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Ruggedized and Industrial Computers

Since the dawn of the laptop, businesses have taken advantage of computer portability when sending their employees on the road. One of the initial drawbacks of laptops, however, was the lack of durability of portable computers, particularly in industrial environments.

Ruggedized and Industrial Computers Education and Training

For any kind of work environment where there may be a large amount of particulate in the air, for less temperature-controlled areas, or for any place where users may carry dirt and grime to workstations, ruggedized and industrial computers are a popular option for keeping hardware running well. These kinds of industrial laptops and PCs are also useful when a piece of hardware may sometimes have to sustain drops and falls from a chaotic floor area.

Ruggedized and Industrial Computers Pricing and Costs

Industrial computers or ruggedized computers are computers that are meant to withstand the elements. Sun exposure, wind exposure, dirt exposure and rain exposure are all things that ruggedized and industrial computers should easily be able to withstand for normal operation.

noax Technologies: Rugged Industrial Computers, Waterproof ...

noax Technologies sets the standards for rugged and industrial touchscreen computers that are specifically engineered for harsh and hygienic environments.

Rugged PC - Ruggedness computing industry leaders

The rugged computing industry is very different from the consumer market computer industry. Most of the hardware, software, peripherals, and services come ...

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Crystal Group: Rugged Military Computers | Industrial Computers

Crystal Group designs and manufactures rugged, high-reliability computing solutions for the military and industrial segments.

Systel, Inc: Rugged Industrial Computers | Military, Oil/Gas Mission ...

Industry leader in ruggedized computers and display systems. leading designer and system integrator of both custom and COTS rugged industrial computers ...

Chassis Plans: Rugged Rackmount Computers & LCD Display ...

Chassis Plans is a recognized leader in manufacturing fully configured turn-key rugged industrial and military rackmount computer systems and transit case and  ...

Industrial Computers for Rugged Computing Systems in Automation

Moxa offers a wide range of industrial computing solutions. Not only do we have rugged embedded computers, we also offer industrial-grade panel PCs and ...

Rugged computer - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Panasonic CF-U1 Toughbook rugged computer is used for surveying, cartography or ... They are used in the agricultural industries and by individuals for ...

Octagon Systems|Ruggedized Computers|Rugged|Industrial ...

Our configurable ruggedized industrial computer systems, including rugged mobile computers, are designed for environmentally extreme markets, including ...

Industrial Computers, Portable Computer, Rugged Computer ...

The Fusion 7 Rugged Android Tablet extends the Glacier Computer product line of rugged industrial PCs of rugged tablets, portable hand-held devices, and ...

Ruggedized and Industrial Computers Key Terms

Many times, a company's computer system needs to be used in a challenging remote field area. Extreme temperatures, wet or dusty conditions, or extreme vibrations all produce problems. Technological advances have helped to solve this with high-quality ruggedized and industrial computers and gear that will stand up to any conditions. Knowing about some of the basic terms for standards and ruggedized elements will help purchasers outfit their companies with the best and most efficient choices.

Rugged laptops

Rugged laptop or notebook computers are a solution for businesses that will be sending workers out into remote industrial environments. The ruggedized laptop or notebook is a portable PC with features to withstand dust, heat and other factors.

Rugged monitor

Often, screens are in need of special protection. Rugged monitors protect against temperature changes and debris.

PC enclosures and cases

Another option for computers that will be permanently installed in a hot, dusty, damp or otherwise challenging environment is a rugged PC case or enclosure. These are made in many shapes and sizes as "protective outfitting" for the computers you rely on in the field.

Flexible keyboard

Along with monitor and motherboard solutions for ruggedized computers, there is the issue of peripherals. The most common solution? A flexible keyboard. Because many of the old DOS-based computers used in harsh environments are primarily operated by a keyboard, having one that is dust resistant is all-important. Industrial elements and debris can clog up a keyboard. New flexible plastic-enclosed keyboards provide a perfect fix for this potential problem.

Military grade

A "military grade" standard is often a guide to how rugged your computers and gear are. The military tests its gear to stand up to some pretty tough conditions found around the world.

Ingress protection

The "Ingress Protection Rating" measures how well a computer can stand up to elements.

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