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Peripheral - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A peripheral is a "device that is used to put information into or get information out of the computer." There are three different types of peripherals: Input, used to ...

What are some examples of computer peripheral devices? -

Nov 15, 2012 ... Answer: A computer peripheral, or peripheral device, is an external object that provides input and output for the computer. Some common input ...

What is peripheral device? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia ...

Peripherals are computer devices, such as a CD-ROM drive or printer, that is not part of the essential computer.

Computer Accessories & Peripherals - Best Buy

Shop Online for computer accessories and hardware like webcams, printer ink & toner & iPads at Best Buy. Purchase your favorite accessory and get great ...

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Find the perfect accessory for your computer including external hard drives, ... Great Prices on Top Selling Gaming Mice and Peripherals from SteelSeries.

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What Are Peripheral Devices of a Computer? - Definition, Examples ...

A peripheral device connects to a computer system to add functionality. Examples are a mouse, keyboard, monitor, printer and scanner. Learn about the different ...

computer peripheral - The Free Dictionary

Noun, 1. computer peripheral - (computer science) electronic equipment connected by cable to the CPU of computer peripheral - (computer science) electronic ...

What is peripheral? - Computer Hope

Computer dictionary definition for what peripheral means including related links, information, and terms.

Computer Hardware Peripherals - Open Book Project

A peripheral is a piece of computer hardware that is added to a computer in order to expand its abilities. The term peripheral is used to describe those devices ...

Peripheral Definition - The Tech Terms Computer Dictionary

A computer peripheral is any external device that provides input and output for the computer. For example, a keyboard and mouse are input peripherals, while a  ...

Computer Peripherals & Laptop Accessories -

Shop for computer accessories, computer monitors, computer screens, laptop accessories, computer speakers, USB flash drives and computer keyboards for ...

Computer Peripherals | Computerworld

Computer peripherals news, trends, analysis and practical advice.

Computer Peripherals

Computers are mandatory for any business, but the basics alone are rarely enough. Computer hardware peripherals provide you with the tools that enhance your productivity. Computer peripherals turn a computer from a simple word processor to a powerful business system.

Ideally, you’ve done your homework and purchased the computer or computers for your business. No doubt, the computer manufacturer or retail store salesperson made some suggestions about what you should have, and that includes a monitor and CD or DVD-ROM. Whether you opted for desktop models or laptops or a combination, spend some time equipping your computer with the right computer peripheral accessories.

Advantages of including the right components & peripherals for your business include:

1. Increased efficiency and productivity with high-tech computer peripheral devices

2. The ability to be competitive with other businesses

3. Allowing a computer peripheral to help you provide better customer service

Look inside your computer first

You don't have to look literally, but remember that a top computer peripheral is your memory, so know how much you have. Average desktop computers come with 512MB of memory, but if you can afford to go up to 1 or 2 gigabytes, do so. You'll be surprised at how fast your hard drive can fill up.

Input with comfort

A keyboard tends to be a standard operating computer peripheral device in computer systems sold. What you may not know is that the keyboard that came with your computer isn't necessarily the best for efficiency.

Consider combination computer hardware peripherals

Businesses often need printers and fax machines. Scanners are almost as important as printers. In recent years, all-in-ones have moved to the top of the wish list of computer peripheral devices.

Network your computers

Most computers come with an internal modem or PC cards to allow you to use e-mail and the Internet. If your office contains several computers, you might want to invest in a router for wireless networking, not only to connect everyone to the Internet, but also to share files and printers.

Shop for the best computer hardware peripherals at the best prices

After you decide what you want, it's time to get the best computer peripherals at the best price.
  • A neat gizmo is a USB flash drive, sometimes called a thumb drive, which plugs into other computers. These thumb-size external hard drives allow you to take files where you need them, whether it's home, on a business trip or to your kid's soccer game.
  • Make certain that specialty computer peripherals are compatible with your system.

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