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Quickly find computer servers, network servers, and PC servers, including dedicated servers from computer server manufacturers. Find links to suppliers of computer servers providing new and used computer servers and computer networking solutions.

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Computer Servers for Small Business

A small business network server will let you create a network for your office's computers so that files can be easily shared. Other common features include email, shared calendars, Internet service so your company can host its own Web site, and security tools such as a firewall and antivirus protection.

Computer Servers News and Trends

Keeping up with computer servers news and trends is important when you're preparing to purchase servers and other network equipment. Server technology moves quickly, so it's not hard to purchase a server that is already outdated when you're ready to buy.

Computer Servers Key Terms

Computer servers are an integral part of almost all businesses in operation today. Whether your company has a dedicated server room of its own or just uses the Internet to conduct business, computer servers play a part in your daily operations.

Dedicated hosting service - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A dedicated hosting service, dedicated server, or managed hosting service is a type of Internet hosting in which the client leases an entire server not shared with  ...

Dedicated Server | Get yours from $49 - OVH

Up to 256 Go RAM and 216 TB of Storage. Availability in only 120 seconds. Fully configurable server: CPU, RAID level, SATA3 disks, SSD or SAS, RAM, ...

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Dedicated Servers | Dedicated Web Hosting with Linux or Windows ...

Aug 13, 2013 ... A dedicated server from HostGator provides you with the speed and security your websites demand. We offer free cPanel and unlimited free ...

Dedicated Servers & Dedicated Hosting Plans | InMotion Hosting

Dedicated Servers and Dedicated Hosting Plans by InMotion Hosting. Our top rated Dedicated Servers offer the highest level of speed, security and uptime.

Dedicated Servers | Fully Configurable Multi-core Servers - GoDaddy

Need a Dedicated Server? GoDaddy makes it easy to run your own Dedicated Web Server.

Dedicated Servers - Rackspace

Our specialists help you choose the right dedicated servers, storage, and networking, and build your solution using industry-leading hardware from companies ...

Dedicated Hosting, Dedicated Server, Dedicated Hosting Services

A Dedicated server is a physical server that is only accessed by one customer. The customer is able to utilize the full CPU and RAM resources of the hardware ...

Managed Dedicated Servers - Liquid Web Inc.

Managed dedicated server solutions are available from Liquid Web with our industry leading 24/7/365 Heroic Support, Linux or Windows operating systems, ...

Managed Dedicated Servers | PEER 1 Hosting

Our managed dedicated servers are designed to meet the most demanding requirements for performance, power, speed and reliability. Unprecedented flexibility ...

Making the Most of Computer Servers

Making the most of computer servers means getting the best computer server for your present and future needs. With increasing technology costs, it's important to get a server that will last, instead of finding out in a few years that your server no longer meets your needs.

It's important to do your research when it's time to buy a new server to make sure it has everything you need for your business. Here are some things to consider to make sure you can make the most small business servers:

1. Do a careful comparison of suppliers of computer servers to determine what technologies are important to your organization.

2. Consider moving to a rack environment to save space and get organized.

3. Keep your servers running efficiently with upgrades, parts and quality data backups.

Compare computer server manufacturers and models

With so many server manufacturers and models to choose from, deciding on the right server for your business can seem overwhelming. A site that enables you to enter information about your computing needs is a great first step for choosing a server.

Organize PC servers with rack equipment

Rackmount servers are a great way to save space and organize your servers. Once you decide on a rack configuration, commit to changing over old servers and equipment to rackmount options. To make the most of a rack system, make sure you get a rack with enough space to hold present and future equipment.

Find upgrades and parts for new and used computer servers

One way to make the most of your server is to keep it running for a long time. Servers like file servers and database servers, where processing is done on the client side, don't require high levels of processing or memory. In these cases, you can keep older servers running longer as long as data is backed up and supplies for repairs and upgrades are available.

Perform regular backups on small business computer servers

Reliable backup software will keep your data safe. It's crucial to do daily backups and test the backup system frequently, especially if you're running an older server.
  • Use a firewall and virus protection to keep network servers safe and secure.