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Into the 21st century, the distinction between key systems and PBX systems has ... As PBX systems gained popularity, they were equipped with services that ...

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PBX stands for Private Branch Exchange, which is a private telephone network used within a company. Users of the PBX phone system share a number of ...

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A PBX (private branch exchange) is a telephone system within an enterprise that switches calls ... Pulling the plug on desk phones and PBX phone systems.

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Small Business PBX systems are increasingly moving toward unified communications solutions with IP PBX functionality. PBX Phones & Systems: Office Products

Results 1 - 24 of 4399 ... Online shopping for PBX Phones & Systems from a great selection at Office Products Store.

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PBX Systems, LLC

PBX Systems LLC specializes in meeting the engineering needs of the oil/energy industry. We are active in expanding that knowledge into the survey, mining, ...

PBX VoIP Service Providers & Small Business Phone Systems by ...

High-end business PBX with no equipment purchase.

What is a PBX Phone System? - Askozia

PBX phone systems are available as Hosted or Virtual solutions (sometimes also called Centrix), and as inhouse solutions to be used on your own hardware.


PBX systems handle internal traffic between stations and act as the gatekeeper to the outside world. The initials PBX stand for Private Branch Exchange, a very ...

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Discover how VoIP PBX systems can form the backbone for a cloud-based business phone system.

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Our cloud based hosted PBX gives your company flexibility and frees up your resources to ... The Difference Between On-Premise PBX and Hosted PBX systems.

A Guide to PBX Systems

Private branch exchange (PBX) systems operate by connecting the telephone lines of a business or company to a public switched telephone network. Suited for mid-sized to larger companies, PBX systems are able to support up to hundreds and thousands of users and can be easily scaled to match the size of the company. PBX systems are different from key phone systems; the main distinguishing point between the two is that users of key phone systems must manually select their phone line, whether by dialing or punching the numbers. However, PBX systems automatically select the telephone line for users.

Features of PBX Systems

PBX systems offer both basic and advanced calling features, making them a viable option for companies. Some of the main calling features that PBX systems offer are establishing connections between two users, and maintaining the connections as long as the conversation takes. If the line is unable to go through, then the system will notify the user that the line has disconnected. PBX systems are also able to meter calls, recording relevant data for accounting and other information services.

Beyond the basic calling features, PBX systems also offer a variety of features that are nowadays considered as standard features for telephone services. Some of the features that are utilized by companies are conference calling and call forwarding when an employee is unable to answer a phone. Features that are used to facilitate interactions with customers include auto attendants, automatic ring back and music on hold. Finally, voice mail, call waiting and call transfer services are an essential means to maintaining contact with users when they have missed an important call. 

Types of PBX Systems

Aside from the traditional PBX system, different types of PBX systems have been developed to address the different needs of companies today. The following are some of the types of PBX systems that companies can consider for purchase.

Hosted PBX systems:
Hosted PBX systems are generally purchased from a telephone provider, using their equipment and service to set up the system. This is advantageous for customers; instead of purchasing equipment on their own, they utilize accounts that take advantage of the provider’s equipment. Additional benefits of hosted PBX systems include allowing a single number to represent an entire business, allowing for simplicity and ease of remembrance.  Hosted PBX systems are also scalable, allowing companies to expand and decrease service according to employee size.

IP PBX Systems:
An IP PBX system, uses the internet to make and receive calls. More and more companies are relying on internet connectivity in order to run their businesses; therefore, PBX services integrated with web services are increasingly attractive. These systems require less maintenance than traditional PBX systems, because the data network is used to connect numbers from various users. 

Mobile PBX Systems:
Mobile PBX systems extend their service to mobile devices, allowing them to serve as extensions of the PBX system. As opposed to hosted PBX systems, mobile PBX systems can forward calls to mobile devices. Therefore, mobile PBX systems are attractive options for companies with multiple offices and employees that are constantly traveling.

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