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Non-facilities based long distance resellers and operators.

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Long Distance Discount Operators and Resellers Basics

If your business is looking for low rates on long distance, you’ll want to contact long distance discount operators and resellers. Long distance resellers are independent retailers that secure low rates on long distance service and pass on these savings to their customers.

Long Distance Discount Operators and Resellers Education and Training

Long distance discount operators and resellers comprise a growth area in telecommunications. Since discount phone resellers' performance is regulated by the government, training is essential.

Long Distance Discount Operators and Resellers Key Terms

Long distance resellers are companies that buy phone services from an original host company and then resell those services to customers at discount rates. Since resellers aren't responsible for the costs of maintaining and operating these phone systems they are able to offer these services to customers at highly discounted rates.

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1-Plus Long Distance Service Providers ... Long distance flat rates at discount prices; A Bell ...

Long Distance Resellers Explained and Compared -

Many of these companies are small long distance service re-sellers who do not have ... to such large volumes, the network operators give them discounted rates.

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Sep 1, 2014 ... Phone Plus Magazine: Whats Next for Long Distance Resellers? Guide to Long Distance Discount Operators and Resellers ...

Telecommunications Glossary - Attitude Long Distance

What does - best discount long distance services mean? ... Alternative Operator Services, Operator services provided by a company other than a ... long-distance phone service to be switched to (another) long-distance carrier, or reseller.

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Browse a listing of companies providing long-distance plans, dial-around, ... Offering international and domestic discount long distance phone/fax services, ... Offers distributors long distance and cellular prepaid phone cards with many choices ...

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InterCall is actively seeking reseller relationships with companies wanting to resell ... Become an InterCall Reseller .... (ie. conferencing, local, long distance, etc.)

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Glossary of Telecommunications Terminology. Also learn how you can save as much as 70% with our cheap U.S. & international long distance calling plans and  ...

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How many companies have tried to sell you "better" long-distance rates this week ? Do the offers ... too good to be true? Find out how to tell the scams from the real deals. ... There is the long-distance carrier who sells blocks of time to resellers.

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Market Research Report: Telecommunications Resellers Industry. ... The industry report identifies the leading companies and offers strategic industry ... for wired telephony, resellers that offer fixed long distance and local services have had to ...

Long Distance Discount Operators and Resellers

Discount long distance phone resellers are small companies that "rent" long distance minutes in bulk from a major carrier and resell them to consumers at cheaper rates. They can afford to do this because they do not have to pay costs associated with big corporations such as advertising and marketing.

You can boost your bottom line by becoming a long distance discount phone reseller for profit. You can sell discount long distance phone minutes by selling calling cards. You can also customize discount calling cards for your business or to sell to others for their promotional purposes.

Long distance discount operators and resellers can benefit your business in the following ways:

1. Long distance reselling can be done via the Internet, reducing or eliminating the costs associated with maintaining a retail location.

2. You can leverage an existing physical business location by becoming a discount long distance phone reseller and cross-selling discount calling cards.

3. You can take advantage of the marketing possibilities promotional calling cards offer businesses.

Become an affiliate with long distance resellers

Become an affiliate of discount long distance phone resellers and you can resell minutes to other businesses for profit. Many companies today assist you with the start-up and help to market your business. Do your due diligence and get as much information about long distance reselling to fully understand what it means to become an affiliate.
Federal Communications Commission website to see if the company has had any complaints filed against it.

Try wholesale or retail partnering opportunities with discount phone resellers

Utilize your already existing retail business to sell calling cards for big profit. Customize the cards with minutes to locations you believe your clients would be most likely to use.

Use long distance discount operators and resellers to promote your business

Keep your business on the minds of your customers with calling cards custom made with your company's logo. Or use this very cost-effective marketing tool to drive new customers to your business.
  • Long distance discount resellers have gained legitimacy in recent years. However, you still need to exercise caution and beware of fly-by-night companies as you venture into this new business.