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Quickly find providers of document scanning services. Review our directory listings for links to scanning companies offering document scanning and imaging services and solutions.

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Document Scanning Basics

Getting an understanding of document scanning basics is the first step to take when you decide it's time to reduce paper documents. With increased regulations about retaining and securing documents, inability to find important documents could spell disaster.

Making the Most of Document Scanning

Making the most of document scanning services takes some time and planning. The benefits of digitizing your documents and reducing paper are many, as long as the new paperless management system is easy to use and manage.

Document Scanning Key Terms

As more business is conducted digitally, document scanning is becoming an integral aspect of business communications. Unlike faxing, scanning a document not only allows a company to send a copy of it instantaneously to its destination, but also provides a digital backup and the ability to comment on and edit the document.

Document Imaging Services | Cintas

Dispose of confidential business records properly with document shredding services from Cintas. We offer secure on and off site file and paper shredding ...

How to set up a document scanning system - PC World

Dec 30, 2013 ... Here's how to get that perennial resolution to finally stick and make 2014 the year of the paperless office.

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Document imaging - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Document imaging is an information technology category for systems capable of replicating documents commonly used in business. Document imaging systems ...

Document Imaging and Management - Iron Mountain

Looking for Document Management Solutions? At Iron Mountain, we specialize in Document Management Services. Check out our Document Imaging Services!

Document Scanning - The Neat Company

Neat's scanner and software combinations makes an document scanning experience and creates an organized, digital library of all your important paperwork.

Document Scanning & Conversion - OCR Software ... - Nuance

Nuance document scanning and conversion solutions streamline paper and PDF document processes.

Document Scanning Software | Kofax

Kofax Express™ is a powerful, all-in-one, easy-to-use, batch-oriented document scan application capable of high-speed scanning with real-time image display, ...

Digital Documents

Coast-to-Coast & Globally We Serve as Document Management, Scanning & Imaging Services Leaders
Digital Documents LLC: Document Scanning

A document scanning services leader, offering high quality with value pricing and quick project turnarounds for all Document Management Services.

Document Scanning

Document scanning services are needed by businesses that need to scan documents and convert them to digital format. This makes the documents easier to distribute without having to pay for printing.

Several scanning companies now offer document conversion services and document indexing in addition to document scanning, which will save time. When selecting document scanning services, there are many things to consider.

1. Cost: Price will vary depending upon the size of the document scanning company. If digital document management is not their specialization, they will likely charge a lot more for the use of their machine.

2. Speed: Depending upon the document scanning software that is used document scanning can be fast or extremely slow. If the company that you choose to scan documents is a large corporation, they are likely to have speedy software.

3. Quality: Besides being fast and inexpensive, digital document management should be high quality. If pages get mixed up when scanning, it can cause major problems for you.

Get a quote for scanning medical records

Many medical offices are now scanning their medical records because filing cabinets are growing an average of 22% a year. Always verify that the document scanning services are HIPAA compliant to protect patient's personal information.

Covert files using document conversion services

Converting documents from hard copy to digital not only saves space but time. Digital document management offers file searching features, indexing and retrieval solutions.

Outsource to high speed document scanning services

Time is just as important as cost to many companies. That is why outsourcing to document scanning companies is often more cost efficient than attempting to scan documents on the office scanner.
  • Although it may seem cheaper to scan documents at the office, consider what you are paying your employees for their time.

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