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Quickly find computer repair services, including PC repair and laptop repairs, or computer repair software to handle all your computer repair jobs. Review listings for links to computer repair technicians and computer repair companies.

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Training for Computer Repair

As a small business owner, you are required to be something of a jack of all trades, which this includes being able to perform your own computer repair and maintenance services. Sometimes you simply can't afford the $200 to $500 it can cost for computer repair services.

Computer Repair Key Terms

The day to day management of your business is highly dependent upon your computers. Financial software, business communications, even something as basic as internet connectivity all depend upon the continued health of your office computers.

Computer Repair Portland - Nerds On Call Computer Repair | 503 ...

Nerds On Call Computer Repair Portland is the only Computer Repair company in Portland that offers free in-home estimates, no hidden fees, just great service.

HOME - Nerds On Call Computer Repair | 800-919-6373

Nerds On Call Computer Repair is the nation's #1 computer repair company. We service Desktops, laptops, tablets smart phones like Android, iPhone & W...

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Computer repair technician - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A computer repair technician is a person who repairs and maintains computers and servers. The technician's responsibilities may extend to include building or ...

PC Repair - iFixit

Find solutions to your computer repair questions. PC troubleshooting, repair, and service manuals. | Computer Repair Information and Help is dedicated to helping people solve their computer issues and to educate them on the technologies they interact with daily.

Computer Service and Repair | Laptop Repair Services | Apple ...

Our in-store Computer Repair Services include laptop repairs, virus removal, data recovery, screen replacements, computer diagnosis and upgrades.

Kymodo Blue

Professional onsite and offsite computer, laptop and mac repairs throughout Brisbane, Australia. Contact us today.

Repairs and replacement services for the Apple iPod, iPhone, MacBook/MacBook Pro, Mac Mini, iPad & Sony PSP. Screens, batteries, hard drives, etc.
MyCleanPC - Make your PC Faster, Safer, Cleaner

Clean your dirty PC and boost computer performance in 3 easy steps: download, diagnose, fix. MyCleanPC fixes issues that may be slowing down your PC.

Computer Repair

Who hasn't watched the computer screen freeze, and despite attempts to reboot, fail completely? You need fast, cost-effective trouble-shooting and PC repair to save you from lost data and work interruption. Whether it’s for your desktop or laptop, repairs can be hassle-free — no more lugging the hardware to the shop and waiting for days for a verdict. With onsite and online help, reasonably priced computer repairs are available from a certified computer repair technician 24/7. For non-crisis glitches, online forums provide free help on any number of PC repair issues. And computer repair software can perform the maintenance you need to avoid paying for computer repair services at all. Help really is just a click away, but you need to:

  1. Know where to go to find computer repair services
  2. Know when to to call a computer repair business
  3. Know why sometimes computer repair jobs require new hardware or upgraded memory.

Get hassle-free computer repairs online

Have a high-speed Internet connection? You can find PC repair solutions online.

For flexibility, try a computer repair business with multiple solutions

Depending on the circumstance, you may need computer repair jobs done at your office or, if you have backup, you may want to drop your unit off for repair or get help online.
computer repair jobs require no contracts or unused blocks of time. The clock starts running after, not while, you explain the problem. provides 24-hour support by certified PC and Mac technicians. Billing begins when you start speaking to a technician. provides 24-hour support by certified PC and Mac technicians. Billing begins when you start speaking to a computer repair technician. Locate a computer repair business near you or get help with data recovery computer repairs from the directories at

Perform routine key maintenance and avoid unnecessary computer repairs

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. You can avoid costly computer repair jobs by using computer repair software for routine maintenance like daily back-ups, weekly disk cleanups, scans, and defrags along with monthly purging of browser cache files.
computer repairs, check the training opportunties in the computer repair jobs directory at

Find free PC repair help on user Web sites

For computers repairs such as fixing a hard-drive, replacing an LCD, backlight or battery, or resolving an operating system glitch, consult a site offering help from fellow users or experts.

  • Talking to a U.S.-based computer repair technician avoids the occasional pitfall of awkward communication with overseas outsourcing firms.

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