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Many companies and organizations use overhead projectors during meetings and presentations in order to display information for a viewing audience. The audience may consist of students, board members, employees or even potential clients.

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It began with simple backlit panels that threw text and line drawings up onto a wall or screen. These days, overhead projection has diversified into an array of products businesses use for public presentation, including slide-based models, classic table projectors, mounted digital projectors and other types of tools for audiovisual projection. Overhead Projectors: Office Products

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An overhead projector is a variant of slide projector that is used to display images to an audience. Contents. 1 Optical system. 1.1 Condenser; 1.2 Focus ...

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Overhead Projectors Education and Training

Overhead projectors use transparencies to project enlarged images of presentation materials on a wall or projector screen. Obtaining overhead projectors education and training can help you learn more about using overhead projection devices to take enhance your presentations during staff meetings, corporate retreats, stockholder updates and sales pitch sessions.

There are a range of advantages to using overhead projectors. For example, overhead projection devices can be used to easily highlight specific presentation points and focus the audience’s attention on that material. By using an overhead transparency projector, the presenter also has the ability to quickly modify materials without disrupting the presentation. One of the primary disadvantages of using overhead projection devices is transporting the device to and from presentations. Many overhead projector manufacturers are addressing this issue by offering smaller, portable overhead projectors for sale. Consider the following tips to help you obtain the overhead projectors education and training you need:

1. Learn more about using overhead projectors.

2. Research various types of overhead projection devices.

3. Obtain instruction on how to set up overhead transparency projector devices.

Learn best practices on using overhead projection devices

The overhead projector is one of today's most widely used presentation devices. Using overhead projectors can be easily learned, but there are a few tips that presenters should know before attempting a presentation using overhead projection devices. For example, presenters should never stand in front of the overhead projector and should always practice their presentations using their visual aids before their audience arrives.
Pacific Lutheran University Media Services website.

Determine which overhead projector may fit your needs through education about what's available

Educating yourself on overhead projection devices should include familiarizing yourself with the types of projectors that are on the market and the setting in which each is most appropriate. Transmissive, reflective and opaque are the three primary types of overhead projection devices. Of the three types, transmissive overhead projectors are generally the largest and consist of a transparent stage area, a light source and a projection head mount. A reflective overhead projector is typically used to present information to a large audience. Opaque overhead projectors have many of the same characteristics of reflective overhead projectors and can additionally project three-dimensional objects.

Get instructions on connecting overhead projectors

Setting up overhead projectors can be a frustrating and confusing experience for novice users. While set-up instructions will vary slightly among suppliers of overhead projectors, individuals can obtain basic training to help them learn how to set up virtually any type of portable data projector.
The Regents of the University of California. You may also obtain overhead projector connection instructions by visiting the San Francisco State University website.
  • When using overhead projection devices, it's important that presenters properly plan for audio visual limitations of the presentation room. Presenters should always carry an extra extension cord, a three-prong plug adapter, spare bulb and a transparency pen.