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Making the Most of 800 Vanity Numbers

800 vanity numbers can enhance your sales call volume and help promote your business. However, if you choose a vanity number that doesn't appeal or is too confusing, it will not have the desired impact on your bottom line.

800 Vanity Numbers Basics

When customers call your company through 800 vanity numbers, it can boost their recognition factor of your business. Rather than just having a random phone number, a vanity number can stick in a person's mind and make a callback more likely.

800 Vanity Numbers Key Terms

Many businesses use toll-free numbers to allow customers to ask questions or make orders without paying long-distance fees. Vanity toll-free numbers also help promote a business when they use the letters of the phone pad to spell out key words about a business, product or service.

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Toll free vanity numbers are a great way to improve your business image and increase your return on advertising. To find the number that's right for you, start ...

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Vanity Phone Numbers Give Your Business a Professional Touch

Vanity numbers are a great way to show that your business is professional. Get custom toll free or local vanity phone numbers for your company today.

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We make it easy to search for available vanity toll free numbers. You can find your favorite vanity number here faster than anywhere else and all searches are  ...

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To search for a number, enter any combination of between 4 and 7 numbers and letters. To ensure the placement of a particular sequence of characters, use an ...

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1 800 Vanity Number

Get A 1 800 Vanity Number for Your Small Business | Signup Instantly and See How it Works with UniTel Voice.

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Provider of vanity 800 phone numbers and services including call tracking, monitoring, recording, advanced routing and online real-time reports.
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Federal Minimum Wage Increase for 2007

The federal minimum wage went unchanged for almost 10 years. That ended July 24, 2007 when the rate jumped 70 cents to $5.85 per hour. But that's just the first of three scheduled increases. Additional rate increases on the way are:

     *  In July 2008 the rate goes to $6.55
     *  In July 2009 to $7.25.

That's a combined 40 percent catch-up increase in the FEDERAL floor wage spread over three years. But many states have already set higher minimum wage levels, so the impact of changes to federal minimums depends on what state you do business in. In most states, this year's federal increase won't  produce a change. But be aware that states often raise their minimums to reflect federal changes, so state levels may soon shift as well.

Check the latest on minimum wage laws in your state

State laws are seldom simple, but generally, businesses in 19 states were facing minimum wage increases with the first round of federal changes on July 24.
color-coded online map showing states with higher, lower and the same as the federal standard, as well as those with no minimum.

Download and display the new minimum wage poster

Posters are available free from the U.S. Dept. of Labor, or for purchase from numerous private legal compliance firms.
view and download a free poster at the DOL website. Posters are in PDF format, in large or small size, and your choice of color or black-and-white.

Answer all your minimum wage questions

How does the federal minimum apply to workers who receive tips? What about young or full-time student workers?
minimum wage FAQ section that will answer these and other common questions about minimum wage laws. You can also find a selection of helpful and free compliance assistance materials and information at the DOL site.

Know what workers are covered and which are exempt

Certain types of employees are exempt from FLSA rules, including minimum wage and overtime.
FairPay Fact Sheet at the DOL Wage and Hour division site for details on exemptions.
  • The Full-time Student Program is for full-time students employed in retail or service stores, agriculture, or colleges and universities. Employers obtaining special certificates from the DOL allowing payment at 85% of the minimum wage.
  • Some states have minimum wage laws specific to tipped employees. Employees subject to both federal and state wage laws are entitled to the provisions of each law that provide the greater benefits.