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Recycling and Destruction of Electronic Scrap

In today's world of changing technology, computers, TVs, and other electronic equipment quickly becomes obsolete and next year's model replaces it. But what happens to all of these old electronics?Electronics contain both valuable precious metals and toxic chemicals, so destruction of electronic scrap isn't easy.

Recycling and Destruction of Electronic Scrap Key Terms

Understanding recycling and destruction of electronic scrap key terms allows the small business owner to make profitable and informed decisions on how to dispose of and gain savings from the recycling of office electronics. In a time when electronics become outdated at a breathtaking rate, retrieving as much of their value as possible while simultaneously promoting green business ethics is key to competing in the evolving market.

E-Waste Recycling | ITAD, Electronics Recycling, Data Destruction ...

Securis Electronics and E-Waste Recycling Services Are: ... Drop offs; Certificate of Recycling and Destruction; Collection bins (extra accommodation for special ...

E-Scrap Profits From the Detritus of the Digital Age -

Nov 12, 2008 ... A company pledges to recycle unwanted electronic equipment with minimal ... out of the shredder at e-Scrap Destruction in Islandia, New York.

Computer & Electronic Recycling - Dynamic Recycling

Dynamic Recycling | IT Asset Disposal | Electronic Recycling | E-scrap Purchasing ... Certificate of recycling and data destruction will be issued for each load of ...

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E-waste recycling, e-scrap, electronics recycling news, data ...

News on electronics recycling industry, e-waste recyclers, e-scrap and other electronic scrap companies, data destruction, hard drive, CRT, legislation and ...

Disposal electronic waste | ewaste | Hard drive destruction | circuit ...

Arlens recycing specialezes in Disposal of electronic waste and recycling, toronto electronic waste, electronic waste disposal, recycling electronic waste, ...

Computer recycling and data destruction : e-Waste LLC | e-Waste

Let us handle all your corporate electronics and computer recycling and data disposal needs. e-Waste is R2/ISO 14001 certified end-of-life technology company.

Electronics Recycling | e-waste | Albuquerque

Recycle electronics, computers, monitors, printers, televisions and selling ... of custody services, data destruction services, asset management, lease return ...

Electronic Waste Recycling e-waste old computers responsible ...

Electronic Waste Recycling, a Responsible Recycling (R2) certified business, ... Providing special security and video surveillance for the destruction of highly ...

Dispose of electronics securely - E-scrap recycling at Schupan

Trust in Schupan Industrial Recycling's e-Scrap division to securely dispose of ... Partner with Schupan e-scrap for electronics recycling, re-sale, or destruction.

Florida Electronic Waste Recycling

The E-Waste Disposal Process. The Process All Green is a collector and a recycler. This means that we not only come to your business or home and pick up  ...

ARTEX Environmental Corporation

ARTEX Environmental specializes in computer and electronics recycling in Toronto. Disposal methods at ARTEX are secure and environmentally friendly.
Data Killers

Nationwide provider of on-site hard drive shredding; tape shredding; media and data destruction; degaussing; product incineration; and recall services
Pure Planet Recycling

Secure and cost effective computer recycling, data destruction and electrical waste recycling services to businesses in England.

Recycling and Destruction of Electronic Scrap Basics

The recycling and destruction of electronic scrap is a growing business and integral part of the green evolution. From computers and cell phones to speakers and printers, electronics offers both the potential to green the small office but also save it money.

Whether you are considering beginning a scrap recycling program in your office or just trying to determine the cost effectiveness of electronic scrap recycling, understanding the basics of the process and the benefits it can bring is key. To get a grasp on recycling and destruction of electronic scrap basics:

1. Understand the different components of electronic scrap and how they are recycled.

2. Realize there is monetary value to electronic scrap.

3. Comprehend the impact of electronic scrap recycling on your small business.

Determine the process of semiconductor recycling and electronics recycling

Recycling electronic scrap is a new concept in recycling. Over ninety 90% of the modern computer is recyclable in some way. Learning about the different parts of electronics and how they are recovered and recycled is a great way to gain a basic knowledge of electronic scrap recycling.

Analyze electronic scrap recycling companies to gain better understanding of the process and profit

By studying an electronic scrap recycling company, its policies, process and profits, one can begin to understand the benefits of the electronic scrap recycling process. Some companies concentrate on the collection of scrap whereas others focus on the destruction of electronic scrap. Both types of recycling business are worth closer inspection.

Discover the benefits of recycling outdated electronics on your small business

Deciding to begin an electronic scrap recycling program at your business offers several possibilities. Many states offer tax credits for recycling electronic equipment. Cashing in on the value of precious metals in your old electronics adds money to your budget and of course, promoting green programs in the work place is great PR. If you purchase office equipment from a certain retailer consistently, it's important to learn about their "take back" programs when it comes to their products and what incentives and discounts they offer for small business owners.
  • Destroying electronic scrap can release potentially harmful toxins into the air and it is important to check local, state and federal regulations regarding the disposal and destruction of electronic waste.