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Colorful cases and covers for iPad. And accessories to stream videos and games to your TV, download photos from your digital camera, and more.

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Shop iPad accessories from the Apple Online Store. Protect your iPad with a Smart Cover, add a Bluetooth keyboard, and purchase Lightning accessories.

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Shop online for iPad accessories at Best Buy. Purchase your Apple iPad accessories from adapters and docks to iPad cases and covers.

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Who said the iPad lacks an SD card slot or USB? Well, actually, it does, but there is a solution for you if you crave a physical camera connection. If you have an ...

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Shop for Apple iPad accessories, Apple iPad cases, Apple iPad stylus, Apple USB cables, Apple iPad adapters and Apple iPad dock connectors for less at ...

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iPad & iPad Accessories | Staples®

Shop Staples® for iPad & iPad Accessories. Enjoy everyday low prices and get everything you need for a home office or business. Staples Rewards® members  ...

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Dec 23, 2014 ... The endless world of iPad accessories can take your simple slate from Netflix- binge machine to bonafide mobile workstation—or, you know, ...

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Get the most from your tablet with a wireless keyboard case, speakers, headset and more. See our full range of accessories for iPad and Android tablets now.

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Results 1 - 24 of 1890 ... offers you the largest selection of Apple iPad accessories including cases, sleeves, stands, screen protectors, styli, ...

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Results 1 - 20 of 291 ... Find everything you need for Apple iPad in iPad Accessories at Brookstone. We have the best iPad cases, covers, keyboards – and even ...

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Check out Belkin's new iPad Air accessories and enhance your tablet experience with our fun and functional line. Shop for iPad cases, covers and QODE ...

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Specials & Deals on iPad Cases, Stands, Shells, & More. Come Shop Our Large Selection of iPad Accessories.

iPad Accessories

The versatility and portability of the iPad has made it an indispensible tool for business operations. An ever-increasing array of applications and add-on gadgets have made this pint-sized powerhouse the R2D2 of the digital age—your do-all electronic friend. But what applications do you need? What attachments are most cost-effective and durable? How will your employees treat the equipment?

The following guide highlights some of the accessories available for iPads and walks you through the pros and cons of making this digital Swiss Army knife the premier piece of equipment for your workforce, helping you have the best-equipped and most efficient geeks in your industry.



Lightweight and Affordable

The iPad has a wireless Bluetooth keyboard available. The keypad is very lightweight at only 15 ounces, making it very easy to travel and work with. It also has a light that notifies you when your battery is running low on power. Targus reports that the battery life lasts up to seven months. The keyboard is relatively inexpensive as well. At less than sixty dollars, the keyboard is an affordable accessory.


Convenient Protection

The new smart covers are thin and strong. They protect the iPad screen without covering where you view information. It does not protect the aluminum backing, as it is already very strong. Covers conveniently fold and even when it is in place, you can still take pictures. With the smart cover, you can also sit your screen directly upright. Magnets are built within the frame of the cover, allowing the screen and the cover to connect and stay in place.


Simplifying Business Operations

Adapters can be connected into your tablet and to a larger screen. The images from your tablet will then be displayed directly onto the other screen. Whatever you see, they will see. Personal pictures, films and music can be played on larger platforms with louder speakers. This new technology can simplify business operations as well. Teachers can show lesson plans from their tablet to a projector. Business presentations can be prepared in your hands and shown on a large screen.



iPad accessories are readily available. National retail outlets, Apple stores and many websites offer quality accessories at competitive prices. As these products are currently very popular, there is a high demand and a lot of competition. This makes shopping for iPad accessories easier and more cost-effective than ever before. Compare cost, quality, shipping prices and reviews before buying anything.


iPad accessories can offer numerous benefits for your mobile business needs, but using such accessories is not without risk.


Most iPad accessories are not expensive in and of themselves. Most of them are relatively cheap. If you choose to buy large quantities of these accessories, then you should expect the large number of small prices to add up to a big one. While there are not a lot of costly accessories, some do still exist. When you find some that suit your business needs, the price will become even greater as you might need multiple copies.

Easily Lost

A lot of the available iPad accessories are small or awkwardly shaped. This may not affect storage at your place of business, where you can assign a lot of space to your IT department, but it will affect the ability of your employees to keep track of the various accessories while out of the office. Accessories that are awkwardly shaped can be hard to fit into a conventional computer bag, leading people to leave the accessories outside of the bag where they might be lost. Small accessories are common, as most manufacturers of iPad accessories aim to make their products easy to carry and store. This also means that employees are more likely to lose track of any accessories that they may have borrowed, leading to more funds being spent to acquire more.

Easily Stolen

It is difficult to keep track of the large number of useful iPad accessories that your business uses. Employee dishonesty is always a concern with any business. While stealing the iPad itself may be more tempting, more employees that would consider such an act would realize the difficulties involved in doing so. The small accessories are much more likely to go unnoticed and unmissed.

Easily Damaged

iPad accessories are not typically designed to endure rigorous usage and prolonged wear-and-tear. Manufacturers intend for their products to be properly cared for. You cannot know how your employees will be handling any iPad accessories that they may have borrowed. If they mistreat them, they will break, and you will have to buy more.


iPad accessories have the capability to make your business transactions easier and more accessible. “The iPad sold 3 million units in its first 80 days,” according to a news article from Its popularity has only increased as third-party manufacturers have continued making various apps and accessories for this tablet powerhouse. The number and types of accessories available for the iPad is immense and not easily laid out, ranging from physical accessories such as waterproof covers to digital business apps. The prices vary to a large degree, depending on what the accessory is, what it offers, and who made it.


Apps are incredibly powerful accessories that can be downloaded onto this best-selling tablet. Outstanding and must-have apps such as Pages, Keynote, and Numbers are a necessity for any business operation. Each of these costs about $10. Other apps, such as the ones used to organize events and follow the stock market, can even be free.


Other iPad accessories are rarely free. Stands that also function as a cover when they are not being used usually fall around $20. Portable keyboards exist for the person who prefers to type with one, which can cost between $40 and $70. Other accessories also exist and can cost as little as $5 or as much as several hundred dollars.



Knowing how to prioritize expenses for accessories—purchasing only those which will be of the most benefit to your operation—and having a system in place to keep track of them is crucial to your success. The Bluetooth keypad and sturdy cases are the most affordable and useful accessories, and are needed to simplify communications and keep equipment safe during travel.  Teachers and salesmen alike will benefit from the adapters that allow the iPad to be connected to a larger screen for presentations.

Caution must be exercised in spending money effectively, however, when it comes to some of the add-on devices. Many can be lost, stolen, or easily damaged, especially if an employee frequently travels with the issued equipment. The purchasing of multiple, seemingly inexpensive accessories can quickly add up, especially if frequent replacement is required.


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