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Quickly find providers of satellite TV receivers and systems. Review our directory listings for links to satellite TV companies and satellite television services.

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Satellite TV Basics

If you’re looking into satellite TV for your business, then you’ll need an overview of the service. There are multiple providers of satellite television and besides the service, suppliers will retail various pieces of equipment needed for broadcasting.

Pricing and Cost of Satellite TV

One of the first steps of securing satellite television for your company involves looking at the pricing and cost of satellite TV. Potential subscribers will want to get the package and equipment that includes the most channels at the lowest monthly price.

DIRECTV Satellite TV | 1-855-802-3473

America's #1 satellite TV beats cable TV w/ the most HD, sports & best customer satisfaction! Call 1-855-802-3473 now to get our best deal.

DISH Satellite TV Packages & Service | DISH

DISH is the #1 provider of quality satellite TV, featuring your favorite channels & HD entertainment. Learn about our special offers and the Hopper DVR.

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Satellite television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

[edit]. The satellite TV industry, in the US, developed from the cable television industry as ...

Introduction to How Satellite TV Works - HowStuffWorks

Satellite TV offers many solutions to broadcast and cable TV problems. Learn what makes satellite TV different and how satellite TV works.

How To Get Satellite TV For FREE!!! - YouTube

Apr 3, 2009 ... This is what the big Satellite TV and Cable companies don't want you to know about, the truth about getting thousands of high quality channels ...

Top Satellite TV Providers in 2014 - Review & Compare

DISH and DIRECTV are the best satellite TV providers in the market. Each of them offer a huge advantage over cable in terms of features and functionality.

Verizon | HD Satellite TV Services from DIRECTV | Packages ...

Experience the best choice in satellite TV with DIRECTV. Choose from a variety of plans and programming options including HD channels and DVR service.

Direct Sat TV

DIRECT TV offers you the best satellite TV deals possible. If you want the best satellite packages, you've got to call to check out DIRECT TV.
DirecTV Deals

Direct Choice Satellite is an authorized DirecTV dealer featuring DirecTV deals to the leading satellite television provider in the United States.

Satellite TV

Want satellite TV? Directv and Dish Network are the only satellite television providers competing to wrangle your subscription away from cable companies.

Technically known as direct broadcast satellite (DBS) providers, these companies offer a distinct advantage over cable and TV services offered by your telephone company.

1. Satellite TV providers offer more channels and high definition (HD) broadcasts than the competition.
2. Since there are no wires or cables running from the street to your house, they can be installed in many areas where there is no cable service.
3. They're portable. Satellite TV dishes can be installed on campers, trailers, trucks, recreational vehicles and boats.
4. Every channel is transmitted as a digital signal, giving you superior picture and sound.

Of course all is not perfect and there are a few disadvantages to satellite TV systems. A few of these include:

1. Satellite television providers don't offer real on-demand services.
2. Severe weather can result in loss of signal, because heavy cloud cover is blocking transmission from the DBS provider's satellites.
3. Your "local" stations may not be really local. For example, subscribers in Fairfield County in Connecticut receive New York City local broadcasts.

Compare satellite television services

Directv and Dish Network offer different programming packages. The basic services are the same, but there are distinct differences when you get to premium and high definition packages. Dish Network has merged with the old Zoom high definition TV service and offers those stations in place of many national HD broadcasts.

Compare prices on satellite TV service

There's a big difference in what the two major satellite TV providers charge for different services and packages.

Look for extra charges from satellite TV companies

Both satellite TV providers charge extra for set-top boxes, DVRs and other hardware, although there may be a new customer deal where you can get some of these free.
  • Order everything you need when you place your initial call for installation of either satellite TV service, or you could end up paying more for them later.
  • Be home when the service person arrives to install your satellite tv service. He will have questions as to the location of TVs, set-top boxes and possibly the location of the satellite dish.
  • Make sure everything is installed to your satisfaction and working properly before the service person leaves. The satellite TV company may charge extra to come back to fix problems.
  • Don't cancel your cable or other television service until your satellite TV system is installed and working properly.

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