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These computer network services will install, host and repair the digital nerve center of your business.

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Professional Network Services specializes Business Telephone Systems, providing Network Support, Managed IT Services and VoIP Solutions for small and ...

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Welcome to F5 Networks website. ... F5 Professional Services provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to help you architect, implement, maintain, and ...

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A professional network service (or, in an Internet context, simply professional network) is a type of social network service that is focused solely on interactions ...

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Services - RedSeal Networks

The RedSeal Professional Services Team has proven skills in network security architecture and operations. With in-depth experience gained across a variety of  ...

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From IP and Storage Area Networking to Ethernet Fabric Networking and Convergence, Brocade Professional Services will help customers assess their ...

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Our network monitoring and network management group is ready to learn about your challenges and then create a strategy to address them.

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Networking Professional Services. Siemens RUGGEDCOM team of network engineers have a unique combination of IT/Telecommunications skills and domain ...

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Juniper Professional services can help assess, design and deploy your network solution with Core & Edge network, data center and security services.

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EiQ Networks' Professional Services Group is dedicated to helping customers realize the full value of EiQ's SecureVue. To achieve this, we offer a range of ...

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Aruba offers a comprehensive portfolio of design & installation services that enable IT to cost-effectively deploy, secure and manage network access across.

Computer Networking Services

In most small businesses, a network that connects computers, servers, printers and other devices is a must-have. The good news is that you do not have to hire an entire IT department to meet your computer networking needs. In fact, it’s often more cost-effective to hire computer and networking services to handle these crucial tasks. Many local consultants and national companies offer professional networking services, including assessment, hardware/software recommendations and ongoing system administration and support.

When looking to hire a computer network service, consider the following:

1. Do you want an Ethernet or wireless network?
2. What hardware and software are required to get started?
3. What level security and virus control do you need?

Hire computer network services to assess your needs

Whether you decide to go Ethernet or wireless, building a network requires making hardware and software choices and getting them up and running in your office. If you don’t have the expertise on staff, a wide choice of computer network services are available to come into your office, assess your needs, assist you in making hardware and software decisions and get the network up and running. Most computers today come with networking hardware installed, easing the process considerably.
computer networking directory for a list of professional networking companies. Dell’s Network Learning Center provides an excellent tutorial on how network systems work. Dell On Call offers onsite assessment, system setup, training and support. If you buy a Dell solution, the assessment fee is applied toward your purchase.

Ethernet professional networking services

Ethernet cards, cables and routers are necessary to set up a local area network (LAN) linking a number of computers under the same roof to a common server. Most PCs today come with the interface card preinstalled on the motherboard, but you may want to hire a computer network service to install routers and cables to connect all your computers, printers and scanners.
LAN design and construction services that can assist you in setting up an Ethernet network.

Wireless professional networking services

Wireless networks, which transmit data through radio waves, are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to running cables through routers. Computer and networking services for wireless installations are readily available.
wireless networks. Visit computer network services provider CompUSA. The computer warehouse offers TechPro service, which specializes in the installation of wireless networks and three levels of service. The Geek Squad offers a national computer network service that will come to your home or office and set up a wireless network. See their Going Wireless page for a complete description of their wireless services. Security is a particularly critical issue in the wireless arena. Computer and network services you employ should address this issue as part of their installation service. A firewall is essential as is virus protection. The Geek Squad will come to your office and install a wireless security setup. Also see’s Wireless Protected Access page for a list of companies that can help you protect your wireless network.

Professional networking qualifications and certifications

When hiring computer network services, look for training and certification on the operating system you use.

  • Start with up-to-date equipment. Older computers, routers, printers and servers that require upgrading will delay your networking project. Plan your budget to accommodate equipment that conforms to current standards.
  • Consider the advantages of a wireless network. With the number of individual and Bluetooth peripherals used in offices today (PDAs, laptops, smart phones), being able to operate wirelessly makes more and more sense all the time.
  • Don’t overlook local services. Every city and town has its own stable of professional networking experts that offer a wide variety of brand-name solutions and are great for service calls.

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