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Directory of long distance telephone companies and long distance phone service providers. Find links to long distance telephone carriers offering business long distance solutions.

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Long Distance Phone Service Basics

In much the same way that getting the attention of someone in the next office is more difficult than chatting with the person in the cubicle next to you, long distance service and call transfers tend to be more involved than local. Making smart use of long distance calling plans and options will allow you to optimize your business communication and performance.

Long Distance Phone Service Key Terms

As with all specialty industries, long distance service providers use their own key terms and jargon so often that they forget others may not understand their language. Long distance shorthand or industry-specific terms will most likely crop up when you first negotiate for long distance service, or on your long distance bill.

Local and Long Distance Services AT&T Small Business

Recommended for. For businesses that need unlimited local calls and customizable calling features. For businesses that want long distance calling with a fixed ...

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Accomplish more and spend less with Windstream Business Long Distance, Audio Conferencing and Web Conferencing Services, providing reliable, global ...

Compare long distance phone plans, providers, services, rates ...

Compare the top 25 long distance phone plans available in your area and save up to 70% ... Compare the top 25 plans for home and business land-line phones.

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Business Long Distance Phone Service | CenturyLink Business

Gain a competitive advantage with a range of business long distance phone services over the CenturyLink fiber optic network. Find the right long distance ...

Compare Business Long Distance Plans | MyRatePlan

You could be spending too much for long distance phone service for your business. Compare and learn about long distance phone plans in your area.

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10 ways you can save money on your small business long distance phone costs. David Wood of Business Long Distance Plans shares his tips and secrets to ...

Business Long Distance Telephone Service: National, International ...

XO Long Distance Services provide cost-effective in-state, state-to-state, international and toll-free calling for businesses. International or Domestic Toll Free ...

Long Distance Business Phone Service by Level 3

Level 3 Long Distance business phone service connects you with a Tier 1, owned-and-operated nationwide network infrastructure engineered for quality.

Long Distance Business Phone Rates & Plans from Bell Canada

Long distance solutions for Small Business: a wide range of long distance business rates and plans, including International and Canada / U.S. plans, toll- free ...

Business Long Distance Service & Long Distance Phone Plans

Long Distance. Keep your business accessible and connected to your customers —regardless of their location with affordable business long distance from TDS.

Long Distance Phone Service

Getting the most out of your long distance phone company these days can be tricky. It helps to have a very good idea of exactly where you call, preferably over several months, at what times, and for how long.

Knowing your long distance phone call breakdown can help when choosing from among dozens of options for long distance phone service. The key is to buy at the right rate, whether by the minute or flat, for your long distance telephone usage.

Here are some of the key considerations to keep in mind when shopping for and comparing business long distance service and carriers:

1. The number of lines that your business has now, or will need in the future. This will dictate the type of service (and equipment) you need, the service packages available and the different vendors serving your needs.

2. The calling features that you will want included in your long distance plan, such as call transfer, voice mail, international and others.

3. Specific long distance carriers you want to include in your search and review who may have plans or deals you've read or heard about such as AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, BellSouth or others. 

4. Different pricing packages that fit your business budget, whether it's under $50 per month, $100 to $500, or much larger.

Long distance phone service for metros

Most local phone providers will happily cover your long distance service up to and including towns pretty far away -- yet in your general area -- as part what is is called "local long distance" phone service.

Consider a separate long-haul long distance service

In some cases, it can be worthwhile to take the very cheapest local phone service and then buy long distance phone service from long distance providers for a per-minute rate or an all-you-can-eat flat monthly long distance service fee.
long distance providers.

Long distance telephone need not be a standard fixed-line phone provider

Increasingly, long distance service is available as a feature from your cable TV provider or as a third-party long distance service added on to your existing Internet connection. If you have high-speed Web or cable, you're an installation away from sometimes cheaper alternatives to long distance carriers.

Long distance carriers compete more than ever

Taken a look at your cellular plan lately? Chances are very high that you have "free" national long distance service as part of your basic package. The wireless carriers have stopped charging for domestic long distance service and even for roaming to push users toward them and away from fixed-line for long distance service.

Long distance providers can sometimes lock you in

It's called a PIC freeze, for "preferred interexchange carrier." Long distance carriers will often lock you line into their long distance service to keep it from being switched illegally by a competitor, a practice known as "slamming." A PIC freeze is a good thing as long as you realize it is being done and your long distance provider is reasonably fast at releasing your line should you change long distance carriers.
Federal Communications Commission.
  • It can be a chore, but absolutely step one is looking at your old long distance phone service bills. You will find patterns -- like multiple calls to a single number, or calls mostly at night -- that will figure heavily into your choices among new long distance providers.
  • If you are trying to price long distance service for a small business, it will help to know who makes what calls to where. Most long distance providers will give you a code for each employee to enter before connecting a long distance call. That kind of tracking from long distance carriers will help with budgets.
  • A hugely popular alternative is long distance service calling cards and "dial around" long distance service. These can be very cheap, but sometimes they are tricky to use (lots of codes!) and, obviously, no customer service. Go this route only if it's for personal long distance telephone calls and if you call the same foreign numbers often.

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