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Mobile Phones

In today’s fast-paced world, keeping in touch is the only way to stay on top of your business. Using a mobile phone can assist you in staying abreast of the latest developments in your project, even when not at your desk or in the office. With all the added applications of smart phones, having and using mobile phones for your business makes good sense. Mobile phones are capable of accessing your e-mail, taking pictures, accessing the Internet, and more. If your business commonly sends employees out into the field, mobile phones are vital for keeping everyone on the same page and allowing a way for your employees to get in touch if there is a problem.


Staying in contact with your business contacts is a vital part of owning or managing a business. One way that you can easily keep in touch with everyone is through the use of mobile phones, which are also known as cell phones. Gone are the days when mobile phones were cumbersome devices that required a large battery or almost constant use of another power source. The cell phones available today offer a variety of features that can benefit your business.

Voice Conversations

The most obvious way that cell phones can benefit your business is through the voice features. Even when you or your employees are out in the field or away from your desk, keeping in touch is very easy if everyone has a cell phone. If you are unable to answer your phone right away, most cell phones have voice mail, so the person calling you can leave a message that you can check at your earliest convenience.

Photo Sharing

Most cell phones have cameras. According to Email Responsibly, 70 percent of mobile phone users take pictures every month. This can greatly benefit your business. You can send potential clients pictures of completed jobs if you are in a visually-oriented field. Your employees can send you pictures of things that are giving them trouble, so you can determine if you have a solution.

Mobile Web

Smart phones, which are a type of mobile phone that have advanced capabilities, allow you to check your e-mail directly from your cell phone. Email Responsibly notes that 21 percent of mobile phone users check their work e-mail, and 31 percent check personal e-mail from their phone. This means that you can reply to client inquiries and handle other e-mail correspondence without having to be tied to a desk or computer. You can also check on your financial information and other vital information through the mobile Web function on a smart phone.

Application Availability

Many cell phones have downloadable applications, or apps, that can help you out with your business. Budgeting programs, apps that help with making bids, calendars, inventory management programs, spreadsheets, word processing applications, and a host of other apps that are useful for businesses are available for mobile phones.


Although there are many advantages to using mobile phones, there are also a few pitfalls that must be discussed to avoid when choosing a final product. These include secondary costs, rebates, interactions with other products, and the use of third-party equipment.

Secondary Costs

Many phone providers will advertise very low prices and deals that seem great at first glance, but upon further inspection (and a possible reading of the fine print), you will see that these advertised prices are nothing more than a shiny lure to get your attention. Most providers will show an advertised price of a phone that includes signing a one to two-year contract and a rebate deduction. In fact, you will sometimes pay double the advertised price once at checkout.


The downside of rebates is the length of time they generally take to receive the money they owe you. Most rebates have a minimum of four to six-weeks before you will see a mention of your money. That is a long time when on a budget, especially when purchasing a bulk amount of phones. Other hidden costs can be data plans, forced insurance for the hardware, overage charges, or even necessary peripherals.

Interactions with Other Products

Another problem is the lack of cross platform and manufacture support for the end product. No matter what brand of mobile phone you get, chances are it will not interact with every other brand of phone on the market. In fact, with some manufacturers, their hardware will only interact with hardware and peripherals of the same brand.

Third-Party Equipment

This can be a problem when data transfer or interaction between two phones on any level is needed. When this happens, hardware or software from a third party is required. Whether it be a computer, tablet, or specific data cable, usually another piece of equipment is required when different brands of phones are used to interact together with data.

Above are just a few of the possible pitfalls to avoid when setting out to research and purchase any new type of mobile phone. Keep these things in mind and you can safely make an educated purchase that will keep you from having unnecessary future headaches.


In today’s society, having a way to communicate with businesses and individuals around the clock is almost a necessity. Smart phones have made it possible to keep in touch with people no matter where they are or what they are doing. Businesses investing in smart phones give their employees a way to connect with the office and other employees whether they are at work, at home or on vacation.

Costs of Mobile Phones

The cost of mobile phones can vary greatly depending on the device. Smart phones, which are most popular among business professionals due to the fact that they allow e-mail and Internet usage, are more expensive than regular mobile phones. Businesses looking to purchase smart phones for their employees may receive group discounts if they stick with a specific carrier.

Who Uses Smart Phones

A huge percentage of the U.S. population uses mobile phones, specifically smart phones. Individuals are not only using their smart phones for work, but are also using them for personal use. Out of all smart phone users, 93 percent use their phone from home, 81 percent use their smart phone to browse the Internet, and 77 percent use their smart phone to search the Web through their phone. Google has discovered that 39 percent of smart phone users even admit to using their smart phones while going to the bathroom, and one out of every five users would consider giving up cable television to continue to have their smart phones.


Cell phones are a great asset to any business. The use of cell phones keeps you in touch with your business contacts and your employees. Using smart phones will allow you and your employees to access e-mail and the Internet out in the field. The original expense of equipping your business with mobile phones may seem like a lot, but you will find that the benefits far exceed your expectations. Check into different plans and carriers to find the best fit for your company. Watch for hidden expenses and think about the way you want your employees to use the phones. Staying abreast of the latest and greatest in this fast-paced environment called business is the key to a successful business. Using mobile phones will assist your business in keeping up the pace.


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Receive tips, tools, and case studies with the Advisor, our weekly email newsletter

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