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VTech ErisStation™

Conference Phone With Wireless Mics.

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AT&T® Cordless Headsets

AT&T® Cordless Headsets for SMBs. Take your work with you

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Corded Headsets

With work safety and anti-insurance claims always being a concern among employers, now may be the right time to consider corded telephone headsets for your employees. In addition to keeping their hands free to handle other tasks or type on the computer, corded headsets offer many ergonomic benefits for your employees, as well.

Cellular and Paging Equipment Parts and Accessories

Strong communication remains a top contributing factor of any successful business. Without effective internal communication, you can't get anything done within your business, and you can lose customers and sales.

Telephone Batteries

Telephone batteries in a cordless phone give us great freedom from being attached by a short wire to a phone on a desk or the wall. However, they can cause great aggravation when they stop working.

Cell Phone Cases Basics

You can protect your cell phone investment by learning the cell phone cases basics. Cell phones are expensive and the last thing any business owner wants to do is waste money replacing a cell phone because you dropped and scratched it too many times.

Bluetooth Wireless Communications Industry Overview

Having a Bluetooth wireless communications industry overview is a must if you’re a professional investor and you want to invest in the Bluetooth wireless technology field. You can use the Internet to research the technology and companies that are developing Bluetooth products and technology.

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Pricing and Costs of Cell Phone Faceplates

While cellular phone covers are by no means a necessity for cell phones, they are a great way to protect phones by adding durability and water resistance to phones. Cell phone covers are also a great way of advertising for businesses and giving unity to project team members.

Making the Most of Cell Phone Faceplates

Cell phone face plates provide people with a way to express themselves. They also offer durability and water resistance and mask cosmetic flaws.

Using Headsets for Telephone Networking

Using headsets for telephone networking allows businesses to increase productivity, comfort and mobility when conducting business transactions via phone. Headsets for telephones are a cost-effective solution for today’s demanding office environment.

Cellular and Paging Equipment Parts and Accessories Education and Training

Many companies offer their employees cellular and paging equipment parts and accessories education and training, which gives employees the ability to inform customers of the best options for their cellular phone or pager. Adding well-informed customer service specialists to your list of services gives your customers confidence in your products and services.

Cell Phone Antennas Education and Training

Ongoing changes in cell phone antennas create a need for cell phone antennas education and training. Cell phone antennas come in a variety of forms.

Cell Phone Batteries Pricing and Costs

If you or your employees use a cell phone daily, then you know that cell phone replacement batteries need to last. Avoid spending the extra time and effort of plugging in your phone during your work day, and offer your employees the same peace of mind with quality mobile phone batteries.

Cell Phone Batteries Types and Styles

If you or your employees use a cell phone daily, then you know that replacement cell phone batteries need to last. Rather than spending extra time and effort plugging in cell phones during the work day, offer your employees peace of mind with quality cellular batteries.

iPhone Cases

Tens of thousands of custom iPhone case designs designed by the Zazzle community. Buy one of the already created designs, or create your own online.

Phone Accessories

Phones are vital for communication, whether they are used for personal or business use. Regardless of why we are using them, many of us are guilty of multitasking while talking on the phone. For this reason, phone accessories like headsets and Bluetooth are popular with both individuals and businesses.

This article will help you understand the benefits that phone accessories have to offer, the pitfalls that can overwhelm both individuals and businesses, and how much some of these accessories will cost. This information will help you make an educated decision when choosing which accessories you want or need for your phone.



There are many researchers that show that out of all drivers using a cellphone, 73 percent of them will drive and talk. With a headset, you can talk on your landline or cellular-based phone without the worry of using your hands to hold the conversation. Headsets are a perfect way to be able to multitask at full capacity. Whether you are talking with an angry customer or chatting away with your best friend about the latest water cooler gossip, a headset will set your hands free so you can increase productivity. Headsets are available in a variety of styles ranging from corded basic speaker and microphone setups, to advanced Bluetooth wireless technology that allows for minimal restriction when talking. Most aren’t even noticeable and can easily trick most people around you into believing you are talking to yourself.


