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File and Record Storage Services

Are your closets and file cabinets overflowing? Do you have files with sensitive customer information that needs to be protected? Does it take you too long to locate important records? If so, it's time to implement a records management system. The good news is that numerous companies have emerged to provide assistance with this vital need.

Document Storage Services Basics

If you're running out of space to store your records and have so much paper that it takes hours to find a single document, it might be time to consider a document storage system. Getting an understanding of document storage services basics is the first step to achieving organization.

Document Storage Services - Secure Document & Media ... - Cintas

Dispose of confidential business records properly with document shredding services from Cintas. We offer secure on and off site file and paper shredding ...

Offsite Records Storage – Information Governance | Iron Mountain

What if you could cut document storage costs by up to 50%? ... Iron Mountain's affordable off-site services reduce the cost of document storage, administration, ...

Records Management, Information Governance and Storage

Use records information management to lower your storage costs by defensibly destroying old ... Records Management and Document Storage Solutions ...

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Secure Document Storage | Recall

Recall's document storage services keep business data confidential and protected. Our document management storage solutions help companies large and ...

Crown Records Management Services - Document Storage ...

Storage of Cartons, Files, Documents & Electronic Media With a professional records ... Retrievals, Cataloging, Indexing & File Insertion Services As each record ...

National Records Centers: Offsite Document Storage & Document ...

National Records Centers offers records management services, corporate pricing , account management and data access across every state and major market.

Off-Site Document & Records Storage Services | Greater Seattle WA ...

DataSite provides secure, off-site, full-service document and records storage and management services for clients in the greater Seattle area.

Document Storage Services – Iron Mountain Australia

Document Storage Services. We make it simple to move and store your business records off-site. You pack your documents, we convey them to our secure ...

Document Storage Solutions | Recall

Recall is the leading provider of world class document storage solutions. ... Above all, we are completely transparent about our service and our fees – providing ...

Document Storage Facilities in the Chicago area | Vanguard Archives

Providing document storage services for Chicago area companies for nearly 100 years, Vanguard Archives is SSAE 16 and PRISM Privacy+ certified and ...

Document Storage Services Key Terms

Document storage used to be bulky and dusty, but with computer technology it is all about scanning and making digital copies of documents for storage and retrieval on computers. Computer storage of documents takes much less space, but comes with its own lingo.

Document storage services digitize documents and organize them into a database that you can easily search. They may store documents as images or text, depending on your needs. With document storage services key terms, you'll know the best features to look for in your service.


A database is an organized collection of data that is set up so a computer can easily sort and retrieve information from it. Using a database, you can store and retrieve documents when needed.

Document imaging, electronic imaging and digitizing

All of these terms refer to the process of creating or capturing a digital image from a printed document. Many digital documents use a computer to create them, so they're relatively easy to deal with in digital storage. But some companies have lots of paper documents, either forms or records from pre-computer days, that they need to scan into the computer in order to store them digitally.

Image resolution

The resolution of a scanned image refers to the number of dots per inch that make up the image. The greater the resolution, the more clear and easy to read a document will be. Documents stored for viewing only on a computer screen can have a lower resolution than those that you will need to print, since computer printers print at a higher resolution than the computer screen displays.

Optical character recognition

Optical character recognition, or OCR for short, is how a computer and scanner translate a scanned page of text into pure text rather than an image. You can electronically search a document stored as text for keywords and other content, whereas an image file you can't. Text files also take up much less storage space on a computer than image files.
Conservation OnLine.

Full text search

If a document storage and retrieval system has full text search, a user can search for any string of text that the text might contain in any of the documents, and the search will find it.


Indexing involves identifying the parts of each document that you will want to search for, and creating the database so you can search for parts and find them. Rather than search each and every document, the index will be a list of the documents stored with the important data fields in each one.

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