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Fax server - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A fax server is a system installed in a local area network (LAN) server that allows computer users whose computers are attached to the LAN to send and receive ...

Fax Server | Biscom

Biscom FAXCOM fax servers are the most secure and reliable solutions for enterprise fax requirements, with support for on-premises and hosted fax services .

RightFax Fax Server - OpenText

RightFax is the world's #1 fax server because it helps you lower costs, increase employee efficiency, and ensure compliance and audit-readiness.

Network Fax Server Software for Exchange and SMTP Email Servers

GFI FaxMaker is a fax server software that enables email to fax and fax to email for Exchange and other SMTP servers.

Cisco Fax Server - Cisco

The Cisco ® Fax Server is an easy-to-use, easy-to-manage fax and electronic document-delivery solution that helps enterprises integrate voice, fax, data, and ...

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Fax Server - TechNet - Microsoft

You can use a computer configured as a fax server to centrally manage fax devices and enable users to send and receive faxes. Note that to install the Fax ...

What is fax server? - Definition from

A fax server (or faxserver) is a system installed in a local area network (LAN) server that allows computer users who are attached to the LAN to send and receive ...

RightFax Fax Server Products - OpenText

Enterprise fax software, fax servers and electronic document delivery.

Eliminate Fax Servers, Replace with Online Fax | MyFax Corporate

Eliminate fax servers with MyFax Internet fax. Reduce fax costs by over 50% of fax server costs. MyFax award-winning fax service that lets you send and receive  ...

Cloud Fax Service using Dedicated Fax Servers– Esker®

Esker Fax Server solutions seamlessly integrate fax with enterprise applications and messaging platforms, enabling your business to fully leverage existing ...

FaxFinder® Fax Servers - Multi-Tech Systems

The FaxFinder® fax server is an all-in-one appliance that delivers faxes to a recipient's email in-box or network folder so they can be accessed via personal ...

FaxFinder® Analog | Dial-up Fax Server | MulitTech Systems

FaxFinder ® all-in-one fax server distributes fax capabilities over a WAN to desktop and mobile devices. Faxes can be sent and received via email.

Fax Servers

Even as e-mail becomes the favored mode of communication, plenty of businesses still use faxes. The difference is in the transmission. Fax servers, which allow documents to be sent and received without leaving your computer, are making the traditional fax machines obsolete.

Many businesses are turning to a network fax server to save time and money. Fax servers are designed to integrate with a company's e-mail system. The immediate benefit is you no longer have to leave your desk and walk to the machine to send documents, or regularly check the machine for incoming documents.

Other advantages of a fax server include: a reduction in the use of paper, documents that are more legible, greater security and the ability to curb nuisance junk faxes by blocking numbers. Before buying a fax server, here are some things to consider:

1. Evaluate the workload your network fax server needs to handle.

2. Study the variety of fax server solutions available to your business.

3. Consider an internet fax server provider.

Know what you want the fax server to do

Legal firms, accountants, real estate brokers and health care providers are all businesses that deal with a wealth of documentation. If your business falls into one of these categories, you want to be sure the fax server hardware and fax server software you buy can handle the workload.

Get the facts about fax server service

Whether it's fax server software or hardware, an array of solutions exist to tackle a ton of tasks. Some have excellent document management capability that allow you to locate important files with a click of your mouse. Others serve mobile computer users.

Investigate an internet fax provider

Many companies offer access to a hosted fax server through a subscription plan. Subscribers are assigned a dedicated fax number which allows them to use the provider's fax server service via the internet. Subscribers are typically charged a monthly fee that includes a limit on the number of fax pages sent and received. This may be less expensive than operating your own fax server, especially if you're a smaller businesses.
  • Prioritize the features you want your fax server to have before you start shopping.
  • See if you can talk to somebody who recently started using their own fax server.

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