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Directory of computer rental companies offering desktop computer renting and leasing services for businesses. Find laptops, tablet PCs, and desktop computers for rent at daily, weekly, and monthly rates.

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Lots of businesses at one time or another need to rent a computer for a trade show or other daily event, or for short term use for overflow staffing or some other special project. Other businesses rent computers to evaluate various models prior to purchase.

Saving Money on Computer Rentals

Saving money on computer rentals can be as simple as shopping around and comparing prices and services. It can also be a complicated process if you find a corporate computer rental company that hides extra fees in the rental contract.

Computer Rentals

PC rentals can be a real lifesaver in a number of business situations. For instance, renting computers can keep your business running smoothly when your regular computers crash or when you travel.

Computer Rentals from RENTEX

Computer Rentals, Laptop Rentals, & LCD Projector Rentals by the day, week, or month, shipped overnight, nationwide. Call (800) 574-1702 for immediate ...

RUSH Computer Rentals: The most reliable choice for leasing or ...

Offers computer rentals, leasing, and used computer sales on laptops, desktop computers and servers.

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Lease or Rent to Own Desktop, Laptop, Tablet Computers | Aaron's

We offer desktop, laptop, and tablet computers with a variety of purchasing ... total cost of rental or lease ownership valid on the day you purchase or lease from ...

CRE Rentals: Computer Rental, Laptop Rental, Kiosk, Rent iPad ...

CRE is a premier computer & laptop rental company with offices in Los Angeles, San Diego and San Francisco, California. Rent computer and laptop, mac rental  ...

SmartSource Rentals: Business & Event Technology Solutions ...

With fully-staffed and equipped branch offices in 21 major metro markets, the company has the largest national footprint in the computer and audio visual rental ...

Computer Rentals, PC Desktop Rentals | SmartSource Rentals

SmartSource, a national leader in computer rentals and technology for events and business needs, has a large inventory of computer, pc, desktop rentals.

Computer Rental | FedEx Office

Rent a computer or workstation at FedEx Office locations.

Rent To Own Laptop Computers at Rent-A-Center.

Rent to own name brand laptop computer & notebook computers by recognized ... The advertised transaction is a rental-purchase agreement (or in NV, a lease ...

Vernon Technology Solutions

Vernon Technology Solutions offers cutting edge technological solutions and services, including laptop, tablet PC, printer, and computer rentals.

Pricing and Costs of Computer Rentals

Choosing computer rentals over purchasing is a big decision, especially when figuring out the cost. Your business may only save money by renting if you need to replace your computers with newer models every year or less anyway.

Most computer rental companies don't make it easy to calculate your pricing and costs of computer rentals, because they won't give you prices up front. They'll ask you to request a quote from them instead, depending on how many units you need and your location. Your decisions also include:

1. Renting computers by the month or week

2. Determining on desktop or laptop computer rentals

3. Choosing between Windows-based PCs or Mac computers

Get the best deal for desktop computer renting and leasing

Almost every business will need desktop computers, and the best thing is renting multiple units of the same brand. You also must make sure all the computers you rent have the same version of Windows installed so all your computers are compatible.

Look at pricing for laptop computer rental

You shouldn't need to rent as many laptop computers as you would desktop ones. A few small businesses may exclusively use laptops, but mostly you'll need a handful for a few employees to compliment the desktops you have.

Find Apple/Macintosh computer rental services if your business prefers them

Businesses that focus on artistic and creative design usually find that Macintosh computers work best for them. Any computer rental company should offer Mac desktops and/or laptops for rent, as Apple gradually increases its presence in the business world.
  • Check with your computer rental service to see what software is included on the units. Find out if they have any restrictions on what software you can install.