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Computer Keyboards

Most business owners put a lot of thought into purchasing their computers. But what about their computer keyboards? It's vital to find the right peripherals for your needs.

Computer Cables for Business

What most people think they know about computer cable begins and ends at the little jack in the wall where they plug in their phone or desktop computer to access the Web. Facilities managers and IT professionals know it's a tad more complex than plug and play.

Parallel to Serial Converters

Your parallel to serial adapter is the tiny piece of hardware that allows you to convert an unusable port on your computer into a functioning interface. Parallel to serial adapters were created to allow you to connect 25 pin connection to a 9 pin connection receiver.

Ergonomic Computer Monitor Arms

Computer arms can be a valuable tool for your computer that won't cost you a lot of money. Computer monitor arms fill a variety of needs for a variety of work spaces.

Keyboard Video Mouse (KVM) Switch Boxes

A keyboard, video, mouse switch box, better known as a KVM switch box lets you use one keyboard, monitor and mouse with several computers, which can be the ideal solution for offices that are tight on space. KVM switch boxes have come a long way since their inception, offering tons of new features making it easy for so-called "power users" to adapt them to their needs.

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PDA Wireless Modem

Whether you’re buying a smart phone or wireless modem for PDA (mobile PDA modems) handhelds, you’ll find that Palm is your friendliest choice, considering its functionality focus of design and myriad shareware. When Palm declares their new prodigy a “Smart Phone,” you don’t have to check variables for its functionality.

Digital Photo Printers

A digital photo printer designed to take digital images and print them onto photo grade paper is necessary in any marketing and public relations department. Digital photo printers are available in sizes ranging from snapshots to poster capable models.

Pricing and Costs of Monitors

The pricing and costs of monitors will most likely play a large part in your purchase decision. Each type of monitor has selections whose prices run the gamut.

Making the Most of OC-192 Broadband

Making the most of OC-192 broadband requires that you understand the purpose of this level of Internet service. OC-192 lines are currently the most common connection used for the backbones of large Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Smart Media Cards Education and Training

Digital technology is growing by the minute, making smart media cards education and training crucial to the safe-keeping of your company's digital files. Smart cards are used for virtually every piece of digital equipment that you own: digital cameras, computers, cell phones, and many other electronic devices.

Computer Security Hardware Education and Training

In the current age of data and identity theft, computer security tools are becoming an ever more vital aspect protecting your business. Data security hardware is an enticing option because it prevents access and provides very robust protection against tampering.

Flexible Keyboard Types and Styles

A flexible keyboard is a type of computer keyboard that is made from flexible materials in order to provide users with a more durable device. Many flexible keyboards are waterproof as well, which can help protect the keyboard from any sort of moisture damage.


Gamber-Johnson has been providing the highest quality vehicle computer mounts and vehicle mounting components for fleets worldwide, since 1954.
DVD Copycat | San Francisco CD/DVD Duplication & Replication

Quality CD & DVD Duplication and Replication Services by DVD Copycat. Serving the Berkeley, Oakland, San Jose, California and San Francisco Bay Area.

Offers laptop accessories including replacement batteries, AC adapters, notebook chargers, and more for Dell, HP, Sony, Compaq and Lenovo laptops.

Serial Converters, USB Serial adapters, RS232 to RS485, RS422, Ethernet, Wireless PC-Cards. Simply your source for all your serial data applications.

Business Guide to Computer Components and Accessories: What PC Hardware, Monitors and Other Accessories Your Business Needs

A solid technology base can provide a strong structure with which to enhance your business. The right technological support, such as computer components and accessories, can make a huge difference to businesses of any stature. Implementing the ideal technological system is a true necessity in this digital age and can offer a great boon to business owners, both old and new, as well as their customer base.


Computers and their accessories are among the most common business purchases because these machines make running a business more cost-effective, efficient, and easy.

The PC

Computers are critical to business success today. Many would prefer to communicate via e-mail and order products and services online from the comfort of their own home. With less customers coming in and out of your business and with fewer phone calls, computers are going to be shouldering the digital traffic. Computers are stationary units and typically consist of a tower, monitor, mouse, and keyboard, although some units house the monitor and tower in the same shell. Different types of PCs exist, and choosing the right one for your business may involve some research.

The Laptop

Laptops are portable computing devices capable of the same functions and operations as do PCs. Laptops are computers housed within a single shell and consist of the screen, processing components, keyboard, and a track pad for navigation. They are generally lightweight and slim. They can be carried with you on your day-to-day operations, taken home for the night, or easily handed off to an employee. With a laptop, all of your information is stored in a mobile device, so you always have vital statistics or other information available.

Internet Access

Your computer must be able to do more than just jot down a few notes or churn out business reports and letters. That being said, they must be connected to the Internet. You should invest time and money in developing a company Web site to get your name and your products and services into the new public forum. Internet presence allows your business to reach more customers than just sticking to conventional printed advertisements. Find a service provider capable of giving your business adequate service. LAN lines are commonly used to connect desktop PCs, which are usually stationary. Wireless routers are also available, which would allow employees with laptops or tablets to connect and work from the location of their choosing.

The Right Tools for the Job

One of the truly great things about modern technology is the degree of customization that is possible within almost any given system. Graphic artists and individuals who shoot lots of video, for example, are likely to need a high-powered video card and an excess of memory to compensate for the quantity of large-sized files that they are dealing with. The average small business owner, on the other hand, is not likely to need a tremendous amount of memory or a high-quality video card. Your computer can be fully customized to suit your needs.


There are numerous ways to trip up when searching for the right computer components and accessories.


Technology represents only one aspect of your business and should not be indulged to an extreme extent. There are some amazing computers and accessories out there, but do you really need them? Doing adequate research prior to a purchase is always recommended. Try not to get distracted by the specs of higher-end machines. Instead, understand what you really need to run your business as efficiently as possible.

Picking the Right Tools for the Job

Technology can be confusing to the uninitiated or inexperienced. All of the different specs and numbers listed on that little placard are daunting. Technology tends to become outdated very quickly as new technology is introduced. For the average business, it will be difficult to under equip your computer components and accessories. If only one computer is used at a business, it should probably have about 500 gigabytes of storage regardless of its processor. This ensures that all the data you need to save fits onto your one machine. If more than one computer is used at a business, then the general rule of thumb is to roughly match your ram with your storage space. For instance, if your computer has a two- or three-gigahertz processor and about three gigabytes of RAM, then you should probably look for a system that has at least 200 to 300 gigabytes of memory.

No Backup System

Not supplying your computer with a backup system of some kind is like asking for trouble to happen. If your hard drive crashes, you will be left without all of the information that was formerly stored there. A regular backup to an external hard drive should, at the very least, be undertaken.

The High Cost of Technology

Technology is expensive. It is hungry, and it will devour all your capital if you let it. By knowing the type of business you will do and your computer needs, you can cut down on unnecessary spending.


Computers, their components, and their accessories are not typically cheap purchases. A single computer in good condition is likely to cost at least $500. The high cost of technology cannot be extinguished, but it can be circumvented. Businesses that buy in bulk are almost guaranteed a discount on components and accessories.

If you want your business to proper, you should invest in an adequate computer system to provide some support. Computers are a virtual necessity in today’s digital age and should not be overlooked by business owners. Do not get anxious when considering computer components and accessories. List your priorities and your needs before a purchase, and you will be able to find a suitable system in no time.