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Competitive local exchange carriers (CLEC) offer great deals on local phone service and double as long distance providers.

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Local Phone Service

Residential phone service in the United States used to be pretty predictable. AT&T, known as Ma Bell, was the de facto phone monopoly.

Local Exchange Carriers News and Trends

Keeping up with local exchange carriers news and trends will keep you abreast of developments and activities at your local telecommunications carrier. Local exchange carriers may be either Incumbent Local Exchange Providers (ILEC) or Competitive Local Exchange Providers (CLEP).

Local Exchange Carriers Key Terms

Knowing local exchange carriers key terms helps you promote yourself professionally in the telecommunications field. Since a local exchange carrier typically competes with other established carriers, it's important to demonstrate your business prowess through strategic planning and optimal verbal communications.

AT&T Landline Home Phone Service Provider - Residential Home ...

Nobody offers a more reliable home phone network than AT&T. Whether you need flat-rate service, unlimited local calling, great phone features, or long distance ...

AT&T - Residential Home Phone Service Provider - Local Phone ...

AT&T is a residential home phone service provider offering long distance and local phone service.

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Local Phone Companies - ConnectMyPhone

Shop for a Local Phone Company and Their Promotions through ConnectMyPhone.

CenturyLink | Home Phone for Clear Connection and Reliable Service.

CenturyLink Home Phone Service - get it all! Clear connection, reliable service, unlimited local and long distance calling and popular calling features.

Home Phone - Allconnect

Traditional phone companies and broadband service providers are competing to be your local phone and long distance carrier. It's up to you to decide whether ...

Home Phone Service Providers - Allconnect

Are you wondering, "How do I find home phone service providers in my area? ... calling features, as well as your local calling and long distance calling plans.

Home Phone Service Provider: XFINITY® Voice by Comcast

Save on local and long-distance landline home phone service with XFINITY® Voice by Comcast. Sign up online for XFINITY® Voice and get free activation!

Cheap telephone service providers | best low cost landline phone ...

Local telephone services providers and low cost landline service companies are more affordable today. Get the best landline phone service, home phone plans, ...

Best Home Phone Providers | Connect Your Home

Choose from top phone providers including AT&T, Cox, & Time Warner. Find local phone service providers in your area and save!

Making the Most of Local Exchange Carriers

Making the most of local exchange carriers means saving money on telecom expenses and getting the services your business needs. Choosing a carrier can seem overwhelming, since there are many choices among local exchange carriers.

Local exchange carriers may be either Competitive Local Exchange Carriers (CLEC) or Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers (ILEC). CLEC companies have existed since the Telecommunications Act of 1996, which deregulated phone service. ILEC companies are the carriers that were in place before deregulation. In addition to standard telecom providers, other carriers like cable and satellite providers may also offer local exchange service. To choose among local telephone carriers:

1. Evaluate small and large providers for local phone service;

2. Look at alternatives to standard telecommunications technologies;

3. Hire a consultant to get expert guidance on choosing a provider.

Compare local phone service providers

Get information from all the service providers in your area before making a choice. Compare services and rates among small and large providers.
Federal Communications Commission also offers a list of telecommunications providers.

Check out large providers that act as local phone carriers

Most large telecom providers offer local exchange services. Often they provide advanced technologies for phone service, like fiber optic and other high-speed services.

Look at technology alternatives in local exchange telephone carriers

Many local and national providers offer alternatives to traditional telephone service, like cable or satellite offerings. Services can usually be bundled to save money and consolidate bills.

Hire a consultant to help choose a local telephone service provider

A telecommunications consultant can assist with analyzing current services and evaluating local exchange providers. Consultants are experienced with dealing with telecom providers and familiar with the services available. They will assist with choosing solutions to save money on local and long distance service. They can also provide guidance on purchasing and implementing equipment and software to manage your phone system.
  • Evaluate your business' needs and preferences when choosing among local carriers. Small providers may not offer the most high-tech services, but often provide excellent customer service and account management.

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