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Electrical Relays

Electric relays are essentially electrical amplifiers with the ability to control an output circuit of greater voltage than the input circuit. Electrical relay manufacturers provide electrical relays for a variety of industrial applications.

Photomask Equipment

One often used element of thin-film coating is the use of photomask equipment to create circuits and designs for high-tech products such as semiconductor chips and LCD panels. These are highly detailed products that require high quality equipment, so it's essential that you employ the best photomask materials in your manufacture of them.

PCB Assembly Equipment

PCB assembly equipment is used to produce electronic circuits with specific functions, such as amplifiers, radios, oscillators and many other electrical devices. There are three types of printed circuit boards – single-side, doubled-sided and multi-layered.

RF/Microwave Magnetrons

When you consider purchasing Radio Frequency/microwave magnetrons (RF/microwave magnetrons), you need to consider the various types of tubes in which the electrons flow to create power. The correct magnetron tube enables RF current to travel through the tubes without backfeed.

RF/Microwave Antennas

RF/microwave antennas are similar to low frequency antennas, sending and receiving radio frequencies (RF). The value of a good antenna lies in its ability to radiate energy in the air without wasting too much energy.

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Conductivity Cells

Select the conductivity cells you need to test a solution's ability to carry electrical current or the presence of dissolved solids in it. Because the results of the test help you analyze the properties of the substance, accuracy is essential.

Signal Processors

Signal processor devices can be used for a variety of different products to achieve equalization, delay, reverberation, dynamic processing and noise reduction. Depending on whether you're working with products that are analog or digital, you will need to find the right signal processor company that can provide you with the right type of signal processors for your products.

Light Meters

A light meter is a tool that many photographers can't live without. The right meter can help you determine the amount of natural light for a photo so that you can adjust as needed and change the shutter speed for the best photo possible.

RF Duplexer

A radio frequency duplexer (RF Duplexer) is a critical component in most radio systems, since it allows both receivers and transmitters to connect to a common antenna. Whether you require components for military or civilian purposes, it's important to realize that radio frequency duplexers come in several models including Telewave, which covers 30-1200 MHz, and Base Station, which handles up to 500 watts.

RF Terminations

RF terminations prevent RF signals from reflecting back from open-ended or unused ports by absorbing the energy. RF termination has three basic applications: coaxial, chip and waveguide terminators available in flanged, board-level, panel mount, surface mount, screw and stand-alone.

Making the Most of Loudspeakers

Although you may not always see speakers, they're an important part of many sound systems, from the smallest personal listening devices all the way up to professional stadium loudspeakers. If you know what you want out of the product, making the most of loudspeakers is no problem.

Photovoltaic Cells Basics

Photovoltaics (PV) and photovoltaic cell technology have been around for decades, but with a continuously growing population and the ever-increasing need for alternative sources of power, the world is looking to solar energy for some of its needs. Photovoltaic solar cells are becoming more popular in various fields, and the variety of applications keeps widening.

Samsung Camera

Samsung SMART CAMERA official website - Discover everything you need to know about Samsung SMART CAMERA! Latest products, news update, images!
Pickering Interfaces

Offering signal switching & conditioning for PXI, LXI, PCI, VXI & GPIB applications. Our products are specified in test systems installed worldwide.
Sony Singapore

Sony Singapore website for electronic products: televisions, laptops, tablets, mobiles, cameras, headphones and home entertainment.
Sony Malaysia

Sony Malaysia offers a wide range of electronic products including televisions, laptops, mobiles and more. Anything you can imagine.
Almatron Fast PCB Prototype Services

Since 1984, PCB manufacturer has provided entrepreneurs & small-med businesses cost efficient PCB prototypes & quality PCB fabrication services.

The TVpad Store is an authorized distributor that ships genuine and authentic TVpad products to many consumers and resellers all around the World.
Allied Components: Inductors, Transformers, Custom Magnetics

Manufacturer for over 18 years in state of the art, cost effective magnetic component designs for OEMs and contract manufacturers worldwide.
Electronic Design Consultancy

Electronic design consultancy specialising in hardware, software and product design.

Magnetics® is a leading manufacturer/supplier of precision soft magnetic components and materials to the electronics industry.
Smart2Fix - Smartphone Repair

We specialize in iPhone, BlackBerry and iPod repair. We fix Smartphone issues including glass screen replacement, battery repair, LCD and digitizer.
Supply Chain Services

Supply Chain Services delivers barcode scanning and barcode printing equipment, rugged mobile devices, as well as support services.
Vape It Now

Shop online for our vaporizer pens, vapor cigarette starter kits, batteries, e-liquid, and accessories.

Electronics Suppliers

From radios to microprocessors, electronic component suppliers help businesses power equipment with charges that flow through non-metal conductors, capacitators and transistors. There are hundreds of companies selling comparable products so that you can find the right product and price. A large majority of businesses use microprocessors for many applications since they offer many functions of central processing units but do it via one integrated circuit and, more importantly, at a low cost. Other electronic supplies like capacitators and transistors are often sold by the same suppliers that offer microprocessors.

From handheld devices to the largest computer networks, consider the following resources to find the right electronic component suppliers for your business needs:

1. Tried-and-true companies

2. Companies that feature easy-to-use sites and speedy shipping

3. Suppliers of electronics that include obsolete or rare parts

Trust electronics suppliers with a long history and large knowledge base

If you're looking for suppliers of electronic components, search for companies that have a solid track record in the industry. Such companies often offer advice from a stable staff and can also help you if you have any questions about the way a part should work or how it is configured.

Find electronic suppliers with easy-to-use sites and same-day shipping deals

If you have a specific part in mind and know that it shouldn't be hard to find, look for companies that offer built-in search engines that let you search by part number or supplier. Keep in mind that some companies require a minimum order, but any electronics suppliers that sell common, in-stock components should offer same-day shipping.

Get rare and obsolete electric supplies online using a specialty electronic distributor

Looking for discontinued or otherwise rare parts? There are suppliers of electronic components with websites dedicated to finding you what you need. These sites can be especially handy if you run a specialty business or one in which customers often bring in older electronics for diagnostics and repair.
  • An electronics supplier will often buy electrical parts that you have in stock. If you have extra inventory, even if it's not in bulk, use company contact information to find out whether or not you can turn a profit by selling your unused electric parts.