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Makers and sellers of computers and terminals that perform no application processing.

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Thin clients connected to their server via a computer network. A public thin-client computer terminal inside a public library. An Aleutia E3 thin client, with flash ...

Thin clients | Dell Wyse

Thin clients. is moving to We've been hard at work. With all the familiar award-winning enterprise-quality products, end-to-end solutions and  ...

HP Thin Client solutions | HP® Official Site - Hewlett-Packard

HP takes the AMD pieces and delivers a complete thin client solution with consistent, localized deployment and award-winning support around the world.

What is a Thin Client | Thin Client Education - Devon IT

A thin client is a stateless, fanless desktop terminal that has no hard drive. All features typically found on the desktop PC, including applications, sensitive data,  ...

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It's desktop computing -- without compromise. Wyse thin client technology provides industry leading cloud computing solutions. Find out more.

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Passport to hell: why thin client desktops must die | Ars Technica

Jun 30, 2012 ... The Passport is intended to be an Internet thin client—a “cloud ... with a text- based terminal (the original thin client) makes a good candidate.

Thin Client Terminals - NEC Virtual PC Center | NEC

Apr 7, 2014 ... Choose terminals that suit your environment. Save time and effort on terminal upgrades and replacements. Thin client terminals are simple to ...

thin client Definition from PC Magazine Encyclopedia

A client machine that relies on the server to perform the data processing. Either a dedicated thin client terminal or a regular PC with thin client software is used to ...

Debunked! 5 myths of thin client computing | InfoWorld

A 'terminal' hooked to a server sounds so last century, but HP chief technologist Tom Flynn says today's thin clients offer an attractive alternative.

Linux Terminal Server Project - Welcome to

Documentation and installation scripts to make a Linux cluster of thin clients in an educational environment.

Thin Client Terminals - Twin Data Corporation

CLI Thin Client Terminals, Ethernet Terminals and Modular Twinax Display Stations. The NEW, compact MT2301 Thin Client Terminal is an excellent choice  ...

Wyse V10LE Thin Client 1.2GHz/128MB Flash/512MB RAM/NIC ...

Driven by powerful energy saving Via C7 Eden processors the Wyse V10LE thin client presents an all-round high performance and versatile desktop computing ...

Thin Client Terminals

A thin client is not a skinny computer. Thin client computers are client computers or client software within client server networks, and they depend on the central server for all processing activities.

Many thin client devices operate desktop software remotely, meaning the software does not reside on the computer. The bulk of the processing runs on the server.

Here are some benefits of using a thin client server.

1. Security. Thin client software upgrades are performed on the server, resulting in greater protection from viruses, and tighter desktop control.

2. Versatility. A thin client network can run PC applications without the necessity of PC management. Any of several operating systems can be used with a thin client PC.

3. Economical. Thin client devices are less expensive overall and are more reliable. Initial outlay is less, and thin clients can be managed and operated more cheaply than multiple PCs.

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If you know just enough about information technology to be dangerous, having references that explain thin client computers is critical. Find details about thin client devices that clarify what thin clients are, explain how they can aid your business, and point you in the direction of thin client solutions that are right for you.

Decide the type of thin client computing that is best for your business

Thin clients will help make your business more efficient and secure, and will help cut operating costs. Thin client products have several different configurations: basic, browser, flexible, and Linux. Thin client terminals come in a stand-alone modular style, with built-in monitor, or an integrated style.

Get technical support for thin client terminals

If you decide to make the switch to thin client networking, you'll need a company that will work closely with you to plan and execute your system deployment. The best choice is a company that focuses on your interests and needs instead of merely selling a product. You'll also want someone who combines design expertise with best-of-class products, producing the right system for your business at the lowest cost.

  • Instead of replacing old desktop computers, turn them into thin client terminals. Save money and do the environment good by recycling.
  • Contact an expert in thin client technology to discuss your particular situation. Someone familiar with thin client computers will take the guesswork out of how you can make the switch to thin client computing.