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Directory of information technology services (IT services). Find the right IT consulting firm to handle management information system projects, strategic information technology consulting, or complete outsourcing of management information systems.

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Working With Information Technology Services

Most businesses today need to consider working with information technology services if they want their business to become successful. Whether you plan to hire in-house IT management or look to outside consultants for help, it's important to choose someone that can handle the job.

Training for Information Technology Services

Training for information technology services is absolutely essential if you want to progress in your career. Whether you want to work for information technology companies or act as an independent consultant, the proper training will show people that you have what it takes.

Information Technology Services - The University of Texas at Austin

Information Technology Services provides central computing and IT services to the University of Texas at Austin.

Information Technology Services - Northern Illinois University

IT Homepage - NIU - Division of Information Technology ... October 13, all Contact Center services are located at the Technology Support Desk in the Library.

Information Technology Services: Home

Read the story... old-well-e1403712784246. Simple, self service web publishing at Carolina. Learn more here. support. IT technical support is available 24 hours  ...

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Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services

WELCOME TO ITS. The Mississippi Department of Information Technology Services (ITS) provides statewide leadership and services that facilitate cost- effective ...

North Carolina Information Technology Services (ITS)

The Office of Information Technology Services is the leading provider of IT services to state agencies, local governments, and educational institutions across  ...

IT Services | USC

In order to increase information security awareness and in conjunction with ... Educational TechnologyBlackboard, Auditoria and Classroom Technology, ...

Welcome — Information Technology Services

Ensures that Penn State students, faculty, and staff have the information technology tools and infrastructure necessary to carry out the academic mission of the ...

Totum Technology Solutions

A leading provider of information intelligence solutions that improve the speed, cost, accuracy and efficiency of business flows.
En Pointe Technologies - IT Solutions Provider

En Pointe is a national IT solutions provider. En Pointe provides its customers with IT services and complete technology solutions.
Information Technology Consultants - Marathon Consulting

Marathon Consulting is an Information Technology (IT) services company that uses proven methodologies to achieve world class results of IT services.

IT Services Outsourcing and IT Consulting

Perhaps the best illustration of the sea change in information technology (IT) over the past decade was the shift by huge technology makers from manufacturing to IT consulting services, notably by IBM. Instead of making servers and data systems, Big Tech took over the IT departments of the companies themselves from soup to nuts, even hiring away their former tech staff employees.

IT services outsourcing and IT consulting services are now the bulk of info-tech billing, particularly since companies have moved to a few standard back office systems and thanks to widely available, always on broadband Internet.

Covered in this guide:

1. Hiring a large IT services outsourcing provider
2. IT consulting services and your short-term project
3. Going abroad for IT services outsourcing talent
4. Balancing staff and It consulting services

Find and price IT services outsourcing

The business press covered the big deals of late in IT services outsourcing with gusto, but remember that the multi-million dollar deals are, in part, a reflection of a contract covering sometimes thousands of users across several countries -- even globally -- doing security, onsite help, remote help, database administration, training and other key IT duties.
IT outsourcing.

IT consulting as an alternative to IT services outsourcing

If you what you need is one-off project attention -- like buying and installing a server, establishing a new network or customizing software -- then an IT consultant might do the trick. IT consulting services can also help with training, security, data backup and data transfer issues.
IT consulting firms.

Consider an international option for IT services outsourcing

If budgets are tight or major vendors can't seem to find a fit for your portfolio of needs, consider a foreign supplier of IT services outsourcing looking to grow. Thanks to the Web, "nearshore" providers of IT services outsourcing can also handle database administration, security, web development and a host of other projects. Some have even expanded to U.S. locations to do onsite help and IT consulting services.

Small businesses can farm out small jobs in IT services outsourcing

For small to medium sized businesses, there is a middle road, a kind of IT services outsourcing known as managed services. Instead of maintaining a server for e-mail, for example, your company would rent space at a data center and simply connect to it, like Web mail.
managed service providers.
  • Hiring IT services outsourcing or IT consulting services is always a matter of balancing full-time staff with what is need on occasion. Always review in-house talent before hiring an expensive ringer to solve your IT services outsourcing problems.
  • IT services outsourcing contracts usually stretch over several years, in order to insure a return on investment for the provider. But IT services outsourcing is highly negotiable, so be ready to deal.
  • If your company is too small or too strapped to hire IT services outsourcing help, consider outsourcing the entire process. Many offshore provider of IT services will manage your e-mail or databases for a monthly fee. But, be ready to have your data distant.

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