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Quickly find the vital computer hardware you need, as well as suppliers and manufacturers of computer parts and computer components. Review listings for links to providers of computer hardware and accessories.

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Pricing and Costs of Computer Hardware

Much focus has been placed on the pricing and costs of computer hardware in general. However, it is much more difficult to find information about purchasing laptop parts on the cheap.

Making the Most of Computer Hardware

The key to making the most of computer hardware isn't just knowing where to purchase the cheapest replacement parts--it's in knowing how to make the computer components you already have last as long as possible. The most common problems facing the standard business computer user are shortened laptop battery life, hard drive failure or slowdown, and mysterious computer issues and component failure due to overheating.

Computer Hardware Key Terms

When purchasing a new computer, there are a number of different hardware decisions you'll have to make. Being informed about the various parts of the desktop or laptop you are considering is vital to making a smart purchase.

Computer hardware - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Computer hardware is the collection of physical elements that constitutes a computer system. Computer hardware refers to the physical parts or components of a ...

Computer Parts, Computer Hardware -

Best of all, Newegg has a wide selection of computer hardware to fit every budget and system build. So whether this is your first scratch-built computer or your ...

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What is Hardware? (Computer Hardware Definition) - PC Support

Hardware refers to the physical parts of a computer system. Some basic computer hardware includes the motherboard, CPU, RAM, hard drive, etc.

Computer Hardware, Inc., your local computer stores.

Computer Hardware is south central Nebraska's #1 Apple and computer store. We offer great computers, computer repair, home theater, direcTV, and so much ...

What is hardware? - Computer Hope

Computer dictionary definition for what hardware means including related links, information, and terms.

Computer Hardware Channel - HowStuffWorks

From USB connectors to motherboards, the HowStuffWorks Computer Hardware Channel will help you find explanations, reviews, videos and prices for the parts ...

/r/hardware: a technology subreddit for computer hardware news ...

The goal of /r/hardware is to be a place for hardware news, reviews and intelligent ... /r/hardware is not the place to come for help of any kind. .... (self. hardware).

Computer Hardware - Wikibooks, open books for an open world

1 Computer hardware; 2 Class 1 Components. 2.1 CPU; 2.2 Case; 2.3 Power Supply; 2.4 Motherboard; 2.5 RAM. 2.5.1 External Links. 2.6 PCI Express Cards/  ...

Sierra Microproducts, Inc.

Sierra Microproducts is a value added reseller of enterprise server, networking and mass-storage products/services. We buy, sell and trade technology.

Finding Cheap Computer Parts, Components and Hardware

Once upon a time, buying a new computer meant selling your kidney (or at least your car). A computer, after all, was more luxury appliance than everyday necessity. Today, though, new computers are quite affordable—until you try to upgrade them, that is. A new PC can cost anywhere from a couple hundred dollars to a couple thousand. But when you add on the cost of new computer components like extra memory, a supercharged processor or state-of-the-art peripherals, you’ll find that maxing out your credit card is as easy as simply swiping it.

Still, computer hardware doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Whether you’re building your own custom machine, repairing an old computer or upgrading a brand new PC, you can find the computer parts you need at a price you can afford to pay. Some of the computer parts you might need—and can buy at bargain prices—include:

1. Computer cases
2. Power supply
3. Processors (CPU)
4. Motherboards
5. Hard drives
6. Computer memory
7. DVD drives
8. Cooling fans
9. Video card and sound cards
10. PCI cards
11. Network interface cards
12. USB ports
13. IDE cables

Decide what computer components you need

Before buying computer parts, you should know not only which parts you need, but what each does. An informed shopper always finds the best deals on computer hardware.

Compare computer hardware prices online

Internet retailers generally offer the best prices on computer hardware. Visit several Web sites, however, before you click “Purchase.”

Buy cheap computer parts offline

If you prefer to do your shopping at brick-and-mortar businesses, consider hunting for cheap computer components at smaller, local computer retailers. Mom-and-Pop stores are likely to have not only the best deals, but also the best service on the computer hardware you buy.

Look for used computer components

If you need a great deal on computer parts, consider buying used, refurbished or recycled computer hardware. Computers grow old quickly, after all, but their individual parts are often ageless.

Sweeten the deal with extra computer components and accessories

Cheap computer parts will make your computer work, but cheap computer accessories—such as a printer, speakers, a scanner, a digital camera and a Webcam—will make it fun.
monitor, keyboard and mouse, which you can find online at

Don’t forget the operating system

Computer parts are your PC’s bones, but an operating system is its brain. Choosing a smart OS will increase your machine’s efficiency and your own productivity.

Install your new computer parts

If you really want to save money, don’t just buy your own computer components; install them, too.
  • Cheap computer hardware is useless without good computer software. At the bare minimum, invest in high-quality anti-virus and home office programs.
  • Not all computer hardware is cheap. One computer part that’s worth the extra money is a UPS (Emergency Backup System). Both a surge protector and a backup system, a UPS will protect your data in case of a power outage and is therefore an essential addition to your system.
  • Unless you’re buying in bulk, try to shop at small retailers and online dealers; the big box electronic stores tend to mark up prices significantly on individual computer parts.
  • If you’re buying computer parts online, beware of shipping costs. Generally, the more parts you buy in one order, the cheaper it is to ship them.
  • Need several computer parts? Consider purchasing a Barebones PC or kit, which come with all the basic computer hardware you’ll need.

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