One of the greatest advancements in phone accessories is the implementation of the Bluetooth technology. With it, mobile phones have become truly wireless with the ability to connect to your car interface without attaching a single cable. As mentioned before it also allows for the most optimal type of hands free communication. Another great benefit of the Bluetooth earpieces is the fashion involved with them. There are so many different styles that you are sure to draw attention to your important phone conversation no matter which one you pick.

Full Customization

From faceplates to custom LED scroll wheels, there is little on a mobile phone that has been left in its stock styling. By changing the faceplate you will be able to draw attention to how awesome and different your normally generic phone truly is. LED lights are a great way to change the feel of your mobile from a normal notification device to a modern age portable disco ball.  If you change the LED lights on your phone you are guaranteed to always have a surprising flashlight on hand.


An often overlooked accessory that is vital to the use of the phone is the battery. With extra batteries you never have to worry about playing your favorite game for too long or listening to your favorite metal ballad too loud. Carrying a couple back-ups is simple because of how small and light the batteries actually are. There is nothing more necessary than power when it comes to your cellphone.  The easiest and most secure way to provide consistent power to your cell phone is through the purchase of extra batteries.


While phone accessories can certainly be useful, there are some issues that people should understand.

False Sense of Security

You may be able to speak on your phone without using your hands, but that doesn't mean that phone use while driving is a good idea. Driving involves more than using your hands. If you divide your attention between the road and your conversation on the phone, you may not see an oncoming problem in time to take corrective action. This can cause accident, which will lead to medical, auto repair, and legal costs.

Easily Lost

As phone accessories multiply, it is increasingly hard to keep track of them. The more items you have, the more clutter in your briefcase, purse, or car. When your phone accessories are lost, you will incur replacement costs.

Phone Accessories Are Not Interchangeable

Browse the section of phone accessories at any major retailer and you will find a dizzying array of cell phone accessories for the multitude of phones present in the market. Often the accessories only work with a specific brand. There is no universal battery charger, for example, that works with all cell phones.

Security Problems

The popular Bluetooth accessory, which permits hands-free use of a cell phone, may be a security risk. Bluejacking, for example, is a process whereby control of the unit is obtained remotely, and it is used to send a message or a picture. Often the command is to call a premium service, with the cost of the call being billed to the owner's account.

Repair Problems

In some cases, you may not be able to get phone accessories repaired. Replacement may become your only choice. Some people have issues with this kind of practice, due to their concerns about the environment. If your phone is an older model, phone accessories may no longer be available for it.


There is a huge selection of phone accessories available to make your work or personal life easier. You can buy everything from safety accessories to protection items for your phone. Many of these accessories are well worth the investment.

Handsfree Kit

A staggering 73% of all cell phone users talk on their phone while they are driving, according to statistics provided by ArticleBase. The use of a cell phone when driving is one of the leading causes of automobile accidents. As this is the case, a handsfree kit can be a lifesaving accessory. The kit allows you to talk on the phone via an earpiece, without the need for you to take your hands off the wheel. With prices starting as low as $6, you can also buy Bluetooth and wireless sets for around $50.

Cell Phone Care

Phone accessories, designed specifically with the care of your phone in mind, are also worth the investment. For just a couple of dollars, you can buy a hard case to fit your phone and protect it from knocks and damage. Each protective screen cover can cost a few cents and can prolong the life of your phone’s screen. This is especially important if you have a touchscreen phone.


Accessories like headsets and Bluetooth make it easier for employees to write down important information or sift through paperwork while on the phone with a customer. Theses accessories make employees more productive and can reduce customer wait time. If your employees can avoid wasting time while on the phone with one customer, then they can get to the next customer faster.

If you are using a headset or Bluetooth to talk while driving, this can give you a false sense of security and dangerously steal your focus away from the road. Additionally, phones using headsets and Bluetooth are more vulnerable to hacking, and these small accessories are easy to lose. This can cost you more money in the long run.

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