlated brand recognition that only a large franchise can achieve.


It can be tempting to believe that, given the resources at your disposal, you’re somehow bulletproof when it comes to running a successful business.  That’s the kind of thinking you’ll want to avoid.  Running a franchise is still running a business, and your success will depend in large measure on your wherewithal and hard work.  All the advice and support in the world won’t help you if you don’t dedicate yourself to achieving on your own merits.

Depending on your character and goals, you may find the franchise environment stifling to your independence or creativity.  Most franchises have very specific guidelines for the operation of your business, down to minute details.  If you’re not comfortable with the idea of executing a vision that’s not of your own making, you’re likely to find the experience very frustrating.

It’s a good idea to make sure the franchise you select is in tune with your own vision of a successful business.  Remember, you’ll be in this a long time, and you have to be happy with the product you’re delivering and the service you’re performing for the community.

Getting Started

The most important decision you’ll make is the first one: which franchise to select?  As just mentioned, you’ll want to keep in mind your own desires and preferences, but it’s also crucial to do careful research on which brands are most likely to deliver on your investment.  And it’s not just a matter of national averages or overall product appeal: you have to make sure that your franchise will be in sync with your community, and that the demand is high enough for that kind of business.  Different customer bases prefer different foods, services, and delivery methods, so make sure you do the proper research on your area’s disposable income level, market niches, and other important factors.


Your franchise will change your life in a dramatic way.  It’ll absorb your time, your hard work, and your dreams of financial security and mobility.  So be certain that you know what you’re doing before you begin, so that all that change will be for the better.

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