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Application server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

An application server can be either a software framework that provides a generalized approach to creating an application-server implementation, regard to what ...

Comparison of application servers - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Application servers are system software upon which web applications or desktop applications run. Application Servers consist of web server connectors, ...

What is Application Server? Webopedia

By Vangie Beal. Also called an appserver, an application server is a program that handles all application operations between users and an organization's ...

Application servers information, news, and how-to advice | JavaWorld

Application servers news, information, and how-to advice.

What is application server? - Definition from

An application server is a server program in a computer in a distributed network that provides the business logic for an application program.

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Application Server - TechNet - Microsoft

Application Server provides an integrated environment for deploying and running custom, server-based business applications that are built with the Microsoft .

Java Application Server Debate |

May 21, 2013 ... Which app server is the best? The Java Application Server we will be discussing in this report are Tomcat, Jetty, GlassFish, IBM WAS Liberty ...

IBM - WebSphere Application Server

IBM WebSphere Application Server offers options for a faster, more flexible Java application server runtime environment with enhanced reliability and resiliency ...

application server Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia

(2) In a private or public Web environment (intranet or Internet), an application server hosts a variety of language systems used to query databases. These scripts ...

Selecting Your Java EE 6 Application Server - Enterprise Software ...

Jan 11, 2013 ... The number one question I get asked is: "Which Java EE Application server should we use?". With the growing adoption of Java EE 6 new ...

MyEclipse Application Server Connectors | Genuitec

MyEclipse interacts with a local application server instance through an application server connector using the Web Tools Project (WTP) framework. MyEclipse ... - What are J2EE and J2EE Application Servers?

J2EE is the short name for "Java 2 Enterprise Edition". Usually J2EE applications are client-server or server-side applications that require a so-called "J2EE ...

Application Servers

Application servers come in as many styles and configurations as there are businesses that use them. Designed to host network applications such email, databases and a variety of web applications, application servers must meet strict specifications. Servers allow programs to run from the various application servers, directly on the desktops of the employee. This allows greater control of the individual desktops on a network and keeps them running faster and more securely.

Careful comparison of application servers is required due to the overwhelming variations in server components. When you set out to buy applications servers there are numerous considerations including, memory, processors and data backup. The application server's comparison needs input from the technical and networking departments as well as the end user. It's important to:

1. Look for application servers that allow modular growth to meet future needs.

2. Research any space, power or cooling limitations in the application server's environment.

3. Define the applications minimum server requirements for number of users and database size expectations.

Look for application servers with cases to fit your current network layout

Finding room for a new application server can be tricky business. Servers are available in many forms from standard desktop configurations to blade models designed to maximize space while controlling heat issues associated with application servers. Information to look for includes rack space requirements or footprint on desktop and tower style servers.

Maximize your business servers with processors built for speed

The workhorse of any server is the processor that drives the system. Choosing the processor that can meet or exceed the considerable demands placed on an application server keeps downtime and data delays to a minimum. Comparing application servers starts with the processor to ensure rapid response times and eliminate data latency.

Use custom application servers for complex projects and advanced application needs

Large scale and complex applications require customized business servers built to meet specialized specifications. Custom application servers allow you to tailor your system to run across multiple office networks or share applications that have excessive memory or processing requirements. Buy application servers from a custom manufacturer to save money and time by ensuring your application works from day one.
  • Benchmark testing numbers provided by manufactures are often misleading. Consult with an experienced technical advisor to ensure the application server meets or exceeds requirements in real world testing.

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