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Directory of business computer vendors. Buy a new laptop or PC from one of these computer manufacturers or online stores.

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Computer Essentials for Small Business

Every small business can benefit from using computers, but choosing the right ones can be a daunting task. Do you need one computer or many? Is something big and powerful required? Or will less expensive models do.

Great Laptops for Small Business

Laptops – also called portable or notebook computers – are a vital tool for any manager, but especially for someone running a small business. A top-quality laptop can assist small business owners with the myriad tasks that larger organizations accomplish with hired staff.

Choosing the Best Technology for Your Business

Choosing the best technology for your business can be daunting if you don't know where to start. However, there's a simple path any business owner can take that will ensure a successful marriage of hardware and software.

Computer Rentals

PC rentals can be a real lifesaver in a number of business situations. For instance, renting computers can keep your business running smoothly when your regular computers crash or when you travel.

Computer Rental New York

Businesses in a variety of industries and of various sizes may find themselves in need of computer rental. New York, fortunately, has plenty of sources to choose from, whether you’re looking to outfit your entire staff at a trade show or training session with rental PCs or you just need a cheap laptop to rent.

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Ruggedized and Industrial Computers

Since the dawn of the laptop, businesses have taken advantage of computer portability when sending their employees on the road. One of the initial drawbacks of laptops, however, was the lack of durability of portable computers, particularly in industrial environments.


Minicomputers range in size from a cube-shaped computer about 12 inches deep to a device so small it attaches to the back of a flat-panel monitor. Due to the ingenuity of various manufacturers and providers of minicomputers, small desktop and portable computers of all shapes and sizes exist for a variety of applications.

Computers and Software Industry Salary Tools

When setting salary for your software company or computer programming department, it's important to have access to computers and software industry salary tools. Knowing what to offer job candidates or how to reward hard work from current employees can be tricky, but there are plenty of resources you can use.

Refurbished Desktop Computers

Refurbished computers can be a perfect solution for the budget-conscious business owner, helping you to conserve money and avoid dealing with depreciation. If you are looking to put computers in an employee training room, the mailroom for tracking of packages or just need to supply a number of computers to get your company going, used desktops could be for you.

Computer Industry Events

Computer industry events provide effective networking, public relations and educational opportunities for your business. A computer industry seminar or event not only helps you stay abreast of the latest computer industry advancements, but allows you to exchange ideas with colleagues.

Pricing and Costs of Refurbished Desktop Computers

The low pricing and costs of refurbished desktop computers make them a great choice for businesses operating on a tight budget. Refurbished desktop computers are used PCs that have been returned to the manufacturer.

Supplies for Used and Refurbished Computers

Buying used and refurbished computers saves a company a lot of money, and many of the workstations that are bought pre-owned function just fine for years--but what about when a used or refurbished computer lacks parts or accessories? Then a business manager has to go out and make some supplemental buys. This can be a hassle, but with online vendors offering everything under the sun for getting a business the gear it needs, managers can make single purchases or outfit a whole fleet of refurbished computers for sale at simple sales pages for a quick and easy solution.

Gemini Comupters, Inc.

Online store specializing in POS systems, CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Equipment, Network Computers and hardware, Printing & Office Supplies
Remote Desktop Software

PROXY Remote Desktop Software is used by thousands of enterprise helpdesks for PC remote access, remote control & remote support to any PC.

Desktop Computers Basics

Familiarize yourself with information on desktop computers basics to help you make well informed decisions when purchasing PCs. For many years, desktop PCs offered limited variation in features. Monitor screen sizes had a maximum dimension of 15 inches and buyers had one color choice and a couple of memory options from which to select.

Today, the selection of desktop PC options are endless. Consider the following tips to help you learn more information about desktop computers basics.
  1.  Review basic features of desktop personal computers.
  2.  Compare desktop PCs to laptop and notebook computers.
  3. Find out more about suppliers of desktop computers.

Explore computing options offered by desktop computers

When shopping for desktop personal computers, there are various speeds, security software packages and other performance options from which to choose. In fact, most desktop computer manufacturers allow buyers to configure custom desktop PCs to ensure they receive exactly the type of system they need for their unique business operations.

Evaluate benefits of purchasing desktop PCs

Due to their mobility feature, laptop and notebook computers are very popular in the business market. They allow professionals to review files and close deals from any location in the world. However, despite recent decreased pricing on notebook and laptop computers, desktop computers are still the most affordable choice. In addition to price, desktop PCs offer more power than mobile computers. As a result, many businesses find it necessary to purchase both laptop and desktop computers.

Compare products offered by various desktop computer providers

Apple, Gateway, Dell, Hewlett-Packard and Toshiba are just a few of today's leading desktop computer manufacturers. These manufacturers offer pre-packaged and custom desktop PC solutions to manage every imaginable business process. In addition to computer hardware and software, turn to suppliers of desktop computers for technical support and business solution services to help you efficiently configure your IT infrastructure.

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