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Throughput - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It has been suggested that Asymptotic bandwidth be merged into this article. ( Discuss) .... The channel efficiency, also known as bandwidth utilization efficiency , ...

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NetFlow Analyzer is a network monitor tool which gives you an in depth view of bandwidth utilization. One of the critical measure of network traffic is bandwidth ...

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OpUtils software provides Free Bandwidth Monitoring Tool, Bandwidth Usage Trends, Measure Bandwidth, Bandwidth Utilization, Network Traffic Monitoring.

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Measuring bandwidth utilization can give administrators pertinent information as to how network resources are used.

Bandwidth Utilization - Network Instruments

Bandwidth utilization is a well-known, but not a well-understood network statistic. There are a couple factors to take into account when monitoring bandwidth ...

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Monitor bandwidth usage in your network with PRTG - Paessler

PRTG is the bandwidth usage monitor that lets you setup and run a bandwidth monitoring station for SNMP enabled networks. It is quick and simple to use.

PRTG's Bandwidth Utilization Monitor - Paessler

Paessler's PRTG Network Monitor is a straightforward, easy-to-use tool for monitoring network bandwidth utilization on networks. This comprehensive network ...

Bandwidth Utilization

The bandwidth utilization policy applies to individuals, not devices, e.g. desktop and laptop computers, smart phones, tablets, game consoles, etc. This means ...

How To Calculate Bandwidth Utilization Using SNMP - Cisco

Oct 26, 2005 ... This document describes how to calculate bandwidth use with Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP).

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Download SolarWinds' free real-time bandwidth monitor or our more fully- featured bandwidth usage tracker free trial to monitor bandwidth usage on your ...

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Feb 19, 2014 ... Using Report Writer, first create a monthly average utilization report for your designated .... Flow-based traffic analysis & bandwidth utilization.

Bandwidth Utilization Analysis - Network Optimization Performance ...

Thrive Networks can give you the visibility into your Internet bandwidth usage to better manage the time, costs, and efforts associated with daily network ...

Bandwidth Utilization

Bandwidth utilization measures the amount of data transferred over a network. When you access the Internet, data travels back and forth between your computer network and the Internet. There are many reasons to know more about how much bandwidth your company uses and how fast your connection works.

If several applications try to use a lot of bandwidth at the same time, the total speed may go down, much as you lose water pressure when other people in the building use water at the same time. When it comes to bandwidth utilization, you want to know the following facts:

1. The amount of bandwidth you use a month may depend on whether your internet provider limits the amount;

2. The speed of your internet access varies according to several factors;

3. And the types of Internet applications that require the most bandwidth utilization on your network.

Find your bandwidth utilization speed

It's easy and free to find bandwidth utilization meters on the Internet. Compare your bandwidth to standard rates for DSL, cable modem and other broadband technologies. Your bandwidth may vary based on the time of day and the types of Internet activity occurring when you run the test.

Make sure you don't exceed your bandwidth utilization cap

Because some internet providers are now putting a maximum cap on monthly bandwidth used by their subscribers, you may want to monitor your bandwidth utilization. Provider by provider, each company has a different policy and may or may not provide you with software to monitor your usage. Even if your company provides unlimited bandwidth, you may be curious about how much you use, and there are a number of software applications that can tell you.

Get bandwidth utilization information for your computer network

The result, when you run a network monitoring application, is a bandwidth utilization list of websites and applications that your network accesses. Some of these, like your Internet phone service, website database and internal email, are applications that should receive priority. If your employees are streaming videos on their break time, you may want those to receive lower priority.

Monitor your employees' bandwidth utilization

There are many reasons to monitor employee use of the Internet. Make sure your employees are not using company time and resources for personal use or to download inappropriate content. You may also want to block inappropriate websites.
  • No matter what size your computer network is, information on bandwidth utilisation can help you make sure it functions efficiently.