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Power dividers and directional couplers - Wikipedia, the free ...

Power dividers (also power splitters and, when used in reverse, power combiners ) and directional couplers are passive devices used in the field of radio ...

Power Dividers - Pasternack

Pasternack power dividers (also known as RF power tappers or coaxial splitters) are available with 50 Ohm or 75 Ohm impedances. 50 Ohm power dividers ...

Power Dividers / Combiners - Macom

MACOM's power combiners and dividers are used in aerospace and defense, wireless, and wireline communications applications. These devices can also be ...

Power Dividers and Combiners - MITEQ

MITEQ's power dividers/combiners are designed and manufactured using stripline and microstrip construction. These power dividers and combiners are capable ...

Power Divider - MECA Electronics Power Divider / Combiners

Power dividers are used in a wide variety of applications and can satisfy almost any requirement where a signal needs to be distributed or combined. MECA's ...

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Power Dividers and Hybrids - Narda - East

Looking for RF Power Dividers? Get high quality RF Hybrids, microwave power dividers, microwave hybrids and much more at

Power Dividers - TRM Microwave

Power Dividers/Combiners - TRM's line of power dividers/combiner available in N, SMA, BNC, TNC, 7/16 DIN, 2-16 way, 0.4-18.0 GHz. Made in the USA.

Power Dividers (Marki Microwave)

Marki Microwave produces three types of power dividers: Resistive Power Dividers have an intrinsic loss of 6 dB and no isolation between ports (loss from any ...

Microwave Power Dividers and Couplers Tutorial - Marki Microwave

“combiner” label for simplicity—it is assumed that all power dividers are reciprocal, unless otherwise stated. Interestingly, Nature tends to make it very difficult to ...

RF Power Dividers/Splitters | RF/IF and RFID | DigiKey

RF/IF and RFID – RF Power Dividers/Splitters are in stock at ...

RF Power Dividers and Tappers - Fairview Microwave

RF Power Dividers and Tappers are part of over 1 million RF, microwave and millimeter wave products in-stock and will ship same-day shipment from Fairview.

Power Dividers and Couplers A. Nassiri -ANL

Massachusetts Institute of Technology. RF Cavities and Components for Accelerators. USPAS 2010. Power Dividers and Couplers. A. Nassiri -ANL. Lecture 8 ...

Power Dividers

Power dividers are electrical configurations which take an input signal and create multiple outputs equal in phase and amplitude. They have a wide range of uses, including source leveling, transmission line fault testing, ratio measurements, power combining and power splitting, to name a few.

Networks of couplers and splitters most commonly come with three or four ports, or as a simple 2 way power divider. "Corporate" splitters are any larger than these configurations and consist of systems where one 2 way power divider feeds a pair of two-ways, which feed four two-ways, and so on. The difference between a coupler and a splinter is the coupler builds larger systems with pairings of the 2 way power divider, whereas the power splitter is a 3 way power divider configuration. Consider the following in your search for power divider manufacturers:

1. 2 way and 3 way power dividers are the simplest and most commonly used.

2. A multi-directional power splitter is useful for connecting intricate electrical systems.

3. A GPS antenna power divider can link multiple roof antenna systems.

Connect simple office power systems with a 2 way power divider or 3 way power divider

The most basic type of electronic power dividers are the 2 way and 3 way power divider. These take an input power and replicate it into two or three outputs. These power dividers also come in different orientations: 0 degree, 90 degree and 180 degree. The 0 degree model splits the source into multiple outputs in the same direction, whereas 90 degree and 180 degree change the direction of the signal to their respective angles.

Use a multi-directional industrial power splitter for complex systems

Complicated wiring systems, particularly those of an industrial grade, will require you to split your power source more than 2 or 3 directions. For this, there are multi-directional power dividers which can split up to 12 directions.

Link multiple roof satellite dishes with a GPS antenna power divider

An antenna power divider is a type of RF power splitter which takes multiple antenna lines and links them to a single power source. This is particularly useful for companies involved in home or building entertainment system wiring, as these can link tricky systems with multiple satellite dishes. Like other power dividers, these come in models with a range of output ports, although the 4 way and 2 way power dividers for antennas are more common than other configurations.

  • Due to their design, RF power dividers are not equipped for use as combiners. If you need something that can both combine and divide power, a Wilkinson power divider/combiner is a better choice, but be careful not to damage the input resistor.

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