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Pricing and Costs of Minicomputers

Minicomputers are multi-user computers offering today's consumers middle range capabilities. The term is largely obsolete in today's world, but it describes computers in the middle of the computing range spectrum, between the mainframe computer options and the micro computer.


Minicomputers range in size from a cube-shaped computer about 12 inches deep to a device so small it attaches to the back of a flat-panel monitor. Due to the ingenuity of various manufacturers and providers of minicomputers, small desktop and portable computers of all shapes and sizes exist for a variety of applications.

Minicomputers Key Terms

Minicomputer used to be a term that referred to a small computer, about the size of a two-drawer filing cabinet. It originated back when full-sized computers took up entire large rooms.

Minicomputer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

A minicomputer, or colloquially mini, is a class of smaller computers that evolved in the mid-1960s and sold for much less than mainframe and mid-size ...

Barebone Mini Computers -

Designed to handle more intensive tasks than before, Barebone mini computers are not only compact, but also compatible with most hardware components and ...

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What is Minicomputer? Webopedia

A midsized computer. In size and power, minicomputers lie between workstations and mainframes. In the past decade, the distinction between large ...

What is minicomputer? - Definition from - Search400

A minicomputer, a term no longer much used, is a computer of a size intermediate between a microcomputer and a mainframe. Typically, minicomputers have ...

What is a Minicomputer? - Definition from Techopedia

Minicomputer Definition - A minicomputer is a type of computer that possesses most of the features and capabilities of a large computer but is smaller...

Minicomputer - Merriam-Webster Online

a small computer that is intermediate between a microcomputer and a mainframe in size, speed, and capacity, that can support time-sharing, and that is often ...


A minicomputer (colloquially, mini) is a class of multi-user computers that lies in the middle range of the computing spectrum, in between the largest multi-user ...

minicomputer -- Encyclopedia Britannica

minicomputer, Computer that is smaller, less expensive, and less powerful than a mainframe or supercomputer, but more expensive and more powerful than a ...

Minicomputer | Define Minicomputer at

a computer with processing and storage capabilities smaller than those of a mainframe but larger than those of a microcomputer, used by small businesses, ...

Minicomputers Advice and Ratings

Whether you’re in the market for a minicomputer to use in the office or resell to customers, checking minicomputers advice and ratings will help you choose dependable models with key features and reliable customer service. Because you can also use minicomputers as part of a larger computer network, it’s essential to determine which brands and types are compatible with existing equipment.

Gather information on mini computers and suppliers of minicomputers from a variety of reliable sources to get the complete picture on the models you’re considering. Even if you’re just planning to use or market mini computers as single function computers to handle word processing, for example, getting the best model will minimize returns or the necessity for troubleshooting down the road. Obtain reliable information by trying to:
  1. Check objective product review websites and magazines before attempting to buy minicomputers to discover dependable models with useful functions and features.
  2. Rely on computer-related publications and websites to get in-depth specifications and information on mini computers, as well as background information on manufacturers of mini computers.
  3. Find consumer reviews of mini computers and manufacturers of minicomputers through websites that encourage first-hand user reviews.

Get micro computer ratings from websites that focus on product reviews to help consumers

Product review publications and websites provide objective opinions on the best minicomputer models and manufacturers based on factors such as price, features and dependability. Consider these sources to find basic information on mini computers to guide your selection.

Read computer-focused publications and websites to find the best mini computers

For more in-depth, technical breakdowns on minicomputer or micro computer models, look to computer-related publications that can help you answer function, compatibility and reliability issues when it comes to specific product releases and manufacturers of minicomputers.

Obtain first-hand information about mini computers through consumer review sites

Determine which portable computers are the best under real-world conditions by reading user reviews. The information may also tell you which minicomputer manufacturers are the most reliable in terms of customer service and warranties.