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Used and Refurbished Monitors

Colors dripping down the screen and the dreaded blue screen of death aren’t necessarily symptoms that you need a new computer; you may just need another monitor. Other symptoms that you need another monitor include flickering and fading images, monitor screen blinking or shrinking and the monitor screen goes blank.

Pricing and Costs of Used and Refurbished Monitors

The pricing and costs of used and refurbished monitors can be considerably lower than new computer monitors. In addition, many used and refurbished computer monitors are covered under a warranty.

Used and Refurbished Monitors Basics

You can save a considerable amount of money and invest in quality products by learning the used and refurbished monitors basics. Used and refurbished computer monitors are distinctly different. Refurbished - Monitors / Computers & Accessories

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... monitor for your computer. Used monitors come in many forms, ranging from used, to seller refurbished, manufacturer refurbished and third part refurbishment.

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Used and Refurbished Monitor Key Terms

A used orrefurbished monitor can save you considerable money over buying a new one, but be on the lookout for some potential pitfalls. This is where the key terms come into play, because there is a huge difference in what resolution and other key terms mean in a new monitor or in a used or refurbished one. RGB and CRT monitors may be viable solutions, but know they use old technology and that parts for these monitors may be scarce. Brush up on the monitor lingo before you set out to buy a used or refurbished model.

LCD, liquid crystal display

LCD is a type of monitor that utilizes liquid crystal technology, thus effectively reducing the size of the monitor while increasing the sharpness of the picture. Take care in purchasing a used or refurbished LCD monitor since its life is considerably shorter than the older counterparts.

Flat panel

Flat panel monitors utilize plasma technology and contain a very small footprint, thus saving space on the physical desk. Flat panel used and refurbished monitors cost considerably less than new ones.

Vertical refresh rate, vertical scan rate

Vertical refresh rate, or vertical scan rate, is the number of times per second that your monitor refreshes the screen. In used or refurbished models, it is best to check this attribute to alleviate tired eyes.


RGB, or red/green/blue, refers to a monitor that requires separate signals for each of these three colors. This is an older style of monitor and may be available only as used or refurbished monitors.


Resolution in a monitor refers to the number of pixels you use to display your desktop on the screen. You can change resolution by accessing the display icon in the control panel. The factory presets monitors with the ultimate resolution for that size monitor, but when purchasing a used or refurbished monitor, check the resolution if the display does not appear sharp.

CRT, cathode ray tube

CRT is an older type of monitor that utilizes a picture tube and is recognized by its bulkiness since the picture tube is housed inside the monitor casing. One reason to buy used or refurbished CRT monitors is their longevity.