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Educational technology - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Educational technology, sometimes termed EdTech, is the study and ethical practice of facilitating e-learning, which is the learning and improving performance ...

Office of Educational Technology - U.S. Department of Education

The Office of Educational Technology (OET), in the Office of the Secretary, provides leadership for transforming education through the power of technology.

Educational Technology and Mobile Learning

Free resource of educational web tools, 21st century skills, tips and tutorials on how teachers and students integrate technology into education.

Educational Technology - Uis

But I think this is due to a lack of understanding of the things technology brings to the classroom. As a developer of education software, I have seen first hand ...

The 5 Keys to Educational Technology -- THE Journal

Sep 16, 2010 ... What is educational technology? What are its purposes and goals, and how can it best be implemented? Hap Aziz, director of the School of ...

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Educational Technology | Educational Technology

In the Department of Educational Technology, it's your choice… ... Background The Purple Heart Association Education Scholarship was established in 1988 by  ...

Educational Technology (EDTEC) - SDSU - San Diego State ...

Some 6 or 7 years ago, EDTEC faculty began devoting a portion of each monthly meeting to lively discussion and debate about the merits of a name change.

Educational Technology - Arizona Department of Education

The Educational Technology group offers a wide variety of support on the effective use of technology in the classroom to increase student academic gains.

Texas Education Agency - Educational Technology

Jan 23, 2014 ... Visit the links below for more information about the Texas Education Agency's Educational Technology unit and statewide educational ...

Educational Technology Clearinghouse

Welcome to the Educational Technology Clearinghouse. Digital resources for Florida's schools. The Florida Digital Educator program supports the appropriate  ...

Educational Technology

How to Use the EdTech Assessments · PD for Teacher- ... Free Software & Technology Grants Free & Low-Cost Software · Technology Grants for Teachers. K-20 ...

Avoca Learning: Search, Manage Share Education Resources

Content curation for education. Schools can search, manage and share thousands of educator-vetted learning resources through an online platform.

Educational Technology

Instructional technology should allow the student to focus on the subject of study rather than having to learn the technology. With new technologies and standards for e-books emerging in higher education businesses, technology for learning may become truly “people”-friendly, never to be referred to as "user" again.

Over the past few years the educational market has adopted e-books. Publishers anticipate that e-book sales will ring in billions of dollars in growth within the next 4 years. This information is what is driving educational technology companies to invest in the future of e-books for higher education technology. Keep in mind the following considerations for higher education solutions.

1. How much do you know about higher education technology?

2. Is technology for education a cultural obstacle to your students?

3. Are your employees willing to learn new skills from educational technology?

Integrate education technology companies into your class curriculum

The International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE) is a trusted source for professional development, and more. ISTE is a very good place for integrating education technologies into any curriculum.
University of Colorado at Denver. And, don't forget that you will benefit by comparing other educational technology solutions at IBM.

Promote technology and education in your company and go paperless

While institutions are facing troubles with funding and student expectations, businesses have a few advantages with their students - namely, their employees. Employees will want to upgrade their skills to meet the increasing demands in their field, especially IT professionals. Education technology companies make it possible for the working adult to pursue a certificate or degree.
Educause, a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to helping professionals achieve new horizons. Look into e-books as a medium for higher education and upgrading your employee’s skills. Another benefit of going paperless is that your company can maintain a higher level of security for sensitive documentation.

Get the right medium for instructional technology

While it is true that academic publishers are still working on a common XML-based format for e-books, nearly one-third of US dental schools have gone completely digital. iTunes U is expanding college and higher education technology beyond the usual scope of learning. With audio-video technology for education and business technology education, the classroom goes where the student goes.
  • When purchasing education technologies, ask the vendor to address portability standards for content and multi-format issues.
  • When purchasing education technologies, ask the vendor to address portability standards for content and multi-format issues.