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BMC Software - Delivering on Promise of Digital Transformation

Rapid shifts in the ways that technology and information are consumed and delivered are transforming how companies compete. Download this whitepaper on how the promise of digital transformation is being delivered.

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Sprint® Device Leasing

The Smartest Way to Get the Latest Tech For Your Business. Learn More.

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CA Technologies- Unified Monitoring: A Business Perspective

This paper explores today's computing trends and their monitoring implications in detail. In addition, it reveals how a new monitoring paradigm, the CA Unified Infrastructure Management (CA UIM) solution, uniquely addresses the monitoring realities of today's and tomorrow's enterprises

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IT service management - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

IT service management (ITSM) refers to the entirety of activities – directed by policies, organized and structured in processes and supporting procedures – that  ...

Outsourced IT Services, Solutions, and Support| Managed Services ...

A leader in outsourced IT services, Atlanta-based SA IT Services provides clients nationwide with industry leading IT professional and managed services.

IT Services - Chicago

@ChasonDailey · Feb 17, 2015 — RT @UChicago: Cloud-based file storage and sharing platform UChicagoBox is now available from @UChicagoITS: ...

Harris IT Services

... Business Journal President Wayne Lucernoni talks business expansion · Mentor of the Year Harris Honored by Government Technology Services Coalition ...

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Provides IT software and application services, such as universal cloud and business process services, to enterprises throughout the nation.
CRU Solutions

Managed IT services and computer support for small businesses in Northeast Ohio. IT monitoring, management and strategy so your computers just work!
IT Consulting Minneapolis

A multifaceted Minneapolis IT managed service provider focused on delivering comprehensive technology services and solutions.
IT Services

Wipro's cutting edge IT services and solutions help clients leverage changing business dynamics.
Orient Software Development Corp.

Orient Software is a software outsourcing company providing custom application development services. We are your gateway to Vietnam.
System Integration

Wipro's System Integration Services include consulting, project management of IT services, enterprise and application system integration.
Training Camp

Training Camp offers IT and Management Certification Training Programs for Microsoft, Cisco, Oracle, (ISC)2, Project Management Professional, VMWare,
Tribrio Inc. DBA offers K-12 printables and hosts a free Test Maker™ tool that allows educators to create custom tests using a library of questions.

Business Guide To IT Services

Internet Technology (IT) services are a fact of life for anyone using the Internet. Even those who rely on information or communication provided by ground mail are beneficiaries of IT services. Businesses are increasingly reliant on IT services to analyze, control, forecast and report on all business operations. Costs for IT services relate to the size and complexity of business operations. Sole proprietors or smaller companies may be able to use IT services that are free or very low cost. Larger businesses may require staff that are dedicated to coordinating IT services, and may need to pay significant amounts for storing, organizing and analyzing information that is powered by local networks or cloud technology.


Data Mining

IT services provide many different forms of help and information to the customer, but one of the most important is data mining. Data miners will take huge amounts of statistical company data and organize it into spreadsheets and digital databases that can be used to find patterns in many parts of the company’s work process. For example, data miners will be able to tell you which product sells the best, to which gender it sells, what time of the day or year it is bought, and what types of complimentary items are purchased along with it. This kind of information can be invaluable to companies seeking to upsell their products.

Social Networking

Another great IT service is the promotion of a company through the many available social networking sites. With a properly trained social networker, your company can adapt a large footprint and presence in the online world. Social networking is one of the quickest ways to spread information among many demographics online. Most people aged sixty and younger use some form of a social networking site. A recent survey showed that 88% of mobile businessmen and women use some form of a social network. What is even more interesting is that 60% of those same professionals are using social media to promote their companies. This means your company can potentially have access to the millions of users who were previously untapped.

Search Engines

An equally useful IT service is that of search engine optimization, or SEO for short. SEO will take a company’sWebsite and setup special keywords and links that will raise the rank of your Website among search engine results. This provides an even larger pool of potential customers, who will see your Website for very minimal advertising dollars when compared to the direct results that can be seen from SEO.


Data Warehouse

If you are starting to struggle to find room in your current office for old files or data logs, it is time to replicate the files digitally and send the information to a data warehouse. When stored in a warehouse, you can feel rest assured that there is a digital copy of your data. This is helpful in those unpredictable worst-case scenarios that can end up destroying years of priceless business and customer data. This also allows the physical copies of the information to be stored offsite,as the data can easily be accessed from a remote location by using a computer.



As with any implementation of new technology into a business, there is always some sort of money needed to get it started. With IT services, money is usually a large hindrance in how quickly the solution can be implemented. With proper research and preparation, a business and can avoid this common pitfall that is caused by a lack of knowledge or ignorance. If you don’t prepare for the actual total cost of the IT service, you could cause many future problems for your company by having to pull resources from other sections of a business. From data mining to social networking, IT services can be very expensive.

Cloud Network Security

Problems have risen recently with the attempted standardization of cloud technology among companies. These problems involve the security of client information or the loss of important data due to hardware failures. An example of this can be seen if you read about Sony’s recent PlayStation network attacks that have cost Sony millions of dollars. A group of hackers broke into Sony’s account database and stole priceless customer information such as home addresses and credit card numbers. Security break-ins like these provide a good reason to wait before merging your data into the cloud structure.

Hardware Cost         

Most businesses save up for the initial cost of buying many pieces of hardware that are necessary for many of the automated tasks that IT services provide. But, most businesses also forget about maintenance later down the road when the hardware starts getting older or breaking. Not only will the cost of repairs start to build up, but also the hardware itself will consistently need to be upgraded as time and technology progresses. Replacing entire server arrays can be a daunting and expensive task when not properly prepared for.

Employee Training

Many IT services can be installed by the professionals who created them, but after the initial installation, your own employees will have to learn to maintain the hardware and software that was purchased. The reason being is that while many IT solutions are created for the sake of automating repetitive tasks (i.e. email marketing, data mining, and search engine optimization), these systems have to be loaded with new data and have to be restarted from time to time due to random glitches or hardware failures.



You would be hard pressed to find a business today that doesn’t rely heavily on technology, be it cell phones, email, online marketing, social networking, networked computer systems or any number of the other electronic tools we now take for granted. Managing it all can be time consuming and expensive.


Contracting out Your IT Services


According to a survey conducted by Advanced Micro Devices, approximately 37 percent of businesses are using cloud infrastructure, or web-connected data centers, to run their information technology operations. Smaller companies without the same volume of data can obtain the services of IT specialists on a contract basis to give advice regarding the best combination of products and services that would be most effective. Businesses can also have technicians come in only when needed to troubleshoot any IT issues. Although IT specialists tend to charge a high hourly rate you only need to pay when you actually use them.


In-house Expertise

If you have a larger business you may want to consider hiring IT staff. Although you will incur the added paperwork and expense associated with taking on additional staff, you will generally pay a lower hourly rate to an employee than you would to a contractor. There is also a great advantage to having someone who is intimately aware of your IT needs and history. You can still use off-site electronic storage or mass email, or electronic survey services but you have one person who can manage them all.




IT services are essential for any business operation. Benefits include data capture and organization, communication and marketing through online services and businesses interests relating to social networking. IT services are becoming less expensive and easier to access through the use of cloud technology Cloud technology reduces the need for expensive equipment and increasingly performs many of the software functions that had previously been located in individual PCs or in local networks.

Changes in IT services technology require all businesses to carefully monitor such changes and to make decisions about IT services that are in the best interest of the business operations. Many IT services previously available and affordable only to larger businesses can now be accessed by businesses of all sizes.







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