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With the advent of the cell phone, one might expect pager activation to become a thing of the past, but that hasn't happened. The fact is that pagers can actually help save you money on cell phone charges, when used in conjunction with your cellular phone.

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Paging is a way to stay in touch even when you're mobile. It's different from a cell phone because pagers don't provide voice service, but you can communicate via numeric or alphanumeric messages across the United States when you have a pager.

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See our entire selection of pagers and services by clicking the appropriate link in the category box. ... base local paging service starting at just $9.95/month!

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SERVICES ... Our impressive pager selection offers convenient and cost-effective ... Two-tone pager built for the realities of firefighting, with up to 16 minutes of ...

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Pager - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

One of the first practical paging services was launched in 1950 for physicians in the New York City area. Physicians paid $12 per month for the service and ...

2way pager, 2 way pager & two-way paging service

Other providers charge up to $8.00 per month for this service. Learn more. Our two-way paging service now includes SMS messaging and EXECUTIVE ...

All Page | Pagers & Beepers With Reliable Paging Service

Reliable pager service provider with a range of pagers for sale. All Page is the leading provider with the most reliable paging networks available.

How to Choose the Best Pager Plan for You | eBay

One of the main reasons that pagers are still used today is because they can provide messaging services in those areas where cellular coverage is unreliable or ...

Paging (optional) | Verizon Enterprise Solutions

Paging service offers expedient messaging and is a convenient way to alert a user that immediate attention is needed. Paging services can include the ...

American Messaging | 2-Way Paging

We at American Messaging would like you to get the most out of your 2-way pager and service. With a 2-way pager and American Messaging you now have ...

Pager Service - North Carolina Information Technology Services (ITS)

Plans range from basic local area service to national coverage. Pager Services offer both numeric and alpha-numeric pagers in analog and digital paging ...

Making the Most of Paging Service Providers

Any nationwide pager service will probably work for your business. But if you want to get the best service possible, you should try working with paging service providers that can give you the options to best help your employees stay in touch with one another. Pager service providers offer different services, depending on where you are located and the availability of specific beeper models.

Because there are so many paging services out there, check out a few before committing to a plan. For making the most of paging service providers, you should ask yourself a few questions before you begin:

1. What type of pager services will the company need?

2. Will your company need additional paging options, such as Internet paging?

3. Can the pager provider offer industry-specific options?

Determine the features you need from pager service providers in US

The first thing you need to do when choosing a pager service provider is determine your needs. Once you know whether you need features like wireless paging, 2-way paging or a nationwide plan, it will be easier for you to find the service provider that meets your specifications at a reasonable price.

Consider working with paging service providers that offer additional options

Even though cell phones, PDAs and other hand-held devices can take the place of pagers in many instances, those who still use pagers can find service providers that offer many additional paging options. Some of these include paging through the Internet (either with email or webpage forms), paging via cell phone, or any other system where a pager is not actually needed to send the message.

Work with pager providers that service specific industries

The best way to get a customized service plan from a pager provider is to use a service that provides paging options for your industry. There are many beeper service providers that specialize in servicing the medical and restaurant industries.
  • Pagers service providers can also get you good deals on different models of pagers. This may be another factor to consider when choosing the right service provider.

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