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Associations and organizations that provide information and resources for franchise-owners.

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International Franchise Association - Over 1,200 franchise ...

The International Franchise Association is your main source of franchise information and resources to research, grow, or join your favorite franchise business ... About Franchising. American Association of Franchisees ...

Promoting best Franchise practice. Franchise Legal Help, Buying a Franchise, Franchise Opportunities Review and Franchisee Associations Support.

The Coalition of Franchisee Associations, Inc. - Home

The Coalition of Franchisee Associations (CFA), founded in 2007, brings together some of the largest and most reputable independent franchisee associations ...

Independent Franchisee Associations - Blue MauMau

List of independent franchisee associations to give franchise buyers an idea of the realities of operating a franchise - both good and bad.

AFA - American Franchisee Association - Chicago, IL

The American Franchisee Association is a national trade association of franchisees and dealers with over 7000 members, ranging in size from One and Two ...

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Franchise Associations Directory. A list of the world's franchise ...

A directory of all the world's national and international franchise associations. Your one-stop shop for contact details and website addresses of national, regional ...

The Franchise Handbook - Franchise Associations

Austrian Franchise Association Miss Regina Wacht, Project Manager Bayerhamerstrasse 12, 1st Floor A-5020, Salzburg Austria Phone: (43-662) 874- 2360

Information on Franchise Associations & Exhibitions - Franchise Direct

Sep 12, 2014 ... Find information on franchise associations at Franchise Direct. There are many international and national associations dedicated to supporting ...

National Franchise Associations |

Apr 29, 2009 ... View our directory of franchise associations available within the USA. Find out more about franchising and how franchise associations can help ...

Welcome to the NFA | National Franchisee Association

The National Franchisee Association (NFA), founded in 1988, serves the BURGER KING ® franchisee community through advocacy, education and training, ...

British Franchise Association - promoting and accrediting excellence ...

Accredited franchise opportunities and expert professional advisors - The British Franchise Association (bfa) - the only single regulatory body for ethical ...

Directory of Independent Franchisee Associations - The ...

Franchise Brand Specific. We recommend that suppliers read our article on Marketing to Franchisees which provides an overview to marketing your goods and ...

Franchising Associations

Franchising associations are organizations which combine franchisors, franchisees, and vendors to make the process of starting and operating a franchise much less daunting. Franchises are fantastic small business opportunities, but they are still businesses and come with their own legal, financial, and promotional challenges. Franchise associations exist to help new and old franchisees overcome these difficulties.  

Franchises are available all over the world. Because of this, there are American franchise associations and international franchise associations who can give advice on how to deal with each country’s local and national governments. Also, because a franchise association is not exclusive, it may make sense to join several associations, one for dealing with local events and an international association to deal with global issues. 

Associations for franchise owners do a great deal for their membership. However, before you choose a franchise association, here are a few things to consider:
  1. Franchise owner associations should lobby for franchises at the state and federal levels, set quality standards, and recognize those franchisees that are doing right by their customers.
  2. Associations for franchise owners should be great educational resources. Most franchise owner associations feature a wealth of information and practical courses geared toward ensuring the success of the franchise
  3. A franchise owner association should be a great networking tool for finding other franchisees.

Know what type of franchise you want

This may sound like common sense, however, it is important that you know the top 2-3 franchises you are considering before investigating a franchising and licensing association. This way you can determine if the franchise you are interested in pursuing is already a member. If not, it may be harder for you to join down the road.

Learn what franchise owner associations offer

Before choosing which franchising owner associations you want to join, be sure to understand what the benefits of membership are. Franchising associations offer different services: job boards, legal counseling, online courses, low-cost advertising, among others. Make sure any franchise and licensing associations you want to join are going to give you the tools you need to be successful.

Contact local franchise association members

Each franchise owner association lists its franchisors. Each franchisor will have a list of locations. Find a few local franchises that are members of a franchising association you are considering, and go speak to the owners of those businesses.
  • Compare different member benefits of different franchising associations, such as events and conferences available, networking opportunities either online or in person, and publications offered.
  • If you already own a franchise, call your franchisor and ask about any franchise owner association you are considering.

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