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Quickly find companies that create and provide telephone hold music and messages. Review listings for links to providers of on hold music systems and voice message recordings for small businesses.

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Successful 'On-Hold' Messaging

Delivering sales and marketing messages on hold is an idea that's gaining momentum among small businesses. Sure, you want to avoid putting anyone on hold.

Making the Most of Music On Hold

You may not give your on hold messages and services much thought. You've chosen your hold music, and your provider, and you're done.

Music On-Hold Key Terms

Because many business callers spend time holding for calls each day, many businesses are using music on hold (MOH) systems to advertise or promote their services. According to industry information, many customers prefer listening to pleasant music or messages while they're on hold so MOH services are an important asset for business success.

Music On Hold Messages by Easy On Hold | Phone on hold voice ...

Provides professional, custom music-on-hold messages and players.

Custom Music On Hold | On Hold Messages | The Original On Hold ...

We offer custom music on hold and on hold messages which allow you to boost revenue while clients wait. Custom messaging should be part of your overall ...

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On Hold Company | On Hold Music & Messaging Solutions for ...

On Hold Company's custom music and messages are a unique on hold solution for your business. Our commitment quality and service has made us one of the ...

Music on hold - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

It is especially common in situations involving customer service. Music on hold is sometimes referred to as phone on hold, message on hold, on hold messaging, ...

Telephone On Hold Software - Download Message & Music On Hold ...

Play on hold phone messages to callers while they hold using your computer. IMS music on hold software mixes music and MOH messages in real time for a ...

Services | Messages On Hold

Scripting Voice Over Artists Background Music Translation Services ... Your customers Want to be moved and they will judge you on the efficency of your writing ...

Messages On Hold: Home

Professionally produced music and messages, state of the art digital equipment.

Magic On Hold | The Only Avaya Authorized Hold Music, Messages ...

Providers of customized message on hold, on hold audio, on hold advertising, on hold music, on hold messages, on hold equipment, background music and ...

Message on Hold - Sound Results on hold: custom advertising with ...

Award winning Sound Results on hold Music and Messages on hold: on hold marketing, on hold phone message, custom on hold messages, music on hold, ...

Music On Hold Basics

It may seem like a simple given that when your customers are waiting to speak to you, they hear hold music. But music on hold is more than mere stand-by music. Music is a powerful language, and the telephone hold music you play is the voice of your business, speaking to your customers.

On-hold music and messages have to appeal to your specific customers. It shouldn't be a negative or even a neutral experience for the customer, but a chance to sell. Here are three music on hold basics to keep in mind as you choose your on hold music provider:

1. Make beautiful music for your specific customer base.

2. Avoid copyright infringement issues.

3. Refine your voice-over message to grab your customers.

Hit the right note for your customers to enhance your business hold music

If you sell bridal services, you probably don't want heavy metal on-hold music. Farm equipment? Classical music may not be appropriate. While no customer base is uniform, you can narrow down the types of telephone hold music your customers most likely want to hear.

Obey the law--use licensed business hold music only

Many businesses unknowingly infringe on copyright by tapping into local radio stations or their own CD collection for stand-by music. And it's not just your business that can get into trouble. Make sure your on-hold music service provider is fully licensed.

Target your customers with on-hold messages and services

Targeting your message goes beyond content. What's best for your base, a male or female voice, comedy or complete seriousness, a fast or slow pace, or bilingual voices? When it comes to communication, there is no one-size-fits-all solution.
  • Work with your on-hold services provider to come up with an appropriately timed loop so that your message does not repeat too often during a hold. To do this, come up with an average time spent on hold, and aim to have your message come up no more than twice during that hold time.

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