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Directory of projector rental providers who supply projection equipment such as data, video, multimedia, film, and digital projectors. Find suppliers of business projector rentals, AV rentals, and computer projectors for rent.

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Projector Rental by ATS - Rent Projectors Online - ATS Rentals

Order your Projector Rental online now at Impact your audience with clear images and a professional presentation. Choose the best projector ...

Projector Rentals - Meeting Tomorrow

Nationwide projector rentals, delivery and setup. Rent projectors for small meetings and for large event venues. Same-day two-hour delivery.

LCD, HD, DLP Projector Rental Pricing - Rentech Solutions

Lcd Projector Rentals, Rent Optoma, Infocus, Epson. Eiki, Dell, Mitsubishi, NEC, Sony HD Projectors.

Projector Rentals from RENTEX

Founded in 1980, Rentex is one of the largest suppliers of projector rentals in the nation. We offer projector rentals by the day, week, or month. We also ship ...

Lucid Projector Rentals - Mission - San Francisco, CA | Yelp

24 Reviews of Lucid Projector Rentals "Super friendly, and super fast. Though they claim to specialize in "last minute rentals", they are essentially the cheapest  ...

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VER - Video Equipment Rentals - Video Equipment Rentals ...

Nationally located AV, audio, broadcast and computer equipment rental company featuring ... Our projector inventory is extensive, as is our technical expertise.

Projector Rental | AV Equipment | SoundHouse NYC |

Soundhouse Video Rental provides ONE STOP SHOPPING for all your Pro Video requirements, including Video Projectors Rentals and Projector Screen ...

Computer Projector Rentals | San Francisco & West LA

Avista Audio Visual - LCD Projector Rentals for computer presentations. Pickup or Delivery. Great Prices. Offices in San Francisco, San Jose & Los Angeles.

Projector Rentals from Worldwide

Fast & Easy Projector Rentals - LCD & DLP Projectors - Nationwide Delivery & Setup to Any Size Business or Venue - 800-736-8772.

Rent Equipment | Projector Rentals in New York City | Info | Rooftop ...

ROOFTOP FILMS EQUIPMENT RENTALS Cheap Projector, Screen, Audio and HD Camera Equipment Rentals Phone: 347-725-3874 (Mon-Fri, 10 AM to 6 PM)  ...

Epson Projector Rentals for LCD, DLP or LCOS projectors.

Below is a list of merchants that rent projectors. If you are seeking a specific brand of projector, narrow your projector rental merchant selection by clicking on the ...

Projectors | StaplesĀ®

... Human Resources · Textbook Rental .... Staples carries a large assortment of projectors to ensure we carry the right solution for you. Here are a couple of things to consider when purchasing a projector. Choose the Right Brand: We carry a ...

Business Guide to Projector Rentals

Say you have an important media presentation to give, and your projector breaks the day before your presentation. How will you give your presentation without your projector? It is unlikely you will be able to have it repaired in time, and buying a new one on the spot is unfeasible. Fortunately, many brick-and-mortar and online companies offer projector rentals. Renting a projector is not something you do only for emergencies. You can also rent a projector if you don’t own one and only need one on a short-term basis. This guide will provide you with some of the basic information you will need when you are deciding whether to rent a projector.


The demand for projectors is on the rise. According to Pacific Media Associates, during the first quarter of 2011, the projector market experienced a 13 percent increase. The market for projector rentals is growing as well. If you need a projector right away but do not have time to shop for one, renting a projector is a good option for you.

Low cost

Most projector rental companies rent projectors for less than $100 per day. At this price, you’ll have a wide variety of projectors to choose from. If you do not need a high-resolution projector or prefer an older model, you’ll likely pay between $40 and $60 daily in rental fees.

Various shipping options

Most online projector rental companies allow you to ship the projector to any location of your choice. If your conference, presentation, or business meeting is out of town, you can have your projector shipped to your hotel or to the location where the meeting will be held. When you are done using the projector, you can ship it back to the rental company from that location. You never have to travel with the projector or carry it around with you. This minimizes the likelihood that the projector will get lost or stolen.

Fast delivery

You may own a projector that malfunctions before a large event, or you may have to deliver a presentation on short notice. If so, you’ll be happy to know that many projector rental companies offer next-day delivery. You can pay an additional fee to expedite your order to ensure that your delivery arrives in time for your presentation. 

Projector setup assistance

If you are unfamiliar with the process of setting up a projector, you can have a store representative set the equipment up for you. This is only an option if you rent your projector from a local company. Store associates can set your equipment up and test it before charging you for the rental. During the setup process, the associate can show you how to use the equipment and explain all of its features.


If you need a projector in a hurry and don’t have time to shop for one, you may consider renting a projector. Many companies offer projector rentals at a fairly economical price. However, before renting a projector for your next presentation or business meeting, there are some factors that you should consider.

More expensive to rent

The price of renting projectors is fairly cheap. However, there is a high likelihood that you will have to pay a security deposit, and if you rent your projector online, you will have to pay shipping costs. It is possible to purchase a high-quality projector for the same amount of money you would spend to rent one. If you don’t have time to shop for a projector and need one right away, renting a projector is a good option. However, it is more economical to purchase your own.

Possible projector lamp problems

The most common complaint that individuals have with new projectors is that the projector light dims after a few uses. Rented projectors are rarely new, so you may have lighting problems. The company you rent from will probably reimburse you if you have to replace the projector’s bulb. However, projector bulbs are not widely available, and you can waste a lot of time trying to find one. 

Projector screen doors

Most projectors have screen doors, which can drastically lower the resolution of your images. If you need your images to be sharp, you will need to find a projector without a screen door. Projectors without screens are a fairly new technology, so it may be difficult for you to find one for rent.

You don’t own the equipment

When you rent a projector, you have to worry about rental fees, late fees, faulty equipment and deposits. Also, the equipment is not yours, so there may be some restrictions on how you can use it. If you happen to damage the equipment while it is in your care, you will have to fully reimburse the company you rented the equipment from.


According to the Center for Exhibition Research, there were approximately 14,450 trade shows, conventions, and conferences held in the United States, Canada, and Mexico in 2010. Projector rentals are an affordable way to get the presentation equipment you need for short-term events like these.

The cost of purchasing a brand new projector ranges from a few hundred to several thousand dollars depending on the model, manufacturer, and features of the projector. On the other hand, projectors rent for a fraction of the retail cost.

For example, the Dell 1510X Value Series Projector retails at $749. This represents a significant investment if you only need it for a one-day seminar. However, you can rent the same projector for $109 per day or $159 per week. High-end projectors, like the Barco XLM HD30, retail for approximately $91,000. An affordable alternative is to rent it for $5,999 per day or $14,999 per week.


Whether you are considering rental as a short-term solution to the expense of owning a projector or you need an emergency projector rental for tomorrow’s presentation, it is best to consider all of the benefits and pitfalls. Depending on the duration of the rental, it may be much more cost-effective to rent rather than buy; however, in some cases of long rentals and high damage deposits, the price may become prohibitive. If this is the case, consider buying a projector instead. If you choose to rent, the projector can be shipped almost anywhere as soon as the next day, but this may also prove too expensive for your company’s finances. One particular benefit to renting a projector is receiving assistance in setting it up, but this is limited to local in-store rentals. Finally, a rental projector presents issues that owning one may not, such as the risk of dim bulbs, screen doors, and accidental damage. However, if you do your research, you will find the projector rental that is right for you.

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