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Offering programming services for C, C++, and C#.

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How to: Create Windows Services (C++ Programming)

To create a Windows service, use the Windows Service template, which is available from the New Project dialog box.

Convert a C++ program to a Windows service? - Stack Overflow

I've written a console program that "does stuff" - mainly using boost. ... There's a good example on how to set up a minimal service on MSDN: ...

Simple Windows Service in C++ - CodeProject

Nov 29, 2012 ... An article that shows how to create a simple Windows service in C++.; Author: Mohit Arora; Updated: 30 May 2013; Section: Hardware ...

Coding Windows Services in C++ - Adam Sawicki - Homepage

Oct 1, 2010 ... Coding Windows Services in C++. Services in Windows are like daemons in Linux - resident programs that work in background. I've recently ...

C++ Windows Service - YouTube

Mar 27, 2012 ... C++ Windows Service .... C++ Tutorial 20-1 - Classes and Object-Oriented Programming (Part 1) by programminghelporg 85,992 views; 15:26.

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ILE C/C++ Programmer's Guide - Creating an Export Service ... - IBM

The Create C++ Module (CRTCPPMOD) command creates only one module at a ... To use binder language to create the service program described in Creating, ...

How to run a program as SYSTEM using c++ - C++ Forum -

I think OP is just asking how to run an external program with ... Next, drivers do\ are not processes but are infact services, so all you are doing to ...

C++ Language - C++ Tutorials -

These tutorials explain the C++ language from its basics up to the newest ... Chapters have a practical orientation, with example programs in all sections to start ...

Programming (.Net, C#, VB, C++ and Java) - Strategic Careers

Programming (.Net, C#, VB, Java, C++). Programming. Strategic IT Services professionals are experts with a unique way of providing custom software services.

C++ Programming Jobs and Contests |

Work on the latest C++ Programming Jobs Listed on Find Freelance Programmers and Web Designers to bid on your C++ Programming Jobs at ...

Object-Oriented Network Programming with C++ Design Patterns for ...

Programming with C++. Design Patterns for Initializing. Network Services in OO. Communication Frameworks. Douglas C. Schmidt

gSOAP: SOAP C++ Web Services - FSU Computer Science

SOAP NonStop Tandem support for C/C++ XML Web services is available in the ... from a different development platform or programming language (which is no ...

C++ Programming Services

C programming services are a growing part of new technology. Ever since tech guru Bjarne Stroustrup started dreaming up "C" technologies in the late 1970s, languages like C and C++ have been getting more and more use in mainstream programming communities. If you look into many of the applications and programs you use in your business, chances are that C-based coding provides a framework for more than a few of them.

C++ has an object-oriented design and a modern syntax. The name itself, C++, shows that developers shortened a traditional command like ADD 1 TO 1 into the popular short version, allowing for more compact code. Business applications use C, C++ and C# programming languages for the following kinds of programming:

1. For creating new applications to interact with servers or databases.

2. For maintaining existing programs through C++ programming changes and additional features.

3. In code update processes or for "patches" to programs to take care of changing scenarios.

Find comprehensive C or C++ programming services

If you're looking for an overall helping hand, a high-end C programming service or consulting agency can get you solutions. Whether it's program support, C development or just a white flag due to bugs and needed fixes, talk to these outside C programming services and get some advice on how to work through C or C++ changes.

Get a "hired keyboard," find a C or C++ programmer online

You might be thinking of hiring a temporary project lead to ramp up your software development, or if your in-house staff is already at work, you may want dedicated coders to slog through the grunt work. Either way, online vendors help you arrange for a C++ programmer or C# developer quickly and efficiently through job networking sites.

Get help for your in-house coders with C++ programming tutorials

Perhaps you already have an IT department in your business, and perhaps some of these staff already have an inkling about the C++ fixes or program development that you need. Give your in-house staff the support they need to be able to work out fixes on their own.

  • Always evaluate how C++ programming affects your applications. Part of managing IT is choosing the best possible tools and language for each project.

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