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Business directory of phone carriers who offer international calling services. Review listings to find links to providers of global telephone services and international phone rates.

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International Calls Basics

Learning international calls basics will help companies cost-effectively do business across borders. In the past, international calls were a luxury that most professionals simply could not afford.

Pricing and Costs of International Calls

The pricing and costs of international calls will vary depending upon whether you obtain international telephone services using cell phones, fixed phone lines or calling cards. In the past, international calls were a luxury that most professionals simply could not afford.

International Calls Key Terms

Staying connected has never been easier with the Internet and affordable phone plans. International calling has become common practice.

AT&T International Calling, Messaging and Data Plans, Rates ...

Coverage claim based on roaming in more countries than any U.S. carrier. ... Buy an international calling package and save on calls made and received in over ...

International Cell Phone Guide |

To make an international call from a cell phone, your carrier network must be compatible with the country you're visiting. If you are traveling to Europe, you will  ...

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T-Mobile Rolls Out Free Unlimited International Data and Text ...

Oct 10, 2013 ... T-Mobile's international data offerings, its contract-free plans and its phone upgrade program have all raised the carrier's reputation, but while it ...

How to choose a discount international long distance carrier in the ...

Tips for international callers choosing a discount long distance carrier. Even the cheapest long distance carriers have high quality services and features, but not ...

International telephone companies and long distance carriers.

International telephone carriers and phone companies providing services worldwide.

International Plans | Calling Abroad | Traveling Abroad | T-Mobile

Stateside International Talk with mobile offers unlimited mobile-to-landline calling to 70+ countries and unlimited mobile-to-mobile calling to 30+ countries.

International data overseas: How the U.S. carriers stack up | Android ...

Aug 30, 2013 ... You do need to unlock your phone (best prior to travel) if switching sims and even if you plan to use the carriers international roaming, you need ...

International calling plans long distance phone service ...

We represent only the best long distance carriers. Each company has demonstrated the ability to offer our customers a great rate as well as world-class customer ...

International Phone Carriers - Country Codes

Find international phone carriers today. Thousands of options, 3-minute activation, free trial. No obligation, no setup fees, no obligation.

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Saving on International Phone Calls

Making an international phone call has never been easier or cheaper. We've come a long way - I remember in 1990 when I was staying in a small village in the north of Bali. Making a phone call entailed riding nine kilometers on a bemo crowded with chickens, sacks of rice, baskets of flower offerings, and old ibus in lace kebayas. At the telephone office in Singaraja, I would sit in stifling heat, dripping with sweat, and wait hours for a call to be placed through an operator in Jakarta.

Several years later, back in San Francisco, it was like magic when friends of mine in Bali finally had a home phone I could call. The first few times I called from the U.S., they would pick up the phone and just breathe into it, not having the convention of phone small talk yet! Of course now, they all have trendier cellphones than I have...

Now it's simple to call countries from Ghana to Germany anytime, using the inexpensive options I list below:

Make free Internet calls

Skype, Yahoo Messenger, and others allow you to make free Internet calls. Those you call may need to have an Internet connection and the same software you are using.

Use prepaid phonecards or pin numbers

If you're not making calls that often, buying phonecards for a particular call can be inexpensive and convenient. Maybe you only have local service on your home phone, and it's too expensive to call internationally on your cell or you don't have international service. You don't even have to run out to a corner store late at night to get a prepaid phone card -- just go to the web and get a pin number.

Try a paid VOIP service

VOIP (voice-over-IP) companies offer good plans that allow you to call out of the U.S. cheap, and some plans offer flat rates for certain countries. You'll need a high-speed Internet connection. With VOIP, you may call from a regular phone to another regular phone.